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Few necessary baby items which you can buy used – Advice for a thrift mom

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Regardless of whether you’re busy for your baby registry, there will arise a time in your life when you might go broke buying things for your little bundle of joy. With the increasing costs of baby gear and the diminishing wages of their parents, being able to cater to all the needs of your baby is gradually getting tougher with time. Did you know that there are few things that your baby needs and that can be bought used? If you’re someone who is totally against using second-hand things especially for your baby, you should let go of this mental block if you don’t want to go broke. 

When you’re a mother of 2 or 3 babies, there are times when you may have to buy used items. So, which are the things for your baby that you can get used? Here are few such products that you should keep in mind to stay within your budget. 

#1: Bathtub

As we know that babies outgrow their bathtubs very soon and bathtubs are things that are used for a very short span of time. Hence, Cindy Leclerc, a nurse and lactation consultant says that it is best to buy a bathtub used so that you can save your hard-earned dollars. You can raid the second-hand market to buy a nice used bathtub for your kid which you too are going to keep away once your baby grows older. 

#2: Baby bouncers

Baby bouncers also tend to attract your babies as long as they’ve not set out for their crawling adventures. Most parents who have bought new bouncers have later on repented that they should have got them used ones. Initially your baby will love the feel of the bouncer as it bounces and rocks them to sleep but as soon as your baby will set out for crawl-based adventures, the bouncer will instantly become a thing of past for him. Hence, there’s no point in investing hefty amount on this. 

#3: Bumbo

As long as buying used things are concerned for your babies, you should definitely get a used bumbo. Apart from toothbrushes and underwear, the Bumbo seat which is available at $40 can be just used for 3 months. Hence, it is better to get them used so that you don’t waste them when your child grows up. 

#4: Diaper bags

If you visit Amazon or eBay, you will get diaper bags for sale, the used ones which are given away at attractive discounts and rebates. If you choose to get designer diaper bags, you can get them at a price which is much lower than a new diaper bag. There are times when you have to think beyond cuteness and their handsfree style is extremely helpful. 

Therefore, whenever you’re trying not to go broker with buying your kids all those unnecessary and unimportant things, you should consider buying things the used way. Get used things and save your precious dollars rather than spending them on buying new things for your toddler. 

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The Secrets of Successful Hair Removal


Is it possible to remove body hair from every part of the body?  Today more and more people are looking for new ways to remove hair from parts of our bodies that we never considered before.  Nowadays we remove hair from our faces, necks, chests and backs and all the way south to our toes. Is this safe to do? Absolutely!  Most of the time it’s also very successful as well. Depending on where you are removing hair from it might be a good idea to get professional help, but full body hair removal is a reality for many people.  

An expensive but effective option:

One of the most long lasting and successful ways of removing facial and body hair is through Laser Hair Removal.  You can get it done at a salon if you can afford it but if your budget is a little more limited you can buy a DIY device to use at home.  It removes hair faster than other permanent hair removal systems like electrolysis because it targets more than one hair at a time. Laser Hair Removal will permanently lighten, reduce and remove your body hair ensuring your skin is soft, smooth and hair free for good.

These are wonderful benefits but they come at a cost.  Salon Laser Hair Removal at a salon will cost a few thousand US$ while a home laser device is a few hundred.  

Whether you chose to go to a professional or do it yourself it will take several treatments to complete each area.  The reason for this is because you need to target each hair when it’s in its growth phase, which will happen at different times.      

More cost effective, but not as long lasting:

The most effective of the temporary removal options is waxing.  It appears to be cheaper than laser but you have to do it every few weeks.  Some people also say that it hurts quite a bit too. Waxing works by applying a layer of hot wax to the skin where you want to remove the hair.  

The wax is left to harden for a few seconds and then quickly pulled off.  This pulls the hair out by the root leaving your hair smooth and hair free for a few weeks.  You can either visit a salon for your wax treatments, or you can easily do it yourself at home by yourself with a home waxing kit.  

So, which is the best option?  It really is up to the individual.  If you are able to undergo laser treatment it will be the most cost effective and efficient method in the long run.  However, if budget is a factor and you don’t mind a little bit of pain then waxing is a great option.

If you want to learn more about hair removal you can get instant access to my free mini course by clicking here.  If you interested finding out more about removing hair from your face then click here

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How to Start Selling Cosmetics Online?


The sale of cosmetic products has seen a significant rise in the past couple of years. Wholesale cosmetic [ขายส่งเครื่องสําอาง, term in Thai] businesses are becoming one of the best selling products on the internet [สินค้าขายดีบนอินเตอร์เน็ต, which is the term in Thai]. The cosmetic industry is experiencing a rise in their sales and has become a booming market in the global industry. Here are some steps you can follow to set up your online cosmetic store.

