If you ever could get into the Rolex Service Center [ศูนย์ ซ่อม rolex, which is the term in Thai] building, you feel like you are entering an exclusive lounge. Your check-in at the front work desk, as well as customer care representatives, will appear to assist you with the next steps. You never see what takes place in the watchmaking areas behind closed doors, but the way Rolex services your watch is a codified system that has an air of secret.

After examining your watch after drop off, or mailing it in, you’ll obtain a list with some solution requirements that are deemed necessary. There might be a sub-list that includes optional solutions that are categorized as cosmetic.


One that is different about getting your watch serviced by Rolex is that Rolex Solution Centers are philosophically operating to obtain every watch that comes in for solution up to manufacturing facility standards. So, they will change every little thing that they consider is required to get the watch as much as those requirements. So, if you wish to maintain your vintage dial and hands, most likely to an independent that manages those conservation jobs.

Most of us do not own watches worth that factor to consider when maintenance. I recommend having my Rolex watches serviced by Rolex if it costs a lot. You get a two-year post solution guarantee as well as service paperwork.


The experienced technician will eliminate the bracelet, as well as take apart the watch situation as well as disassemble the activity. Each component is ultrasonically cleaned and inspected for wear. Worn parts will be replaced. The movement is rebuilt as well as lubed as well as readjusted approximately an accuracy of +/- 2 secs a day.

The instance, as well as the arm band, will normally be refinished to its factory coating. The watch is reconstructed, as well as checked for water resistance, and undertakes last assessment and accuracy observation.

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What Determines The Price Of The Most Expensive Rolex In The World

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Founded in 1954, Nam Sawang is a leading Luxury Thailand watch dealer. As the official Rolex price Namsawang has accumulated more than six decades of experience and is extensively recognized among Thailand fans as one of the most trusted and most prestigious roles in the country’s luxury watch business. 

Therefore, we are a proud company providing services to our customers with knowledge. Sincerity and authenticity and ready to trade the best Swiss watch creations with our customers. Which is knowledgeable and vibrant about watches?

With Nam Sawang’s business vision and a strong success foundation, Mr. Chien Kitsriopas began relations with Rolex in 1978 and continued to grow and grow to this day.

The authentic industrial pioneer Kitriopas Khun Chian began his career in the Ban Bangkok district. From the age of 14 years until 1954, they opened their first retail store. To sell the clock of glasses and the pen named Nam Sawang. After the family name in Chinese as ‘Nam’ and then in 1964. The company changed its name to bring light to glasses, becoming Nam Sawang luxury Watch Co., Ltd.

It was established with confidence in offering high-quality watches. Nam Sawang opened his first Rolex Price boutique at 55 Bamrung Muang Road along with customer service with unmatched sincerity. The boutique was a quick success. By meeting the unique demands of Thailand watch lovers who are looking for quality watches and Rolex trust.

In 1993, located in the area of ​​Pinklao in the area of ​​the newly developed area of ​​Bangkok at that time. Inspired by having several trips to the Rolex manufacturing plant in Geneva. Khun Chian Kitsriopas has brought the same vision to Rolex Price in Nam Sawang Pinklao to make a place where customers Will always feel and feel like making their way to the Rolex headquarters in Switzerland. 

Under the interior and furniture lifted and standardized, this is the starting point for evolution as a luxury watch dealer in Thailand. 

Following the philosophy into a modern distributor, where the:

  • Atmosphere
  • Service
  • Knowledge

However, these are blended to improve the Rolex experience by Rolex on Nam Sawang Pinklaowhich, which has created the norm for the world of luxury watches in Thailand.

In 2018, Nam Sawang relocated a shop on Jalan Bamrung Muang to a prestigious new location. In one of the most luxurious shopping centers in Bangkok, CentralPlaza Grand Rama 9 is located in the heart of the new business district of this city.

 Dedicated to guiding customers to the unparalleled Rolex Price world, Nam Sawang Central Plaza Grand Rama 9 is ready to provide warm services. And meet individual needs, including realistic expectations of our customers.

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How To Select the Perfect Engagement Ring?

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How to Select the Perfect Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is more than just a piece of jewelry; it expresses love. When this tiny, sparkly cold metal is placed on the finger, it glows with the warmth of months or even years of wonderful memories, ugly fights, and a commitment to grow old together. You’ve finally decided and are about to ask the questions of a lifetime, but do you have the right ring for the job? Even if you don’t, you can find one of your choices at the various shops offering engagement rings Melbourne.

