What Determines The Price Of The Most Expensive Rolex In The World

What Determines The Price Of The Most Expensive Rolex In The World

Founded in 1954, Nam Sawang is a leading Luxury Thailand watch dealer. As the official Rolex price Namsawang has accumulated more than six decades of experience and is extensively recognized among Thailand fans as one of the most trusted and most prestigious roles in the country’s luxury watch business. 

Therefore, we are a proud company providing services to our customers with knowledge. Sincerity and authenticity and ready to trade the best Swiss watch creations with our customers. Which is knowledgeable and vibrant about watches?

With Nam Sawang’s business vision and a strong success foundation, Mr. Chien Kitsriopas began relations with Rolex in 1978 and continued to grow and grow to this day.

The authentic industrial pioneer Kitriopas Khun Chian began his career in the Ban Bangkok district. From the age of 14 years until 1954, they opened their first retail store. To sell the clock of glasses and the pen named Nam Sawang. After the family name in Chinese as ‘Nam’ and then in 1964. The company changed its name to bring light to glasses, becoming Nam Sawang luxury Watch Co., Ltd.

It was established with confidence in offering high-quality watches. Nam Sawang opened his first Rolex Price boutique at 55 Bamrung Muang Road along with customer service with unmatched sincerity. The boutique was a quick success. By meeting the unique demands of Thailand watch lovers who are looking for quality watches and Rolex trust.

In 1993, located in the area of ​​Pinklao in the area of ​​the newly developed area of ​​Bangkok at that time. Inspired by having several trips to the Rolex manufacturing plant in Geneva. Khun Chian Kitsriopas has brought the same vision to Rolex Price in Nam Sawang Pinklao to make a place where customers Will always feel and feel like making their way to the Rolex headquarters in Switzerland. 

Under the interior and furniture lifted and standardized, this is the starting point for evolution as a luxury watch dealer in Thailand. 

Following the philosophy into a modern distributor, where the:

  • Atmosphere
  • Service
  • Knowledge

However, these are blended to improve the Rolex experience by Rolex on Nam Sawang Pinklaowhich, which has created the norm for the world of luxury watches in Thailand.

In 2018, Nam Sawang relocated a shop on Jalan Bamrung Muang to a prestigious new location. In one of the most luxurious shopping centers in Bangkok, CentralPlaza Grand Rama 9 is located in the heart of the new business district of this city.

 Dedicated to guiding customers to the unparalleled Rolex Price world, Nam Sawang Central Plaza Grand Rama 9 is ready to provide warm services. And meet individual needs, including realistic expectations of our customers.