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Essential Patters for the Wigs That You Would Like


Hair is the beauty of a person, it’s an undeniable truth. People with baldness are then put aside and lose confidence. Why be complexed while wigs exist? New trend ? What types of wigs to use? Is the effect natural? We will try to bring you as much information as possible about our article of the day.

Definition of the wig

The wig is a set of fake hair that we put on the head in order to add volume. This hair has existed for thousands of years around the world. In Egypt, Greece, France etc. The wig is now used for people who want to hide their baldness, or is simply worn by actors who want to play a specific role. The latter is often back in fashion, it is classified in the category of aesthetics. Celebrities, men of power, television hosts etc., wear wigs. Why not you? In the Free wig giveaway you can now go for the best options.

Types of wigs?

  • The natural wig is essentially composed of real hair. That does not mean that they are human hair. Some wigs are made from sheep, horse, yak or angora hair.
  • The synthetic wig is composed of existing modacrylic fibers on real hair. The synthetic wig has a strong resemblance to real hair. Its advantage is that the hairs do not control the climate and do not absorb odors. The distinction between natural and artificial hair is difficult.
  • The partially covered wig allows to add hair to a specific place of the head. You have an example: the skull or the empty parts. It also allows to have length and hair well supplied.
  • The complete wig is ideal for people who do not have hair. They are made from an elastic base where the hair is laid. The application is done directly by hand, it perfectly conceals baldness and gives a natural effect.

The craft wig is handmade. It offers a truly natural look and the hair ties are twice as strong as the industrial wig. The craftsman attaches great importance to the final result. It is these details that make it expensive.

The semi-artisanal wig consists of a part made by hand and another part made by the machine. Its positive point is that it is cheaper than the artisanal wig.

The wig made by machine or industrial is advantageous because it is fixed quickly and is really less expensive than a wig craft. It’s perfect for low budget portfolios.

The male wig is used by men to cover baldness.

What is the best wig?

Wigs vary according to the needs of people, it also depends on your situation and your budget. Just make sure your wig is of good quality and will not cause itching or allergies.

How to choose a good wig?

We’ve come up with some tips to help you make a good choice of wigs. We invite you to follow them.

React quickly: if you lose your hair, it is better to go directly to see a specialist to choose a good wig, appropriate to your skin type. This will give a more natural effect.

The free hair giveaway amazing company that is giving away a FREE Full Lace Wig.Please Click link for more information.

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Microblading Coeur D’alene – Things To Know About The Technique


As ladies, you always wanted to look gorgeous and presentable in front of other people. That’s why you often go to the salon for hair, facial and body treatments. Indeed, this is a usual routine for individuals, who has a lot of time and money for this type of activities. Keep in mind that engaging yourself with these treatments has to be done by professionals. This means that you must only rely on people with knowledge and skills. If you will undergo a particular procedure, then you have to be certain that it is safe because a lot of them are just con artists.

Going back to the special treatments that you might want to try, one of these could be the microblading technology. What is digital microblading, anyway? Well, this is a technique that is especially meant for ladies, who would like to enhance their eyebrows. I am pretty sure that most of you exert too much effort on how you are going to draw these perfectly. Some of you may even have to buy tools for tampering and shading your eyebrows. In some ways, these are helpful. Though, you need to use it every day, unlike microblading, where the effect lasts for months.

However, the treatment may be costly for some ladies out there. But again, money is not a problem to those who are willing to try. You just need to make sure that you are going to do this procedure with the certified experts. Through this way, you can avoid wasting money and time as well. By the way, if you are interested to undergo this kind of technique, then you have to learn more about this and understand how it is done.

Basic Info

First of all, microblading is a digital way of enhancing your eyebrows naturally. Let’s say that you are just going to a tattoo artist to fill and grow it temporarily. Actually, this procedure is an ideal solution to those with sparse as well as untamed brows. In this technique, the experts use a pen to imitate the hair. A precise stroking skill is highly recommended in this treatment.

The time it takes in completing the process would be 1 to 2 hours, depending on how dense it would be and the shape that you would like to accomplish. It might be longer than waxing, but the result also lasts longer than wax. If you are worried about feeling pains, then worry not because an anesthetic is usually applied to avoid discomfort.


When you are planning for this kind of treatment, make sure that you are in the right condition. There must be no issues, concerning your health. The experts do not just care about earning money here, they also need to care about you.

