Is It Okay for Men to Be Vainer Than Women?

Is It Okay for Men to Be Vainer Than Women?

Do you have a problem if your husband is vainer than you? Recent surveys showed that men check themselves out in the mirror more than 27 times a day. Women do it far less. And although women tend to get ostracized for staying too long in front of the mirror, men are guilty as much. In fact, while women tend to make sure that nothing about them is out of place, men linger in the bathroom purely for the pleasure of checking themselves out. So, yes, men are vainer.

That’s why it shouldn’t come as a surprise that men have bikini wax from West Valley or other cities. They do it the same reason women undergo such a procedure. They want to look and feel good. They want to make sure that they always look their very best.

Should It Concern You?

That should be okay for their partners. Many women find it annoying that their partners are vainer than them and that their partners are more concerned about their looks than them. Women think that vain men are straying or cheating. They believe that they are making an effort to look extra handsome because they want to impress other girls.

Yes, that is correct, but not for the sole reason you think. Men are not actively trying to cheat when they want to take care of themselves. As superficial as the reason is, what all men want is to appreciate what they see in the mirror. In a survey, men said that they look in the mirror to admire the parts of their bodies that they like the most. These include their arms (76%), legs (54%), smiles (49%), and hair (38%).

What you need to remember is that your partner might want to look good for your benefit. Maybe they think that you deserve to look at your partner and take pride in how they look. If they are taking care of themselves, why should that be of concern to you?

Taking extra care of yourself shows that you’re happy, doesn’t it? Do you remember how lousy you felt during a major breakup? Do you remember that it was such a chore to get in the shower and put on nice clothes? But when you’re happy, you look and feel your best. That’s how men feel, too, though they can’t put it as succinctly into words.

How Men Feel About Their Vanity

More than 80% of men said that their personal appearance matters most to them, with financial stability the only thing that comes in first. A whopping 72% of them said that they have three or more cosmetic products. About 35% said that they used a female partner’s or family member’s skincare products.

So what could be driving this vanity in men? It maybe has to do with this generation’s love for social media and selfies. With phones and their high-tech cameras, every minute is an opportunity to take a nice photo of yourself. Laughing with friends at a coffee shop? You never know who could be taking your photo suddenly, so there is always a need to look good.

The nice thing about this is that men are more self-assured than ever. They are less self-conscious, and they celebrate their appearance. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for women who still struggle to celebrate themselves in this social-media-centric world.