What are the factors that determine the value of a vintage watch?

What are the factors that determine the value of a vintage watch?

Do you have a fortune around your wrist? There are many factors that can influence the value of a vintage watch. And many aspects to consider when evaluating a vintage watch and determining its potential value. In this article, we share some facts with you to help you determine whether your vintage watch can be extremely valuable.

Brand name matters the most

There are some big names like JustinTimes vintage watches in the watch world. But, not all of them are pioneer in vintage segment. It may seem obvious, but big names provide higher selling prices, even for a second hand watch. It is partly due to the recognition of already well established brands and high quality products.

But, when it comes to vintage watch, you must look for the brand name which has a reputation in vintage world. Products from them will almost always retain their value or become more valuable over time.

Rare – but not expensive

The status includes whether a vintage watch has damage or marks, as well as whether any of its parts are defective or missing. Ideally, a vintage watch should be as close as possible to its original state. Obviously, this does not always happen with an old watch or one that has already been quite cherished.

To overcome this situation, you must Buy Stylish vintage watches online from an online store which has reputation. Another factor to consider is whether it has guarantee. For this you need to buy premium quality products. Buy your premium vintage watch from $100-600. $300 average.

Shortage: is it unique?

The shortage, or rarity, of a vintage watch refers to the number of other versions that still exist in circulation. For example, if a particular vintage watch is a special edition, has been produced in limited numbers, etc. Buyers are usually willing to pay large sums for a watch that no one else owns or that only a few other people own. This is the primary factor of vintage collections. If a celebrity used it or approved it? This will most likely increase the value of the watch.


For different articles, patina can have many different meanings. For vintage watches, it generally refers to a thin layer of color that may appear on the surface of the watch face due to age. Watch enthusiasts appreciate this unique feature – it adds additional charm to the watch and demonstrates the classic nature of the piece. If it looks right, it will certainly increase the value of a watch.


It is recommended that everyone who has a fascination for classiness, status and antiques, must buy vintage watch online from reputed sites like https://www.instagram.com/justintimesvintage/. There is a lot of information available online about the various manufacturers, styles, watches and materials related to vintage watches. You should start with something of medium value and try to learn as much as possible from the vintage watches you buy. Are you confident in your knowledge and ready to expand your collection? Look for a model that you find beautiful, fascinating and special.