For example, if you are pregnant, breastfeeding and with various medical conditions, such as iron deficiency, diabetes, cancer, epilepsy and skin conditions, you may not be allowed to perform digital microblading.


For this treatment to run as smooth as possible, there are a few preparations that you need to do. If possible, you have to avoid drinking alcohol, coffee and energy drinks when you know that you are set for it. And then, you do not also need to take any medications for pain a day before your schedule.

If you recently go for waxing, then you have to wait for at least 78 hours or 3 days, then you may get a schedule for digital microblading. You also need to wait for such period after being intensely exposed under the sun. Lastly, if you had any intense facial therapies, you need to wait for at least 2 weeks.

What to Expect

Pretty sure that you are expecting a lot from this. Well, ladies are usually excited about trying new and better ways to maintain their good looks. But do not be in a hurry because you should consult an expert first, before proceeding with your plans.

After the consultation, skin tests will be performed to ensure that no chemical reaction will occur and of course, to keep you safe. When there is no negative reaction, the expert will start outlining the desired shape, which is actually customized for this to complement the size as well as the shape of your face. The expert will make sure that the right pigment will match your complexion.

The next thing that will happen is the application of the local anesthetic. This is necessary, so that you will feel at ease until the end of the session. And then, the stroking will start. When it is already completed, you will surely feel more confident.


After care is also important to follow to avoid experiencing problems. You will have seven days to complete the darkening of the pigment. Try to observe each day and you will see the difference. At the end of 1 week, the desired result will be achieved.

The microblading technology is already good enough for you to have a natural look. Therefore, you do not need to apply any make-up on the eyebrows, especially when the healing process is not fully complete. However, if you wish to apply make-up in the future, then it would be fine.

Just make sure to avoid activities that will cause you to sweat too much. And then, do not forget that you should not scratch your brows. And then, avoid contact with airborne debris and pollution as well.

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Process of Manufacturing Organic Cocoa Butter and Its Significant Uses

Process of Manufacturing Organic Cocoa Butter and Its Significant Uses

You must be aware of dark roasted cocoa beans and their significance in your daily life as espresso, latte, cappuccino or Irish coffee. However, these beans are not just meant for manufacturing your coffee. They also contain fat oil suitable for the manufacturing of various edibles and beauty products. It is more than a century-old known product comprises of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. A 100% pure, unrefined cocoa butter is a perfect option for people who are looking for cruelty-free vegan products. As per the current demand in the market, the demand for organic products is increasing. Therefore, using cocoa butter for commercial purposes is a profitable business. Here you will come to know about the complete process of manufacturing cocoa butter in detail. 

The cocoa butter formation process 

Theobroma oil is just another name of cocoa butter which is actually fat extracted from cocoa beans. From edibles to beauty products, it is a premium grade ingredient for the manufacturing of many products. The extraction process of butter from cocoa is very easy if you have the right ingredients and equipment at home. Here is the complete process you must follow. 

  1. Buy raw cocoa beans from the market and clean them properly with water to remove all possible dirt. 
  2. The next step is roasting that requires your oven because you need to maintain a mild temperature level of 100 to 135 F. Roast the beans for around 90 minutes in order to make them crispy from the inner core. 
  3. Take them out of the oven and quickly cool down with a fan. When they become brittle, crack the shells with a small hammer to obtain the main kernel. 
  4. Take a grinder, add cocoa alcohol and roasted beans altogether. Continuous grinding these ingredients produces heat that melts down the fat out of beans. 
  5. Your thick paste of cocoa butter is ready to use for various purposes. If you want more purity, extract the liquid with the expeller or a screw press. 

While roasting the beans, do not expose them to direct fire because their shells are inflammable. Always sort the beans of similar size if you want consistency in the flavor and aroma.

Benefits for skin 

  1. Cocoa butter contains antioxidants that are helpful in eliminating free-radicals from your skin. If you are manufacturing anti-aging products, this is a much better option as compared to cosmetics obtained from animals. Creams containing cocoa butter are very useful in removing wrinkles, fine lines, dullness and dark spots from your face. 
  2. Organic cocoa butter products are suitable for people having sensitive skin. Even the delicate skin suffering from eczema is also curable with the soothing properties of this butter. 
  3. Apart from this, you can also user cocoa butter in making scar removal ointments. It works effectively on the skin having scars of acne or accidental injuries. 