Steps to Follow to Start Selling Cosmetics Online

  1. Find a good wholesale cosmetic seller

It is very important to select a good, reasonable and reliable wholesaler to have a hold on your business.

  1. Make an online website

Make a store online, try to make it attractive. And mainly, it should have a lot of variety. Customize the website regularly, it helps to give a nice look to the website.

  1. Advertise your online store

Advertising your store is essential for your business to grow. It not only attracts the customer towards your store, but it also increases Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Points To Remember While Setting Up Your Online Cosmetic Store

People have started preferring online shopping because of many reasons. A customer can shop online whenever they want, wherever they want and whatever they want. There are currently 13 million customers in Thailand who shops online. To intrigue these customers to your website, you should follow these points.

  • Provide information about the product

Through the description, the customer gets to know the features of the product.

  • Have a good number of options

Variety plays a key role in the online cosmetic market

  • Make sure to give discounts periodically

Discounts and deals are other methods to attract the customers towards your website.

  • Formulate a good return policy

Return policies give customers a relief, that if the product didn’t work they can at least return it. It will help the company to increase its customer base in the long runs.

  • Different payment options should be available

This allows customers to shop online effortlessly. Cash on delivery is the most preferred. The company can also offer a website wallet where you can add money to shop.

  • Reviews of customers should be visible

By showing the reviews, the customer gains confidence while shopping from your website.

  • Develop an app

This will make your store as a handy tool for customers to shop.

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Types and Varieties ofFull Coverage Foundation


With social media being on rage today and everyone looking almost flawless online whether on facebook, twitter, or Instagram pictures. We all dream of having perfect skin and wish to look gorgeous every time we take a selfie.  But unfortunately, we all are not gifted with flawless skin. Many of us have pimples, aces, uneven skin tone, and blemishes on our faces. Here is where the full coverage foundation could become your best friend. This magical beauty product is an answer to all your problems.  There are many beauty brands which offer full coverage foundation.

Here Is The List Of Types Of Full Coverage Foundation You Can Get From Market Both Online As Well As Offline.

·         Liquid Foundation

These foundations work for almost all skin type, especially for oily and sensitive skin. They are water based and are light on your skin. These foundations blend in your skin and help you achieve the matte look as well as hide your pores, which make your skin look flawless.

·         Mousse Foundation

If you do not want a cakey look after applying your foundation than mousse foundation is your go-to option. These foundations are similar toliquid foundation, except they are lighter and smoother as they are air whipped. These foundations work best for dry and aging skin.

·         Mineral Powder Foundation

These are seen as a new trend on a beauty product. They work best for sensitive skin type as inert mineral present in the foundation is not known to cause clog pores or reaction on your skin. These are best suited for normal and oily skin tone. And you if suffer from foundation break out then this is an ideal product for you.

·         Stick Foundation

These foundations work for all skin type ranging from the oily, combination, or dry skin tone. They are very easy to apply and work as a concealer to hide all your imperfection on your skin. But it is essential to blend the foundation in your skin to achieve the desired look.

Now that we know the types of full coverage foundation (รองพื้นปกปิด,which is the term in Thai) the question arises how to choose the best full coverage foundation best suited for your skin tone. For this, you require a patch test on your skin.  You could test two to three shades of foundations by applying it on your forehead and choosing one that almost vanishes on your skin tone. Testing the foundation on your hands could not be ideal as sometimes our skin tone in hand differ from that o the face.

So pick out the foundation that is best suited for your skin tone, which gives you that flawless skin that you have always dreamed of. You could choose foundation from many brands available in the market according to your individual need.

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Tips To Include Homemade Beauty Products In Your Bridal Beauty Regime

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The good old Daadi Maa Ke Nuskhe(Grandmother’s Recipes) was, is and will forever be the best option to sport a look that looks really natural and makes your skin glow naturally. The natural products will take more time to work on the skin but the results will also last longer.

Here we have mentioned some great recipes to make homemade masks, face wash and scrubs that’ll help you out in gaining a perfect look on your wedding. Most of the beauty products you buy off the shelves in the market are filled with harsh chemicals that can damage the skin.

Following a beauty regime, is not just limited to the face or the body but also includes total well-being. According to the top makeup artist in Ahmedabad, you must start following a strict schedule to take proper care of your body starting at least 6-10 months before the wedding.

