The Popularity of the Bucket Hat!

The Popularity of the Bucket Hat!

A bucket hat is made from heavy-duty cotton fabric like thick wool such as tweed, denim or canvas. It sometimes has metal eyelets arranged on the crown of the hat for ventilation. This hat comes in many designs, sometimes the design is based on the function, for example, it can be used as a fisherman hat, party session hat, or an Irish country hat.


The bucket hat is declared to have been introduced around the 1900s. In the beginning, it was made from tweed cloth or wood felt, the hats were waterproof because of the lanolin from the wool, this is one reason why these hats were traditionally worn by fishermen and Irish farmers, as a protective covering from the rainy weather. This hat was later accepted as a high-end fashion item in the 1960s, during this period it was regularly worn by individuals associated with the Mod subculture, and the hat had future resurgences from both street fashion, with rappers commonly using these hats, and on the catwalk, in fashion runway shows. In the present time, it is also known as a “session hat” because it is a trendy fashion accessory and fans of bands such as the stone roses and sticky fingers, normally use these hats.

These hats were also swiftly taken up internationally for country hobbies because when this hat is folded up, they could be carried in one’s coat pocket if the bucket hat fell in the dirt or even mud, they could be spotlessly cleaned with a moist sponge, and they could even be shaped using a hot iron. These hats, due to their weight and ability to provide sun protection, have become popular among civilians for use in sports such as fishing, hiking, and rowing.

Many well-known figures have made a fashion statement with bucket hats like Rihanna, Chris Brown, Leonardo DiCaprio and Justin Bieber. Bucket hats have proven to be a favorite among great singers and Hollywood celebrities. It has been seen on the international scene numerous times. From Burberry’s sensational bright-hued bucket hats to BCBG Max Azria’s sophisticated ones, designers all over the world love to have fun making them. Regardless of whether you are working for a classy fashion buyer making their way through the stalls at Pitti Uomo, or the average citizen just relaxing at the beach, bucket hats can always be used! Bucket hats are an accessory that is cool, affordable and comfortable, definitely a hat that anyone would want to buy!

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