Choosing the perfect mangalsutra

Choosing the perfect mangalsutra

Home to different traditions and cultures, India is popular for its rich, fancy weddings complete with unique rituals, music and dance. At each of these weddings, jewellery plays a big role. And one piece of jewellery that cannot be missed is the mangalsutra. The mangalsutra comes in different styles and designs and is an exceptional piece that symbolises the commitment between the married couple and is worn daily by the bride as a reminder of love and devotion to her husband.

If your wedding is just around the corner then you are most certainly looking for a mangalsutra that suits your lifestyle and tradition. Here is a guide to help you pick the right one.

Types of Mangalsutra

When choosing your mangalsutra, you’ll certainly pick a cultural design, but this doesn’t mean you can’t make your own changes and customise the piece to suit your taste. Here are some popular mangalsutra designs you should consider for your wedding:

 1. Solitaire mangalsutra

If you want to keep your mangalsutra traditional with just a hint of contemporary charm, then go for a solitaire mangalsutra design. This mangalsutra design features a single sparkling solitaire diamond that will look very appealing with the black bead string. The solitaire mangalsutra design is popular as it can be worn with both traditional and modern outfits.

 2. Floral mangalsutra

While not a traditional mangalsutra style, this is still a beautiful design that has captured the hearts of many women. The piece highlights intricately carved floral designs made from gold, and you could add in your own favourite additions like diamonds, pearls, or gemstones.

 3. Personalized mangalsutra

The best way to make your mangalsutra unique is to get yourself a personalized mangalsutra. There are many personalized options- you could include your partner’s zodiac star sign as well as yours into the design and also include initials. The choices are endless, and you can go for anything under the sun!

 4. Minimal mangalsutra

If you are not into flashy jewellery, then you could always go for a minimal mangalsutra design. Pieces like these contain a small yet beautiful gold pendant along with the black beaded chain, and these super cute charms can be worn for any occasion!

 5. Mangalsutra bracelets

Another clever option that is trending today is the mangalsutra bracelet. This style is not only beautiful but also a very convenient option for women who have a very active lifestyle.

 6. Meenakari mangalsutra

When traditional designs are your thing, then a meenakari mangalsutra design is exactly what you need. These Rajasthani designs are perfect for women who want to keep the piece traditional even while wearing western outfits. The best part about meenakari designs is that these involve a lot of vibrant colours and designs, allowing you some space to personalize your mangalsutra.

Tips to picking a mangalsutra

Here are a few tips to consider when picking a mangalsutra:

 1. Set a budget

Always decide on the budget before looking into the designs. It will help you narrow down a lot of beautiful designs and will help you have a rough idea of what you can afford.

 2. Size of pendant

The perfect size must be chosen depending on your lifestyle. For example, if you have a very active lifestyle and plan on wearing the mangalsutra every day, then go for a smaller pendant with subtle designs since this will be the most comfortable option. However, if you plan to wear it occasionally, you could pick a statement mangalsutra design that will go great with your party and traditional outfits.

 3. Pick a length

Choosing the right length is very important. For example, if you plan on wearing the mangalsutra every day, then pick a length that stays around your collarbone. It will add charm to your look and be a comfortable fit.

 4. Gold, platinum, or diamonds

Choosing materials depend on your budget, but you could always pick your favourite metal and depending on the size fit it into your budget. Adding diamonds to your gold or platinum mangalsutra will add to its bling and make it look modern, though it can be more expensive.

When choosing a mangalsutra, always make sure you know its purity before making a purchase to avoid any confusion later! There are so many gorgeous mangalsutra designs out there, so though you might have a hard time choosing one, you will definitely be able to find one that suits your style!