The Benefits of Sheepskin Covers

Have you ever walked by a vehicle and noticed sheepskin covers on the seats and wondered why the vehicle’s owner would want to use these covers? Perhaps you have seen these covers online or in-person in a store and been curious about the reason anyone would use one but never asked. There are many beneficial reasons why someone chooses to use sheepskin covers in their car, below are just a few reasons why:

Sheepskin  Covers Contain Lanolin

Lanolin is found in sheepskin and is commonly used in ointments and lotions to help soothe skin conditions such as dryness, cracking and eczema. It is also commonly found in many children’s ointments to soothe rashes. Lanolin is also dirt and bacteria resistant and extremely soothing to the touch.

Sheepskin Covers Protect

Sheepskin covers also protect the vehicle’s upholstery. The covers are able to prevent dirt and debris from getting stuck in the crevices and stitching of the cars manufactured seats. When it comes time to sell your beloved vehicle you can keep the sheepskin covers for your next car. Plus, the seats of the car you are selling will look great because your sheepskin covers have protected the seats and kept them looking like new.

Keep You Cool on Hot Days

There is quite possibly nothing more unpleasant than entering your car and feeling the heat and burn from sitting on a hot car seat. Even if you have started your car in advance and turned the air conditioning on; the seats can take some time to cool down. Utilizing sheepskin will actually prevent this unpleasantness from occurring. While many may instantly assume the textile will create added heat, this is simply not true. The fibers generate a cooling sensation and trap and lock moisture away from the body.

Keep You Warm on Cool Days

While the sheepskin is a textile that will draw moisture away from the body it also is extremely plush and comfy. On extremely cold days it creates a blanket like feeling between your body and the car’s upholstery. Fabric and leather can often feel uncomfortable if you sit in it for extended periods of time. The sheepskin will feel plush and comfortable to sit on which will make the entire car ride more comfortable and enjoyable.

Flexit Cap Technology 101

The modern baseball cap

For as long as people have been watching sports and wearing clothes, hats have always been a fashion piece that never died out. From bowler hats to fedoras headwear comes in different types of styles. All these styles can bring out what type of personality or taste that person has. The same goes for the ever-popular baseball cap or as some people like to call it cap. Which was primarily worn by baseball players dating as early as the 1860s and later on being modernized to the current Brooklyn style we all love and wear today.

Just like there are different types of flavored jolly ranchers there are also many types of baseball caps. These variations being The snapback, Adjustable hat, fitted hat, and the flexfit hat. All of these hats began all due to the contributions of the brand called New Era which is a headwear company based in Buffalo NY. It was founded in the 1920s and first introduced a new idea for a baseball cap in 1932 for what is now known as Major league baseball. In the next 20 years, the company has become the main cap supplier for baseball teams in the mlb and it wasn’t until 1954 where a new era introduced the modern look of the baseball cap we see today the iconic 59Fifty.

Baseball caps are made out of different types of materials ranging from wool to polyester which makes a baseball cap depend on the material and style. Most people that wear caps wear for the love of their favorite team which is why a lot of them have a team logo embroidered on there. Other people like it just for the style and it adds that extra protection during those hot summer days which is why it’s also a very popular summer look. The visor is the feature that makes a baseball cap a baseball cap so it makes sense that it has changed the way it looks over time as well. Back then it was a lot longer to better protect baseball players from that ice melting sun. Now however it is a lot shorter for more fashionable purposes for the general population of people. Most visors are made out of a plastic material that stiffens the visor to not get bent out of shape over time. The manufacturing process for making these beloved hats is intricate and requires a team of people to work together to get it done.

Most common baseball caps these days tend to have a one size fits all motto. Lots of companies do this in many different ways some use adjustable straps and others use velcro there is no one way to make this happen. This idea is ideal for these companies cause it takes away the hassle of having to find the right size or getting the wrong size by accident. One of the best materials I like to use and see when I’m out buying baseball caps is flexfit. The technology used by this material allows the hat to be adjusted by the wearer’s head without any type of strap or velcro all you have to do is put it on. This is done by weaving the hat with polyurethane spandex to add elasticity to the entire crown of the hat. Many companies use this method such as newera and Yupoong Flexfit Caps. Among these companies, some prefer using one method of fitting than others, for example, newera prefers the strap method while Yupoong Flexfit Caps prefers the latter. Know matter how you look at it baseball caps are awesome and they will continue to be but how you want yours to fit is up to you.

The Popularity of the Bucket Hat!

A bucket hat is made from heavy-duty cotton fabric like thick wool such as tweed, denim or canvas. It sometimes has metal eyelets arranged on the crown of the hat for ventilation. This hat comes in many designs, sometimes the design is based on the function, for example, it can be used as a fisherman hat, party session hat, or an Irish country hat.


The bucket hat is declared to have been introduced around the 1900s. In the beginning, it was made from tweed cloth or wood felt, the hats were waterproof because of the lanolin from the wool, this is one reason why these hats were traditionally worn by fishermen and Irish farmers, as a protective covering from the rainy weather. This hat was later accepted as a high-end fashion item in the 1960s, during this period it was regularly worn by individuals associated with the Mod subculture, and the hat had future resurgences from both street fashion, with rappers commonly using these hats, and on the catwalk, in fashion runway shows. In the present time, it is also known as a “session hat” because it is a trendy fashion accessory and fans of bands such as the stone roses and sticky fingers, normally use these hats.

These hats were also swiftly taken up internationally for country hobbies because when this hat is folded up, they could be carried in one’s coat pocket if the bucket hat fell in the dirt or even mud, they could be spotlessly cleaned with a moist sponge, and they could even be shaped using a hot iron. These hats, due to their weight and ability to provide sun protection, have become popular among civilians for use in sports such as fishing, hiking, and rowing.

Many well-known figures have made a fashion statement with bucket hats like Rihanna, Chris Brown, Leonardo DiCaprio and Justin Bieber. Bucket hats have proven to be a favorite among great singers and Hollywood celebrities. It has been seen on the international scene numerous times. From Burberry’s sensational bright-hued bucket hats to BCBG Max Azria’s sophisticated ones, designers all over the world love to have fun making them. Regardless of whether you are working for a classy fashion buyer making their way through the stalls at Pitti Uomo, or the average citizen just relaxing at the beach, bucket hats can always be used! Bucket hats are an accessory that is cool, affordable and comfortable, definitely a hat that anyone would want to buy!

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