Essential skincare summer tips that you should know!

Essential skincare summer tips that you should know!

Summer is a trying time for your skin. The blazing sun and the scorching heat can be enduring, especially to your skin. Pollution and other environmental pollutants take down your skin’s natural radiance, leaving it dehydrated, dull, and blemished.

Read on to understand how summer changes the quality of your skin and summer skincare tips to hold on to that radiant and healthy skin.

Summer and its side effects on skin

An increase in temperatures during the summer months, combined with moisture and heat, can lead to the exertion of the sebaceous glands. This makes skin appear soapy and for dry skin, it becomes rough and patchy. The intensity of the sun’s shafts also causes tanning by producing further melanin colours. The heat can also cause further pores to open, which can get congested with dirt, causing acne and pesky marks on the face.

Here is a lowdown of summer skincare tips you must follow:

1.    Switch to a gentler face wash

Always remember that the advent of summer calls for a change in your wardrobe as well as skincare essentials. While in the winter season, any nourishing face wash would do the needful, in summers you need a gentler yet deep purifying cleanser, such as the Pure Sense Grapefruit Gel Cleanser, that can remove all the sweat and grime from your pores. It is toxin-free and gentle on your face. Plus, it doesn’t just give you a cleansed, fresh face but also nourishes your skin so that it doesn’t look parched in summer.

2.    Include antioxidant-rich serums in your summer skincare routine

Invest in a good antioxidant serum during the summer. Not only does an antioxidant serum hydrate your skin, but it can also cover your skin from environmental damage. It helps to boost collagen and will fight free radicals to help prevent skin damage. Remember that you can include antioxidants in your summer skincare routine by adding them to your diet as well.

Stock up on citrus fruits, green and lush vegetables, green tea, nuts, and whole grains to have younger-looking skin.

3.    Hydration is key

Summer is a season where your skin needs both moisture and hydration! What we suggest is you must invest in a good hydrating mask which you use a couple of times a week. We recommend you give the Pure Sense Hydrating Sleeping Mask a try. All you have to do is start by washing your face first and then moving on to applying the mask as directed at night to repair, rehydrate, and rejuvenate your skin. Mask away the stress, fatigue, and scars from your skin.

4.    Exfoliate regularly

Regular exfoliation is the key to brighter and smoother skin. It removes dull skin debris and piled up dead cells that prevent your skin from breathing and clog the skin. Try a readymade exfoliator or make your own formulation.

5.    Sunscreen is a necessity

Sunscreen should be your friend during summer. Literally! Choose one that has a broad ultraviolet spectrum (between 30-50 SPF and covers UVA and UVB rays). Reapply every three hours if you’re spending all day in the sun. Make sure to cover your hands, bases, shoulders, and neck as well.

6. Change your moisturiser

Come summer, you have to get rid of those heavy cold creams and butters for a lighter moisturiser. Don’t be under the misconception that your skin requires no moisturisation in the summer. Skincare in summer calls for a lighter and non-greasy product that suits the weather.