The Benefits of Sheepskin Covers

The Benefits of Sheepskin Covers

Have you ever walked by a vehicle and noticed sheepskin covers on the seats and wondered why the vehicle’s owner would want to use these covers? Perhaps you have seen these covers online or in-person in a store and been curious about the reason anyone would use one but never asked. There are many beneficial reasons why someone chooses to use sheepskin covers in their car, below are just a few reasons why:

Sheepskin  Covers Contain Lanolin

Lanolin is found in sheepskin and is commonly used in ointments and lotions to help soothe skin conditions such as dryness, cracking and eczema. It is also commonly found in many children’s ointments to soothe rashes. Lanolin is also dirt and bacteria resistant and extremely soothing to the touch.

Sheepskin Covers Protect

Sheepskin covers also protect the vehicle’s upholstery. The covers are able to prevent dirt and debris from getting stuck in the crevices and stitching of the cars manufactured seats. When it comes time to sell your beloved vehicle you can keep the sheepskin covers for your next car. Plus, the seats of the car you are selling will look great because your sheepskin covers have protected the seats and kept them looking like new.

Keep You Cool on Hot Days

There is quite possibly nothing more unpleasant than entering your car and feeling the heat and burn from sitting on a hot car seat. Even if you have started your car in advance and turned the air conditioning on; the seats can take some time to cool down. Utilizing sheepskin will actually prevent this unpleasantness from occurring. While many may instantly assume the textile will create added heat, this is simply not true. The fibers generate a cooling sensation and trap and lock moisture away from the body.

Keep You Warm on Cool Days

While the sheepskin is a textile that will draw moisture away from the body it also is extremely plush and comfy. On extremely cold days it creates a blanket like feeling between your body and the car’s upholstery. Fabric and leather can often feel uncomfortable if you sit in it for extended periods of time. The sheepskin will feel plush and comfortable to sit on which will make the entire car ride more comfortable and enjoyable.