Benefits for hair 

  1. It is a great nourishing agent to eliminate fizziness from your hair. Using cocoa butter keeps them smooth and straggles-free. 
  2. Cocoa butter is a great hair conditioning agent that moisturizes your hair with adequate consistency. It is a perfect ingredient for manufacturing the products of deep conditioning. 

Apart from beauty products, the best organic cocoa butter is also useful in manufacturing premium quality chocolates. You can check the ingredients of organic chocolate that contains cocoa butter. It is a much better option than other fats because of the antioxidants, vitamin E and Vitamin K. The butter processing is very easy and you can use it even in the products meant for sensitive skin. 

 in the market, the demand for organic products is increasing. Therefore, using cocoa butter for commercial purposes is a profitable business. Here you will come to know about the complete process of manufacturing cocoa butter in detail. 


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All That You Need to know: Komal Pandey


When it comes to the most renowned YouTubers then it is for sure that Komal Pandey happens to be one of them. Specially when it comes to the Fashion blogs that she produces, she is really captivating. She started her blog writing career differently, by starting to write different blogs and at that time she used the name The collage Couture. She also had short period of career in hairstyling and school teaching. It was the turn of fate that lead him into this field and she really proved herself an worthy follower of this career. Now you can look at the progress she had and get inspired.

Komal Pandey was born in the year 1994, 18th June in New Delhi. Now she is 25 years of age. When her graduation in was over in Shahid Bhagat Singh Collage she followed different career choices as per mentioned above. However, her unending love for fashion and blogs got mixed up and she started her own video blogs. As her interest increased she continued to pursue this line of work.

It was the lifestyle blogs that earned Komal her popularity. Very soon she turned out to be one of the most mentioned bloggers in India. With a steady increase of her fans the number has reached 400k in Instagram and 300k in Youtube. This steady rise of her popularity also helped her life to flourish fast.

The Brands that Komal Prefers

H&M is the source for her clothing items. Maybelline as well as Forever 21 are the two brands that she used for the use of makeup accessories. For the fashion jewles her brands is Janpath in nerw Delhi. When it comes to the beauty products then brow definers and the lipstick are the two must haves for her. Jiya Jale, Havana and Paris are the most preferred songs for her, the favored composer being A.R. Rahman. Milan happens to be her most choiced vacation destination while her favourite food is from South india. Among the actors of her preference she picks Amir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Amitabh Bachhan and Hrithik Roshan as the best ones while she considers Kareena Kapoor as the best actress. When it is about the style icons that she prefers, Gigi Hadid and Sarah Jessica Parker are the two names for her. White, obviously, is the favored color for her.

It is also worth mentioning that Komal happens to endorse a number of brands and products. At present her high popularity in Social Media has led her to be a great influencer in Fashion. She has become a fashion icon herself.

A Life of her Own

Ravit Shrivastav is the man whom Komal dates. He happens to be an Uber analyst is profession. The dating process had its start in the year 2016 and that has further strengthened the relationship. Even there are numerous appreciative posts that they make for each other on the social media.

Working Out

Komal is serious about health, but is not much regular when it comes to her workouts. With the frequent misses in the workout regimes she fills the gap with the diet. She considers food as the key to health.


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Finer Choices for the Proper Sunscream


In this article, learn how to improve and prolong your tan without damaging your skin. The use of the kem chống nắng hàn quốc tốt nhất hiện nay is to be done properly here.

Bronzing safely

There are many reasons why we enjoy the sun. However, few people respect good practices and habits for a safe tan.

Thus, to avoid premature skin aging and the risk of skin cancer, you must take care of your skin for a pleasant tan with confidence.

Apply sunscreen for your skin

Opt for a SPF level of between 30 and 50. The SPF 30 filters about 95% of the UV rays. Indices range from 6 to over 50. The higher the level, the more effective protection you will have.

If you have very dark skin, the SPF15 is enough.

Respect your tanning time

It is important to respect a fixed period of time allocated to tanning time. Depending on your genetics, your skin will more or less rapidly break down when it can no longer produce melanin, the tanning pigment. It is therefore useless to stay tanning near a swimming pool or at the beach all day. Everyone has their own threshold of melanin, usually two to three hours or much less if you have fair skin enough to avoid the risk of sunstroke.

