How to choose an awesome watch for your lady love? 

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Ladies are highly choosy and they do a lot of research for finding the stuff for them. A lady spends a lot of time choosing the stuff for them. Just like every other stuff, a woman loves to wear the best watch on her hand. Nowadays, watch manufacturers are producing a different variety in the market. So, if you are finding the one beautiful piece of the watch then you must follow the tips mentioned below. 

Look for the common types: 

It is not always necessary to find something different. Whether you are choosing a luxurious watch or whether you are looking for counterfeit watch AAA class [นาฬิกาเกรด aaa, which are the term in Thai], you should look for the ones which are common. First of all, you must look for the mechanics of the watch. Secondly, you must look for the piece that is cost-effective, viable and more solid. 

Go for the trending types: 

Choosing the watches that are trendy in nature should be selected. Obviously, you know what your lady loves. You should select the watches that are either rectangular or square in shape. You can also find the jewellery or fashion watches as these are trending today. If you are searching for the jewellery watches then you must look for the dress watches. Apart from it, you can also look for the gem watches. If yes then you must go for the trendy and precious gems such as pearls, gold etc. Moreover, you can also choose the watch as per the shades. You can go for the yellow gold, rose gold, pink gold and platinum as well. 

Consider the right material: 

It is another accountable thing that you must look for. If you want to pick a watch having a classy look then you must go for the stainless steel. If you are looking for easily wearable and scratch resistant then you must look for the ceramic watches. In addition, you must also look for whether your lady loves to wear the straps or bracelets. Depending on it, the watches usually vary and you must choose it accordingly.

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Niece’s birthday, soon?

You are wondering what to gift your best friend on her big day? 

We say, jewelry!

Who doesn’t like adorning themselves in beautiful rubies, sapphires, and gold?

Answer: nobody!

So why not gift someone a thoughtful and gorgeous jewelry set? 

Not convinced?

Allow us to divulge on the details as to why jewelry makes for a beautiful and memorable gift, be it for the children at home, for friends or your spouse:


Despite being a part of different cultures for centuries, pieces of jewelry still come with the surprise a quotient. Every time someone opens a jewelry box, they are taken aback by the enthralling beauty and intricacies of it, be it a small delicate platinum ring or an elaborate necklace. That look on the person’s face is precious and imprinted in the giver’s memory forever. Jewelry leaves a long-lasting impression. 


You know how we are sometimes stuck with selecting gifts because we don’t feel like they are occasion appropriate? Well, such is not the case with jewelry, because they are an all occasion gift. No matter the event, gender, age; jewelry are appreciated by everybody. 


Complete your best friend’s outfit by giving her an intricate Roberto Coin necklace. Wouldn’t that be a big surprise for her? Not only will it complete her look, but it will be her wedding look, which she will always cherish and remember. You can also ask all the bridesmaids/ groomsmen to wear one meaningful jewelry piece that best defines their bond with the bride/bridegroom


There are no budget constraints when it comes to purchasing jewelry. You can save by buying a pendant for a few thousand bucks or splurge on a diamond studded earrings. Jewelry is available for every style, budget, and taste. 


Jewelry is more than just a piece of adornment; it is an investment for a lifetime. Unlike stocks and bonds, purchase of which is risky, you can wear your jewelry, and it’s worth will still be the same for years to come. 


Think of any gift that will last as long as jewelry does, when maintained well? Car? No! Designer dress? No! Luxe Electronics? No! Only jewelry, when cared for and cleaned regularly, will last for generations to come. New designs become classics and vintage, wearing, which is a sign of pride. You can change the setting as and when required, but your jewelry will never be irrelevant.


Being a friend or an aunt, you would know what your niece/nephew or best friend would prefer in designs and engraving. Unlike most of the wedding gifts, jewelry can be easily customized and engraved per the preference. Imagine you giving your friend a design that she showed you in a catalog a few weeks ago? 


Most of the gift gets sexist or racist because of the thoughtlessness that it reeks of, from the manufacturer’s hands but such is not the case with jewelry. They do not discriminate between race, sex, and age and will suit any and every personality. All that matters is the person’s reference and how considerately has that jewelry piece been chosen. 

Now you know where to head to the next time you get an invite to a grand celebration. 

To an online jewelry store, where you can select from a wide range of elegant and gorgeous Roberto Coin necklaces, Marco Bicego earring, John Hardy bracelets and more at the most competitive market price. 