Face Care

Treating Acne Prone Skin

Acne scars are the worst. It is the most common problem in the world and their treatments can be really expensive and have various side effects as well. In order to cure them, we have to first understand their root cause.

Blackheads and Whiteheads are some common types of acne and are caused when the pores on the skin get partially or fully clogged with dead skin cells respectively. When these blackheads and whiteheads get infected they form a pimple due to further inflammation.

Fighting these is not an easy task and will require a lot of commitment from your end. You can make a paste by mixing 2 parts of oats with 1 part each of milk and honey and then apply it daily. You can use it in the morning after taking a bath.

For Natural Face Glow

In order to gain that picture perfect glowing face, it’ll take at least 3 months of proper care. A Bride’s face is really important and must be given proper attention. We know that it’ll be hard for you to taking care of yourself when the face is actusally exposed to pollution and harsh sunlight since you have to run around preparing everything for your wedding.

To get a glow on your face you can prepare a mix of tomato puree and buttermilk (2 parts tomato puree mixed with 3 parts of buttermilk) and dab it on your face using a cotton pad just after washing your face. Let it sit for 15 minutes and then wash it off with warm water. Repeating it daily before going to bed will surely give out some great results.

For Skin Softening

Want that soft and supple skin just like the models in the magazine? Then on a regular basis, you can include some natural tips to your face care regime. Following a proper schedule will ensure that you get the best, soft and smooth skin.

You can make a face mask using a mashed banana and adding to it 2 spoons of honey and apply it daily. You must cover your face and neck with it and then leave it on for at least 15 -20 minutes and then wash it off with some cold water.

Body Care

Glowing Skin

You can go ahead and mix together grounded coffee and sugar and then add to it some coconut oil along with a Vitamin E tablet to form a paste. This will work as a scrub and will really do wonders for a perfect glowing skin.

For getting rid of puffy eyes

Using the good old method of putting slices of cucumber on the eyes is still a great way to refresh the eyes. You can also apply aloe Vera gel to the eyes to remove the tiredness and get a refreshing look.

Get polished nails and softer hands

Your hands will be photographed up close on the day of your wedding so it is important to take extra care of them. You can prepare a scrub for the hands by mixing together, grounded sugar and lemon juice. Olive oil has the properties that’ll help make your nails strong so after scrubbing your hands with the sugar-lemon mixture take some generous amount of olive oil and apply it to your hands. Same can be done with the feet as well.

These homemade beauty Tips will surely help you get a flawless look on your wedding. The only thing that you must keep in mind is to start early and be regular. If you stick to the regime you’ll see your skin improve day-by-day every day.

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Electric Beauty Beds Bring in Clients

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Electric beauty beds are what clients want. You have many options when you’re ready to purchase one. Some beauty beds are made for specific purposes, like putting make-up on. However, with a versatile electric beauty bed, you can increase your business services and save money and space on specialized beds. This empowers you to increase your bottom line. 

For instance, if your bed has four motors, you can move your clients up and down in the chair without jarring them. They will enjoy a smooth ride, and you can work at any height, which keeps your body in a safe and comfortable working position. You can reduce the stress on your body when you work with clients this way. Additionally, it makes your work faster as you don’t have to try to figure out another way to reach your clients’ faces and heads most effectively. You can do so without putting yourself at risk by standing on something or bending over too much, which can hurt your back.

With this bed, you don’t have to worry about calling a repair technician to fix it constantly. It is durable and made to last. It will look good as time goes on, so your business builds and maintains a reputation for clean and updated facilities. Your customers will know right away that you offer high-quality services when they walk in and see the electric beauty bed that looks great and operates well. 

With a multi-functional bed, your clients will be comfortable. They want a salon experience that puts them at ease, and they will relax and enjoy themselves in a comfortable beauty bed. Then they will want to spread the word about the great experience they had at your salon. You won’t get the bad reviews that come from having a run-down salon with out-of-date fixtures. No one wants to sit in or lie on an old, clunky bed that doesn’t work half the time. With a nice-looking, dependable beauty bed, you can increase your business through referrals, making the purchase of the beauty bed a smart business move. 

We offer multi-functional electric beauty beds that can be adjusted between 65 and 85 cm, and they feature a long and wide cushion for comfort. The electric beauty beds have a one-year warranty, so you can depend on its working well for a long time. Your purchase is made as an investment for the long-term, and it will help your customers be happy and comfortable.

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How to Incorporate CBD Oil to Your Beauty Routine


Taking care of your skin and body is just as important as taking care of your overall health. With the emergence of powerful and life-changing CBD oil treatments on the market, gone are days when beauty routines remain simple and stagnant. Today, it is all about relaxation, mindfulness, and skin care rolled into one product. Feel free to experiment and get a grasp of what’s good for your skin.