We advise you to expose yourself to the sun from 16h, see 17h if you have fragile skin. Moreover, even if Mother Nature has given you a beautiful ebony skin, do not underestimate the power of UV when the sun is at Zenith. Clearly, do not lie on your deckchair in full sun between noon and 2 pm.

Take breaks in the shade

Taking a break in the shade regularly reduces the intensity of UV rays and the risk of sunburn and allows for a healthier and more sustainable tan.

The self-tanner, no sun, no risk

Remember that fake tanning has no sunscreen, but it can help you start calmly on the first day of vacation without feeling “pale”. Treat yourself to a tan spray before taking out your sexiest bikini or just want to tan all year round. To go further, read our comparison of the best self-tanners .

Whether you have a very light complexion or a little darker, that you use the best product on the market, the most important part of the self-tanner is the application and of course the time you give it. Your complexion 30 minutes ago will never be the same as your complexion in 2 hours, so leave to spend time, as well doing things. Even if you are fond of self-tanning , no problem, your tan will be successful if you follow our advice.

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Things You Need To Know About Luxury Brands Of Bags

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It is crazy how the market is evolving, and people have changed their perception of buying luxury bags. Earlier, it was considered to be the wastage of money and now you can probably spot a luxury bag more often. Well, people are now ready to invest money and they are just not limited to budget thing. There are many fashion houses like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior, etc. who are well known around the globe. These brands are what most women want in their wardrobes. 

If you have gotten the chance to take a close look at one of the luxury bags, they are preferable of medium size and have a caviar design approach. In some, you can spot diamonds embedded, the chain strap is woven with laptop, etc. It is hard to avoid the charisma of these luxury bags for sure and it’s worth it to invest some fortunes.

Image result for

Classics of Latest Trends in Luxury Bags

The versatile luxury bags always watch for the latest trends and also maintains the classic touch of theirs which have made them a renowned global fashion brand. Most of the luxury bags have a key difference in their styles which appears to be exactly same, but their swift approach is different from those of others. It’s sometimes hard to solidify the differences. These bags are very lightweight, and they always have a versatile classic collection which never goes out of style.

Some of the must-have accessories in lady’s bag have something new and simple for their customers. The most common thing among all the luxury bags is their size and they tend to keep it to medium most of the time. If you want to know more about the luxury bags collection, please visit and find something unique and extraordinary for yourself.

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Top 3 Aspects to Consider in Perfume Packaging


An excellent cook must keep the visual aspect of a dish is as important as its taste, the perfect combination of color, aroma and taste makes a perfect score of dish. Indeed, it is the appearance that makes you decide to taste a dish or not. Well, the same goes for perfumery. The packaging makes a decisive effect on its perfume. An eye-pleasing perfume packaging can speak for its superior quality.

Fragrance is a very magical substance that could be felt by olfaction only, and you cannot get to know it until you smell it.  At this time, the perfume packaging is the only thing speaks the first word of how the fragrance is. It helps to highlight the brand and create a world of essence. Just like Cinderella’s glass slipper. Brands create specific designs based on the fragrance of the perfume, while each brand has its own packaging to differentiate itself from other fragrance brands. Besides branding, the goal of custom perfume packaging is also to attract the eyes of the consumer to the most beautiful bottle. In fact, consumers often go to containers that attract them.

As is well-known, a custom perfume bottle is essential to show the nature of a certain fragrance, and stimulate consumer’s purchasing desire. After all, it is the first image that will remain in your mind even before you feel it. A professional perfume packaging solution is much more than important. And now let’s focus more on the factors that determine the effect of a custom perfume packaging.

Color Decoration

Before we begin to form a general idea of custom perfume packaging, let us note that the color of the packaging is the first eye-catching factor. Normally, the color of perfume transmits a message to the consumer. On the one hand, it generally indicates whether it is a feminine fragrance or masculine cologne. On the other hand, each color shade gives full indications of the product itself. For example, orange is synonymous with vitality; black is more elegant; gold evokes glamour, and silver is a sign of power, light colors mostly for eau de toilette, dark colors for oud. It is then necessary for the creators to design packaging in total correspondence with the target consumers. And the professional custom perfume packaging supplier Abely has a wide range of colors to fit for different perfume packaging requirement. This allows them to master in an ever-changing world of appreciation.