Order now and get free shipping on all orders above $99

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Why Do You Need a Professional Jewelry Repair?


It’s natural for metal to wear down over time as it becomes part of your life. So, it needs routine repair services to make it long lasting. If the jewelry stores in Albuquerque provide custom design jewelry, then they are most likely to have a professional who offers top-notch jewelry repair services.  Some of the common jewelry repairs people opt for are listed below:

  • Resizing a ring
  • Chain repair
  • Watch repair
  • Prong repair and more

Here are a few reasons to hire a professional jewelry repair in Albuquerque.

Your Jewelry Needs Some TLC

Durable materials such as metals and gemstones are used to make fine jewelry. But, have you ever thought why jewelry made from these materials requires regular maintenance? The answer is metals and gemstones are not always impervious, and the daily wear and tear on the jewelry causes more damage than we imagine. So, they are susceptible to scratches and cuts which make them look worn over time.  Moreover, if your jewelry is hit at the wrong place, the hit can knock a small gem out of its setting. Even the hand lotion can cause small crevasses in rings and makes it lose the sparkle. Get jewelry repair in Albuquerque to avoid these problems and get them fixed quickly.

Metal Fatigue

Metal fatigue occurs when gold or platinum is stressed by constant knocking or bending. The impact of hitting or the constant depression of your bracelets spring clasp or latch causes fatigue. The most common jewelry repairs are related to broken clasps.

So, choose the right jewelers who have technical skills, experience, and equipment necessary to provide competent solutions for jewelry and watch repair in Albuquerque.

Top Jewelry Maintenance Tips

Here is a whittled list of jewelry maintenance tips to prolong the life of your jewelry.

  • Remove your jewelry before any physical activity to limit the impact of bumping, scratching, hitting, and more.
  • Don’t wear jewelry while showering or putting makeup as the chemicals in the cosmetics, lotion, perfume, and more can damage your jewelry.
  • Avoid wearing jewelry before washing the dishes or playing in a pool because your jewelry goes through color fading and structural damage when exposed to certain chemicals in the pool.
  • Any kind of pulling on bracelets or chains causes stress that stretches and weakens the metal so avoid pulling on chains and bracelets.
  • Choose the right jewelry cleaners and storage options to keep your jewelry looking at its best.

Follow the above maintenance tips to keep your jewelry look anew. Also, choose the right jewelry shop that makes seamless jewelry repair without diminishing the value of your jewelry.

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Buy Wholesale Jewellery


You can find body jewelry almost anywhere you look these days. You may even find them where you least expect. More and more individuals are piercing their noses, tongues, eyebrows, lips, belly buttons and other parts of the body. If you fall into this category, then you definitely know too well that the cost of performing this action isn’t cheap. Buying body jewelry isn’t cheap especially if you require a lot of piercing and body jewelry for use. It is therefore recommended to patronize body jewelry wholesalers for this activity. This can hitherto be an excellent way of savings costs. I have outlined a few tips to explain how.

You can usually obtain bulk items from body jewelry wholesalers at half the price. This implies that if a piece of jewelry costs $10, buying it bulk could save you 50% and you end up paying $5 for the same piece. This is how wholesalers are able to make reasonable profit on what they buy and resell to the public. Although in the past, only those who were issued business licenses were eligible to purchase from wholesalers but nowadays the internet has changed that to a large extent. With the influx of wholesalers conducting business over the internet, there is a good chance that more and more people will benefit from purchases from bulk jewelry wholesalers regardless of the possession of a retail license or not.

You definitely need to grab the offer and this might just be what you need to attain financial freedom.

I am delighted to introduce our “FREE JEWELRY SPECIAL OFFER”. For every order of US$450 or more you make with us, you are guaranteed a free Jewelry. Yes, you get a free jewelry for every purchase of $450 or more. This means that if you purchase up to $900, you are entitled to 2 sets of jewelry. Visit to make your order now

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Look After Your Jewellery


Different types of body piercing jewelry require different types and methods of care in order to keep them in top shape and keep your piercings healthy and un-infected. So when you are caring for your accessories you need to make sure you do so regularly and never ignore or bypass the information the person who pierced your body part for you tell you. As they are professionals and know what they are talking about, it is crucial to follow the steps that they provide to maintain your piercing supplies.