If you have been itching to discover the allures of CBD products on the market, what better way to start using these than by incorporating these items into your everyday rituals, right? Below are some novel ideas you can incorporate this trend into your daily beauty routines:

Drink Beverages with Drops of Pure CBD Oil

One of the best ways you can get yourself acclimated to using pure CBD oil is by mixing it with your drinks. To start off, you can put a few drops of your favorite tincture and put it on your morning cup of joe or even your green juice. Not only will this help you relax, but it can also take the pain and stress away, perfect after a gruelling morning workout.

Not to mention, the anti-inflammatory properties of this product will surely help your skin looking its best. With a few drops in your beverage of choice, you can avoid bouts of inflammation and acne.

Luxury Facial Oils

If facial oils are your thing, then it might be time to amp up your routine by adding some CBD oil into the mix. After washing and toning your face, adding a few drops of this on your face can help bring back some much-needed moisture.

Another way you can use this is by mixing some drops with your favorite moisturizer in the palm of your hands and then by putting the combination on your face. Top it off with sunscreen for the day or a sleeping mask at night and you are good to go.

Weekly Massage Sessions

Treating yourself to a luxurious evening doesn’t have to mean spending more than what you can. Instead, you can just use a store-bought topical CBD ointment and massage this all over your body, concentrating on muscles and joints to help alleviate any pain. If you have a partner, you can also ask them to rub your back, feet, or body using the cannabis-based cream of your choice. CBD oil for pain relief has been proven effective and is being used since ancient times.

Take these tips and start out small. In no time, you’ll be finding more creative ways to add cannabidiol into your beauty routine.

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7 Celebrity Fashion Tips for 2019


Celebrities have a way of always looking perfect; a lot of our favourite celebrities have managed to do no wrong when it comes to what they wear and how they wear it. Every now and then, we wish to be able to tap into their stylishness to improve on our current style and wardrobe but that is easier said than done.

There are a plethora of shows and entire TV networks dedicated to analyzing how our favourite celebrities dress, but these shows do not tell us how to improve the way we dress.

Today, we will look into a few fashion secrets from celebrities that you can implement in 2019 to revolutionize your wardrobe.

Unconventional Prints

Nyle Demarco recently solidified his position as one of the most stylish men in Hollywood. One of his recent looks that stood out was his unconventional use of prints. The trick is to first find a print that resonates with you then make use of it in an unconventional way. Use these prints on garments that they are not traditionally used on.

Show off your best Assets

This is the ultimate guide that everyone needs to live by, the trick to looking your best is to accentuate and put your best features out there. It can be anything from a forehead like Rihanna all the way down to beautiful long legs like Taylor Swift.

Designer Handbags

There are few things more effective when it comes to improving your personal style than accessorizing with a designer handbag. Luxury handbags like Louis Vuitton’s have long been a way for celebrities and elites to ensure that they stand out from the crowd with ease.

Louis Vuitton’s are by no means cheap and they’re out of the price range for the vast majority of us. A good way to own authentic designer handbags without breaking the bank would be to purchase a pre-owned Louis Vuitton bag from reputable retailers.

Unique Design Elements

Here is another tip from Nyle Demarco, pair up ordinary outfits with extraordinary design elements that are sure to gain attention. You can pair a pretty ordinary slim fit suit with an Asian style “karate belt” of the same colour and design. The most effective elements to use differ from person-to-person based on our ethnic or cultural roots, background and everything in between.

Bold Colors

Every now and then, you need to go against the tide and wear something bold, chic and elegant. Diane Kruger, the actress, and model has shown us just how possible it is to look elegant and daring in bright colours.

Diane rocks insane prints and she is undoubtedly a fan of bright colours, she has been able to successfully incorporate both into her wardrobe and wears them with little to no effort.

Effortlessly Cool

Denim, leather jackets, and ankle boots, what do these three items have in common? They have the ability to make you look laid back and fashion forward at the same time.

Gigi Hadid knows this and she frequently uses these items to captivate us all. When this supermodel is not walking down runways in Milan or Paris, she uses casual “Californian glamour” to stay fashionable all the time.


If there is one thing that celebrities have in abundance it would be confidence. How else are they able to pull off outfits that’ll look ridiculous on the average fellow?

Celebrities know that each time they step out; they are putting on a show for the audience. Building up your confidence makes it easier for you to put on outfits that might seem unnatural to you. It helps you stand out from the crowd and pull off that flawless celebrity look.