Custom Bottle

Similarly, the shape of the bottle plays a vital role in perfume packaging, it should be able to hold and present the fragrance itself. Traditional perfume bottles are mainly square, round, most of them are simple unisex glass bottles, work as just fragrance container. Currently, more and more perfumers compete for ingenuity to match their scents perfectly and to attract customers’ eyes. This explains in particular that the diversion of objects is more and more in vogue. Perfume packaging bottles ranging from the irregular round shape, water drop shape, star shape, and more personalized shape, even custom the brand name on bottles, definitely give out a distinctly different feeling. Likewise, beyond the aesthetic aspect, the packaging shape must preserve certain practicality. It is then studied to facilitate their handling and to protect the product well.


Last but not least, the packaging must clearly show the brand and logo of the creative brand on the product, especially when it is a luxury item. A custom perfume bottle is not only the symbol of the brand, but also help to leave the brand impression on consumers. In this case, it can be a real trigger of the purchase. The logo, together with the color and shape, must come in coordination. Only in this way can an unparalleled impression be left in customers’ minds. Nevertheless, this must be done subtly so as not to weigh down the whole. Generally, the brand name and logo could be written down on packaging by various of customized way, such as silkscreen printing, foil hot stamping, debossing, embossing, label, metal plate, etc.

Thus, packaging in the perfume sector is the subject of many innovations, almost as important as the fragrance itself. They are objects of creation. That’s why Abely has been devoting itself to providing perfume packaging solutions for many years. Beyond the standard perfume bottles, it also focuses on bespoke project and private label. Its objective is to support customers from the initial concept creation to final products. The products include perfume bottles, perfume caps, perfume boxes, pump/collar, and accessories. All of them are of exception-quality with a unique design.

The exclusive perfume packaging project New Design ABD40-100 is a representative of their glass perfume bottles. The water prop shape-perfume bottle with spiral striation has colors ranging from red, pink, green, to blue. Both the transparent type and full-color type are available. The whole bottle body shapes like an ancient Latin container, exotic as well as elegant. What’s more, the golden cap of the perfume bottle is an outstanding design for this luxurious brand. You will be attracted by it at first sight.

Besides the design ABD40, Abely has much more latest designs for exclusive selection that it never shows to the public. The professional team has strong power in designing, manufacturing, and decorating a perfume packaging. Those cooperating perfume brand has always appreciated the custom service it provides.

Now you get to know the importance of perfume packaging, and I would highly recommend you to appreciate the work from Abely and get to know the beautiful and magical side of perfume packaging.

For more information, please visit:


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Few necessary baby items which you can buy used – Advice for a thrift mom

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Regardless of whether you’re busy for your baby registry, there will arise a time in your life when you might go broke buying things for your little bundle of joy. With the increasing costs of baby gear and the diminishing wages of their parents, being able to cater to all the needs of your baby is gradually getting tougher with time. Did you know that there are few things that your baby needs and that can be bought used? If you’re someone who is totally against using second-hand things especially for your baby, you should let go of this mental block if you don’t want to go broke. 

When you’re a mother of 2 or 3 babies, there are times when you may have to buy used items. So, which are the things for your baby that you can get used? Here are few such products that you should keep in mind to stay within your budget. 

#1: Bathtub

As we know that babies outgrow their bathtubs very soon and bathtubs are things that are used for a very short span of time. Hence, Cindy Leclerc, a nurse and lactation consultant says that it is best to buy a bathtub used so that you can save your hard-earned dollars. You can raid the second-hand market to buy a nice used bathtub for your kid which you too are going to keep away once your baby grows older. 

#2: Baby bouncers

Baby bouncers also tend to attract your babies as long as they’ve not set out for their crawling adventures. Most parents who have bought new bouncers have later on repented that they should have got them used ones. Initially your baby will love the feel of the bouncer as it bounces and rocks them to sleep but as soon as your baby will set out for crawl-based adventures, the bouncer will instantly become a thing of past for him. Hence, there’s no point in investing hefty amount on this. 

#3: Bumbo

As long as buying used things are concerned for your babies, you should definitely get a used bumbo. Apart from toothbrushes and underwear, the Bumbo seat which is available at $40 can be just used for 3 months. Hence, it is better to get them used so that you don’t waste them when your child grows up. 