So here are a few tips to get you started after you have had your piercing done and have received your cleaning solution necessary for the particular piece of body piercing jewelry that you may own. Firstly, always ensure the protection of your accessories and prevent damage, put on your hair spray and perfumes before you put on your jewelry as they may contain harsh chemicals that may not only discolor your jewelry item but may get into the hole of the piercing causing it to become irritated and may lead to an infection.

Also ensure that you keep all of your items in a flannel bag or a cushioned container instead of chucking them all together as they may become scratched and ruined. This will keep them in good quality for a long period of time meaning that you do not have to spend more money on replacements!

These simple, yet effective and vital care techniques will enable you to prolong the life span of your body piercing jewelry, giving you the best experience and ensuring you remain healthy as well!

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Buying Jewellery For Teenage Girls


Buying jewelry for teenage girls can seem like a chore at times. But it doesn’t have to be. In fact, many teenage girls love to wear jewelry and they love receiving jewelry as gifts.

A lot of teenage girls love to dress up, swap ideas with their friends and many like to look at what their favourite stars and celebrities are wearing too. Their sense of style can be very unique and they can sometimes be seen to start trends.

The first thing you need to do is to set your budget. Once you have a budget in mind, this will help narrow down where you choose to shop i.e. low-end, mid-range or high-end jewelry.

The second thing you need to do is to take into account their style. Do they dress in a certain way i.e. punk, rock, gothic, bohemian, follower of fashion? If they are a follower of fashion, chances are they probably won’t be into skulls and crossbones – unless of course, they are ‘in fashion’!

Below are some popular styles and trends followed by a quick where to buy guide.

Popular Styles & Trends

Charms – are always popular and these days you can find many charms in the form of charm bracelets, charm necklaces and charm earrings.

Hearts – are truly timeless. You can find an array of gorgeous jewelry adorned with heart shapes and pendants.

Butterflies – are spectacular and it’s hard to resist their beautiful shapes. Wherever they appear, teenage girls (and women too) adore butterflies.

Leather jewelry – is another great choice. It can be funky and unique, and you needn’t spend a fortune on a great piece either. Look out for fabulous leather bracelets or rings.

Colour – can be a little tricky. Take into account the style of the teenager. If in doubt, stick to neutrals such as silver and black. Otherwise pinks and blues can work wonders!

Where To Buy

Department stores are a good place to start as are clothes shops, but the latter tend to have a limited range. Although, some clothes shops are aimed specifically at teenagers and you will find up-to-the-minute jewelry. Department stores have a vast array of jewelry on offer and you also have the added bonus of being able to ask an assistant for any help.

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Hematite Jewellery – Why Wear It?


Jewelry is made from almost any element or mineral that can be easily worked and for which people will pay for. Hematite jewelry is no different in that when polished, hematite has a shiny look and is easy to work by the craftsman who make it.

Hematite is a mineral consisting of iron (III) oxide. It is mined in great quantities for the production of iron and many countries. The color of hematite varies from the reddish browns to greys and almost blacks, depending on where they are first mined. When shined it looks almost like metal.

It derives its name from “hema” which means blood in Greek, because the first discoveries were reddish in color. There are different types of hematite, for example, the varieties with the hard metallic lustre hematite known as looking glass ore are used in jewelry, whilst the softer redder colored ores are used as ochre, whilst other are used for industrial purposes.

Magnetic hematite is also available and has been turned into jewelry used for therapeutic purposes. There are many questions about the effectiveness of magnetic therapy, and the scientific world does not generally support the benefits, however over one hundred million worldwide believe in the benefits. It is interesting to note that the power of the magnets are said not to ever diminish by most of the suppliers of magnetic hematite jewelry.

The benefits are said to be two fold:

1. Wearing fashionable magnetic jewelry allows non-invasive treatments to occurred without anyone knowing, and

2. The treatments can be easily transferred to other parts of the body.

Magnetic Therapy is considered safe for all except for:

1. Children under the age of seven

2. Pregnant Women

3. Individuals with pacemakers

4. Individuals with certain patches

5. When undergoing certain electronic tests

Hematite does allow the makers of jewelry to produce pieces that are either “bulky looking” or more delicate. The color range is a little limited, however the wearing of both ordinary and magnetic hematite jewelry is both fashionable and practical.

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