Image Pixabay License CCO

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Essential Guide to Choosing the Right Makeup Brush


Makeup brushes are useful tools that aid in applying makeup. A good quality brush will help achieve a smooth, even finish. There are different types of makeup brushes for different types of makeup.

But over time, they collect bacteria, and they can become worn out and need to be replaced. How do you figure out what kind of brush to buy?

Types of Makeup Brushes

It’s important to buy a brush that was designed for the makeup you are applying. Here is a guide to the different types of makeup brushes:

  1. Powder brush: distribute loose powder over the face
  2. Tapered foundation brush: apply foundation, highlighter, or blush very precisely
  3. Blush brush: use to apply blush to the cheeks
  4. Kabuki brush: apply loose powder or body shimmer
  5. Silicone blender: use for blending foundation
  6. Beauty blender: apply wet and dry foundation
  7. Stippling brush: use to create an airbrushed effect
  8. Contour brush: use to achieve defined cheekbones and facial structure
  9. Fan brush: apply highlighter or blend out lines
  10. Brow brush: style and fill in eyebrows
  11. Eye shadow brush: apply eye shadow over the lids
  12. Angled eye shadow brush: use to smudge and contour eye makeup
  13. Eye shadow crease brush: apply eye makeup to the eyelid creases
  14. Eyeliner brush: apply liner and get a fuller lash line
  15. Spoolie/mascara wand: apply mascara to the eyelashes
  16. Lip brush: apply lip color or gloss
  17. Lip liner brush: use for adding lip liner (after the main color)

Quality Makeup Brushes

What should you look for in a makeup brush? Here are some helpful hints:

  • Brush it against your skin; the bristles should feel soft
  • When you brush it against your skin, make sure none of the bristles fall out
  • A good brush is filled with densely-packed bristles
  • It should have a solid, ergonomic handle made with wood or plastic

Some makeup brushes even allow for quick and easy replacement of the heads, like these brushes from Beautiac.


When shopping for a makeup brush, there are a couple things to consider. First of all, the type of brush you choose depends on the type of makeup you will be using it for. Secondly, be sure to choose a good quality brush that will last a while.

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Has Your Hair Started to Thin?


People have become more and more concerned about regenerating hair growth and restoring the looks of their hair. Hair loss and hair thinning affect a large number of people in the world. Therefore, many people with this type of problem look for ways to regenerate growth and enhance the thickness of their hair.

Volumising Your Hair

If you are one of these people, do not despair. You can find programmes online that offer therapies that enhance hair volume growth. Some products even stop the progress of greying hair. If you can find a hair product that can increase your hair’s volume and stop greying, you have found the ideal solution.

For example, a hair restoration product that is used to increase volume typically features liposome-coated molecules. These molecules contain a high amount of essential growth factors. Proteins, minerals, vitamins, and cytokines are also included to rejuvenate the hair. This type of hair growth product provides results in two months. Used as a noninvasive solution, a product, such as PHS Hairscience offers the best hair spa treatment outcome.

Male Pattern Baldness

Your hair may start to thin for one or more reasons. Men’s hair may thin as the result of male pattern baldness, which is genetic. About two out of three men will experience this form of hair loss by the time they reach 60 years old. If you notice that the men in your family have experienced hair loss, your hairline will usually recede, too.

Heredity and hair loss also affect women. Female pattern hair loss is the female version of patterned baldness in men. Again, if you notice female family members who have lost some hair in this way, you will probably experience hair loss and thinning, too.

Are You Under Too Much Stress?

Other reasons for hair loss and thinning include pregnancy or emotional stress. When a woman is pregnant, she experiences hormonal changes when she stops using birth control pills. However, this form of hair loss is usually temporary. You just don’t want to worsen the problem by practicing hair-damaging treatments.

If stress causes hair loss, you need to use a spa treatment as well as review your lifestyle and diet. By making modifications along these lines, you can enjoy lovelier looking hair and feel more in control at work and at home.

Do You Eat Enough Protein?

Sometimes, people experience hair thinning and loss if their diet lacks protein. If you don’t eat enough of this nutrient, your hair growth may stop. Hair growth may be affected about two months after a drop in protein consumptions. To ensure you are getting enough of this nutrient, make sure you eat plenty of fish, eggs, and meat. If you do not want to eat meat, you can find protein-rich sources among vegetables and berries.

Hair loss can also occur by taking too much supplementation. In this case, women and men can experience hair thinning and loss by taking too much vitamin A. Once you stop over-consuming the vitamin, the hair loss will stop and will grow normally. You can still enhance the hair, however, by using a spa treatment that support hair volume and growth.

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