How The Luxury Beauty App collaboration with Uber Helps

How The Luxury Beauty App collaboration with Uber Helps

One of the greatest problems people around the world face is having to travel long distances to access a stylist, get the beauty, wellness products or fashion they need. This is where the collaboration between The Luxury Beauty App and Uber come to the rescue. Luxury Beauty at homes works together with Uber to ensure high level efficiency. This makes it easy for people to enjoy beauty and wellness treatments at the comfort of your office, home, event and many others. This collaboration brings in the greatest convenience in the beauty, wellness and fashion industry because clients can get all they need without stepping outside their houses.

When you make an order from your salon or your stylist using you will have them delivered to you in less than sixty minutes. The delays and inconveniences people used to experience in the past are no longer there. The good thing is that the app caters for all clients around the world so regardless of your location you enjoy this fast delivery of fashion, beauty and wellness products you order. Uber being an international company makes it possible for this fast delivery of the different products to happen effectively.

The collaboration between Luxury Beauty At Home App and Uber also makes it easy for professionals to offer their different services to clients regardless of their locations. This means that clients enjoy the different services from the comfort of their office, homes, hotel rest rooms or for various events. The collaboration helps bring professional wellness services and products to your exact location leading to high level convenience.

As a professional, all you need is to login to your Luxury Beauty At Home App. In case you have appointment with a client, you can opt to use your own mean of transport to reach the client. However, you can also get an Uber ride. You are supposed to login to the app with your email address from your exact location and Uber will pick you. Uber will take you to the exact location of your client.  Once you are done, Uber will then come pick you to your place. This is how easy the collaboration has made work easy for the professionals.

Bottom Line works with all types of Android and IOS mobile devices, making it accessible to a large population since these are the most used devices in the modern times.