All engagement rings are works of art, handcrafted with precision and care. They make it of precious metals and diamonds. Different designers create these rings in a variety of styles, and ring design is also art. You can set it with a diamond or simply an intricate design of the metal itself.

Factors To Consider When Buying a Ring

There is a wide variety of rings out here are a few tips to buy the right one for your other half. 

  • The diamond: One must know the cut, clarity, color, and carat weight of the diamond they want the ring to have. This is extremely important as this is one foundation for the amount of money the ring would cost you 
  • The metal: The diamond needs metal to hold on to. Find out whether your partner prefers gold or platinum and accordingly select the right shade to go with it. 
  • The throne: This is how you want to diamond to sit on the metal. There are 3 to 4 types of fittings for a diamond. Discuss with your partner of go through their latest ring search history to find out what style they prefer.
  • Just one: Decide you need just one stone or many. Smaller stones give the ring a neat appearance and shine brighter.

Tips On Buying the Perfect Ring:

While you may know how to buy the best ring, here are a few tips on how to buy the right one. 

  • Discuss: Always have a casual discussion with your partner about the ring they wished to have. 
  • Prepare in advance: Buying a ring is not child’s play, you must have savings you can spend to get the right ring for your partner. So, it is best to prepare in advance and pick the shop offering the best engagement rings Melbourne. 
  • Peer suggestion: In case you get no clue of what your partner like from them, speak to their friends and find out if the engagement rings 

To wrap it up!

It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so invest wisely. You must shop around and visit several stores before deciding on the best one. If you understand the fundamentals, you will not disappoint your partner or yourself.

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Is It Ok To Propose With A Fake Ring First On Your Special Day?

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The day of the proposal is a very special day in every couple’s life. It is celebrated in a big way by many couples. It is considered to be one of the most romantic days of the year and you need to give efforts to make this day special for your beloved. There are a variety of romantic ideas to make the proposal special. It is very important to create a good impression in the mind of your beloved so don’t wonder if is it ok to propose with a fake ring first.

Make the day special

The most important thing is to understand what your beloved wants. Before choosing a ring, you should keep in mind her preference and love for things. Jewelry is something that any girl would like to receive. If you know what she wants it will become easier for you to plan a good surprise for her. If you are thinking that is it ok to propose with a fake ring first, your partner will surely understand your motive behind it and will appreciate your efforts.

Choose the proper ring for you

When it comes to selecting a ring, it becomes quite a difficult choice to make. It is a good option to search for a nice engagement ring on online websites. If you buy a nice fake engagement ring, it will genuinely make her happy. It will allow her to make her choice so that she can buy the original ring herself. It is something that will make the day special and it is a perfect gift for the evening.

Check out the online collection

There is a variety of designs and patterns of fake engagement rings online. These can also be customized according to your own choice. If you start searching on online websites, you will be able to check out the huge collection of fake rings to select from. For choose the proper ring for you, then need to spend some time and select the ring by keeping some time in hand. Online orders get delivered very easily without much hassles.

Buy jewelry though online

The online websites also offer easy shipping and a money-back guarantee. All the information about the jewelry is given on the website which makes it easy for you to choose. The price of the rings does not cost a lot as one can easily afford them. If you want you can also contact the consumer care service on the website. Since all women love jewelry, it is such a gift that will strengthen the bond between the couple. It is something that will surely turn the evening to be romantic.

The popularity

It was a wonderful day to choose an amazing ring for your beloved. Apart from that the fake engagement rings are trending a lot these days because it is pocket friendly and at the same time it serves the purpose well. The lovers should not miss this opportunity to showcase their feelings and emotions for their loved ones.

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The Most Popular Necklace Trends of 2021


A portion of the most famous jewel trends during the current year come as accessories. These well known jewelry styles are appropriate for any season and will take you right from spring through winter. 

Quite possibly the main generally drifts we are seeing proceed into this year is layering. From straightforward staggered pendants to various muddled layers, it’s the more, the merrier with regards to pieces of jewelry. As far as moving metals, we are seeing everything from a resurgence of yellow gold to the proven white gold and authentic silver. Rose gold has additionally proceeded with its prominence from earlier years. Look on for our top moving jewelry picks during the current year.