#4: Diaper bags

If you visit Amazon or eBay, you will get diaper bags for sale, the used ones which are given away at attractive discounts and rebates. If you choose to get designer diaper bags, you can get them at a price which is much lower than a new diaper bag. There are times when you have to think beyond cuteness and their handsfree style is extremely helpful. 

Therefore, whenever you’re trying not to go broker with buying your kids all those unnecessary and unimportant things, you should consider buying things the used way. Get used things and save your precious dollars rather than spending them on buying new things for your toddler. 

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The Secrets of Successful Hair Removal


Is it possible to remove body hair from every part of the body?  Today more and more people are looking for new ways to remove hair from parts of our bodies that we never considered before.  Nowadays we remove hair from our faces, necks, chests and backs and all the way south to our toes. Is this safe to do? Absolutely!  Most of the time it’s also very successful as well. Depending on where you are removing hair from it might be a good idea to get professional help, but full body hair removal is a reality for many people.  

An expensive but effective option:

One of the most long lasting and successful ways of removing facial and body hair is through Laser Hair Removal.  You can get it done at a salon if you can afford it but if your budget is a little more limited you can buy a DIY device to use at home.  It removes hair faster than other permanent hair removal systems like electrolysis because it targets more than one hair at a time. Laser Hair Removal will permanently lighten, reduce and remove your body hair ensuring your skin is soft, smooth and hair free for good.

These are wonderful benefits but they come at a cost.  Salon Laser Hair Removal at a salon will cost a few thousand US$ while a home laser device is a few hundred.  

Whether you chose to go to a professional or do it yourself it will take several treatments to complete each area.  The reason for this is because you need to target each hair when it’s in its growth phase, which will happen at different times.      

More cost effective, but not as long lasting:

The most effective of the temporary removal options is waxing.  It appears to be cheaper than laser but you have to do it every few weeks.  Some people also say that it hurts quite a bit too. Waxing works by applying a layer of hot wax to the skin where you want to remove the hair.  

The wax is left to harden for a few seconds and then quickly pulled off.  This pulls the hair out by the root leaving your hair smooth and hair free for a few weeks.  You can either visit a salon for your wax treatments, or you can easily do it yourself at home by yourself with a home waxing kit.  

So, which is the best option?  It really is up to the individual.  If you are able to undergo laser treatment it will be the most cost effective and efficient method in the long run.  However, if budget is a factor and you don’t mind a little bit of pain then waxing is a great option.

If you want to learn more about hair removal you can get instant access to my free mini course by clicking here.  If you interested finding out more about removing hair from your face then click here

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How to Start Selling Cosmetics Online?


The sale of cosmetic products has seen a significant rise in the past couple of years. Wholesale cosmetic [ขายส่งเครื่องสําอาง, term in Thai] businesses are becoming one of the best selling products on the internet [สินค้าขายดีบนอินเตอร์เน็ต, which is the term in Thai]. The cosmetic industry is experiencing a rise in their sales and has become a booming market in the global industry. Here are some steps you can follow to set up your online cosmetic store.

Steps to Follow to Start Selling Cosmetics Online

  1. Find a good wholesale cosmetic seller

It is very important to select a good, reasonable and reliable wholesaler to have a hold on your business.

  1. Make an online website

Make a store online, try to make it attractive. And mainly, it should have a lot of variety. Customize the website regularly, it helps to give a nice look to the website.

  1. Advertise your online store

Advertising your store is essential for your business to grow. It not only attracts the customer towards your store, but it also increases Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Points To Remember While Setting Up Your Online Cosmetic Store

People have started preferring online shopping because of many reasons. A customer can shop online whenever they want, wherever they want and whatever they want. There are currently 13 million customers in Thailand who shops online. To intrigue these customers to your website, you should follow these points.

  • Provide information about the product

Through the description, the customer gets to know the features of the product.

  • Have a good number of options

Variety plays a key role in the online cosmetic market

  • Make sure to give discounts periodically

Discounts and deals are other methods to attract the customers towards your website.

  • Formulate a good return policy

Return policies give customers a relief, that if the product didn’t work they can at least return it. It will help the company to increase its customer base in the long runs.

  • Different payment options should be available

This allows customers to shop online effortlessly. Cash on delivery is the most preferred. The company can also offer a website wallet where you can add money to shop.

  • Reviews of customers should be visible

By showing the reviews, the customer gains confidence while shopping from your website.

  • Develop an app

This will make your store as a handy tool for customers to shop.

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