Diamond Necklaces

Diamond tennis necklace

Regardless of whether it’s a straightforward precious stone pendant or a shimmering tennis accessory, jewel accessories are the ideal method to add a bit of polish to any outfit. While they are a speculation, precious stone neckbands never become dated and can be gone down through ages. 

Disc Necklaces

Diamond disc necklaces

Disc pendants and medallion necklaces make for an effortless yet pulled-together look and are great for layering. Phillips house diamond disc pendant, Phillips House 14K White & Yellow Gold Affair Diamond Mini Circle Pendant, Disc pendant with pearl, Alessandra Dona Black Tahitian South Sea Cultured Pearl & Rose Gold Disc Pendant, Artifact charm peacock pendant, Robin Haley Artifact Charm Yellow Gold Peacock Disc Pendant with Diamond Bail

Link Necklaces

Yellow gold paperclip salt and light necklace

From slender paperclip styles to chunky chains, link necklaces continue to be the “it” accessory for 2021.

Yellow gold paperclip chain necklace, Monica Rich Kosann Lock Charm Paperclip Chain Necklace in Yellow Gold, White gold chain link necklace, Roberto Coin Diamond Pave Link Necklace in White Gold, Round link necklace, Gurhan Hoopla Silver Station Necklace, Mixed Round Links, 

Station Necklaces

Diamond station neckbands offer unending adaptability with regards to styling as they can be folded over the neck a few times or layered with different pieces of jewelry. Frequently including fragile plans, these neckbands can be found in an assortment of materials, with jewel station accessories being the most famous.

Locket Necklaces

Monica rich kosann locket necklace

Locket necklaces have been around for centuries, and we love the sentimental nature of wearing photos of the ones you love close to your heart. Designer Monica Rich Kosann creates a wide array of exquisite lockets with a modern flair yet timeless appeal.

Gemstone Necklaces

Gemstone necklaces

This arising trend for 2021 bases on neckband plans highlighting generous stones and the utilization of various diamonds. In case you’re searching for a significant gemstone to work into your closet, you should consider consolidating your birthstone or that of a friend or family member. 

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Know the Reasons for Popularity of Pandora Rings Sale

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Why are Pandora Bracelets so Popular?( 4 Reasons Found) - A Fashion Blog

There are few pieces of jewelry that have this much craze as pandora rings have. The concepts of engraving such unique and wonderful designs make the customers return to the store to check out new collections to celebrate the occasions. For instance, you will see pandora stores on cruise ships often present rings with a cruise theme which is ideal for commemorating your special trip. Pandora Rings Sale can provide you the opportunity to explore the wide range of pandora rings at amazing prices. Do not allow the opportunity to slip from your hand as pandora’s sale is on board, and grab the perfect ring for you. Pandora rings are so popular nowadays as the marketing strategy is to design rings that can document your life.

The quality of pandora

When you find a good sale on pandora, ensure that you can get different designs and colors of the rings. Pandora uses various gemstones and materials to craft the pieces. The materials that create the rings are diamond, topaz, quartz, organic gems, cultured pearls, glass and man-made stones. You may also find a ring made up of non-traditional materials such as wood, leather and Murano glass. Apart from that, enamel rings are also found where the enamel is generally fused on the surface of glass or metals, which gives it a colorful effect and is ideal for decoration. For pandora rings, epoxy resin enamel is used, which is more durable and resistant. If you buy one, you can ensure that it will last long.

Things to know

While you read about the sale of pandora rings and think of buying one, one question may cross your mind. You may be thinking about whether pandora rings tarnish or not. Well, a maximum of pandora rings is made up of sterling silver jewelry pieces and it does tarnish with time. Therefore, you need to polish your piece of ring frequently to keep them shiny and good as new. Any jewelry with a plating or oxidized finish naturally fades. However, how quickly the glow will go or how quickly it fades completely depends upon how you maintain it. Remember that chlorine, perfumes, lotions, sweat causes the fading faster. So, you have to limit the jewelry contact with these things and you will get to wear your favorite ring for a longer time. 

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Tips to Purchase the Adorable Beauty Accessories with Best Quality

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Here's how to get your hands on the best American beauty brands | Her World  Singapore

The love for maintaining appearance never ends among the people of this modernized world. It is the individual choice of customers to purchase products that differ based on unique requirements. The reasons to use the items comprises.

  • A perfect tool for increasing appearance.
  • Innovative design with the best details.
  • Guaranteed delivery on time.
  • Enhanced energy-saving options.
  • Flexible payment modes.

Therefore, when you want to enhance beauty, visit for gathering details about items. Check for the ring lights that are designed with mounting stands and bases with desired options. The addition of temperature filters helps in adjusting the brightness level accurately. The compact design of items makes them use with convenience and reliability.

The customers can also check the availability of cosmetic cases sold in different sizes. It is essential to verify the dimensions in advance for carrying the required items. Select the reliable trollies made of zippered compartments with the logo imprinted on them. The extendable handle with rolling wheels helps in effortless movement from one place to another. Purchase the backdrops that are sold in multiple colors for enhancing the background of photos. Choose the green color to use while adding special effects and green screen edits. The cost depends upon the measurement chosen for offering professional quality. 


Features of Ordering Amazing Items:

The companies sell the chairs of various variants that range from essential to white stool with amazing facilities. Select the ones made of aluminum with a footrest for providing the best comfort at reasonable rates. The perfect finish of the products made using velveteen fabric has made it to become familiar among professionals interested in fashion. They design the items with versatility for simple movement without issues. Purchase the mirror attachments and adapters for use with ring light products. Find the vanity mirrors, which are enhanced with a Bluetooth system and charging ports. You can mount the items easily that have light settings made of beautiful crystals with touch functionality.

The benefits of buying the beauty items comprise,

  • Available in innovative patterns.
  • Made of high-quality materials.
  • Installation made easy following the instructions.
  • Best items to organize the accessories.
  • Fits perfectly to mount on a flat surface.
  • Durability feature to use for longer periods.
  • Perfect dimensions with technical details.

They provide you the option to visit for buying the accessories at the best deals. It is reliable to read the reviews posted after experiencing the outstanding benefits. Check for shipping options available with the facility of flexible payment methods to complete the transactions securely. Enjoy the spotlight mirrors designed specifically with mirror rotation features to save the space required for storing the item. Find the desired colors that range from rose gold to white with high battery power. Make use of the adjustable stand without the addition of extra bulbs in mirrors. The companies also sell the replacement parts to use in emergency situations.

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Wedding rings on higher demand



Most of the time we see a huge demand for wedding rings especially when it comes to wedding season who wouldn’t want to purchase a decent piece of wedding rings for their near and dear ones including her/him. Pink diamond rings are considered to be the most expensive wedding ring among buyers. It has its stake in the jeweler market. We do know diamonds are at a sorority in today’s expensive and demanding world. People are getting cozy and keen to buy a small piece of wedding rings and if its Pink Camouflage Wedding Rings, the ladies are the happiest ones. Jewelry marketers know the value of diamond jewelry and of course when it comes to diamond wedding rings.

Pros and cons of diamond rings

There are various types of wedding rings in the market but among them, only diamond jewelers are in high demand and every jeweler knows this sort of thing very well and from early days. Wedding season is considered best for the jewelry market as their market boom on those occasions. Here are some Pros of using diamond rings:

  • People want everything stylishly and a Diamond ring can serve this specialty at any time and of course on any occasion
  • Looks brighter and perfect on hands
  • Jewelers provide a perfect duo of wedding rings for couples which make them easier to be used on any occasion.

Everything made has both bright and grey side let’s discuss the cons of using diamond rings. Some of them are stated below:

  • The first and foremost disadvantage of using a diamond ring is that it is expensive.
  • Sometimes it doesn’t suit any bare hands at all
  • Diamond rings are occasional, you can’t use them for wearing them on normal days
  • High risk if it gets broken or lost anyway

Pink camouflage diamond rings are mostly used in all wedding rings just not because it glazes the hands in which it gets stuck but also because of its diamond properties. These rings though considered expensive among the middle class but people just can’t wait to buy this special wedding ring. Diamond jewelers are in huge demand these present days just because people are demanding diamond rings on every special occasion which has made this diamond ring popular among diamond buyers though much of them are traded from the foreign diamond market and therefore they are expensive but people do love to buy diamond rings on their wedding.

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Compelling Reasons to Buy Pearl Jewelry


Adornments is an extraordinary blessing to give a lady on any uncommon event. In the event that you are purchasing adornments for yourself, why not pick a pearl wristband or other gems to commend an achievement, for example, an advancement at work? From pearl hoops for a sixteenth birthday celebration to a pearl wedding band, and a pearl pendant or neckband on the introduction of an infant, adding pieces individually to a lady’s adornments box assists with making recollections of her excursion and the individuals. Speculation gatherers are consistently keeping watch for uncommon and abnormal pieces to add to their assortment. While you may believe that gold and silver is an undeniable decision when purchasing speculation adornments, pearls are an astounding other option. Lately closeout houses, for example, Christie’s have sold pearl adornments far surpassing the estimation of different gemstones. Not at all like semi-valuable stones, for example, amethyst and mother of pearl, refined pearls are viewed as fine gems along with Krishna Jewellers, for example, precious stones, sapphires and emeralds, and valuable metals. 

It’s imperative to realize what to search for when purchasing Pearl Shops in Hyderabad as a venture. Size, shading, gloss, the thickness of the nacre, roundness, and the nonappearance of blemishes all add to the estimation of the pearls. Counsel a pearl evaluating guide before you purchase pearls available to be purchased, and consistently ensure that you buy from a respectable pearl source and that your adornments accompanies an endorsement of legitimacy. One of the upsides of purchasing adornments as a venture is that you can wear it and make the most of its magnificence. To ensure your pearls keep their worth, consistently take great consideration of your adornments. Keep pearl gems from synthetic compounds, for example, hairspray and fragrance, and wipe with a delicate fabric in the wake of wearing it. 

There is no preferred path over with pearls to show your affection and thankfulness on any event. Blossoms shrivel and cards are failed to remember, however every time she wears a bit of pearl gems, she will affectionately recollect the supplier and the explanation they gave it. Gemstones burrowed from the earth don’t just convey a weighty sticker price, however mines are unattractive and included some significant pitfalls to the climate. Notwithstanding that, whenever we’ve taken out all the gems from the earth, there will be no more. Paradoxically, pearls are an inexhaustible asset and developing refined pearls is a low-automated and work serious industry, assisting with making occupations and build up the economy in waterfront networks. Pearl clams just flourish in unpolluted water, so it’s in the pearl business’ advantage to help keep the seas clean. On the off chance that you care about the climate, you can don pearls with satisfaction, realizing your gems causes you to look delightful while your pearl accessory had no negative effect on the climate.

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Know more about the aquamarine benefits stone!

Know more about the aquamarine benefits stone!

We all are aware of various types of gemstones at every level in the market. In this article, we will be discussing aquamarine prices and the gemstone it is used as jewelry and for the long run. This color gemstone is light in color and is blue. You can consider this gemstone as a lucky stone also. These gemstones are the specialty to make you rich. You can also find the color green for this gemstone. It is one of the precious gemstones like a diamond and Ruby is. It also brings prosperity in your life and will deal with your day to day life more easily. People born in March can use this type of gemstone.

Why does this important gemstone

When we talk about that aquamarine is an important gemstone we can evaluate the fact that it is the one which will keep your mind intensity and the color clarity to much extent. They are highly produced and found in Brazil. Aquamarine price is high up to 10,000 carats. You will get aquamarine in any place but the original one you can opt from star Lanka online store. By wearing this you will know the difference within you. This can be used in a metal ring or diamond ring. The choice is yours because you have to invest in it to wear. Do consult your extra larger before wearing this type of gemstone.

Various benefits of aquamarine

Talking about aquamarine prices it is very high but talking about its benefit there are many some of them are mentioned below.

  • This type of gemstone will help you with respiratory tract and lung problems. It is very effective in fever and any allergies or cold.
  • This stone is also easy to cure any type of skin disease. It will help you to elect diseases like hives, rosaceous much more.
  • It can also help you do deal with the ear as well as vision problem and will solve the problem of night blindness.
  • At last, it can also solve the problem related to the nervous system as we can say that it is very good and effective in terms of nerves of any person.

We can easily conclude that this gemstone is used by the individual who was born in March and October. Do consult your astrologer and use them as for convenience. You can buy this from an online source and make you’re Make your day more beautiful.

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