Why Balayage Is the Most Happening Hair Color Trend These Days?

Why Balayage Is the Most Happening Hair Color Trend These Days?

Balayage is a hair coloring technique that offers sun-kissed natural-looking hair color, which looks just like how it was when we were children. It is a French term that means ‘to paint’ or ‘to sweep’. You get a blended natural hair dye without any obvious or harsh regrowth lines. 

Balayage creates a natural and soft gradation of lightness at the ends. Patches of shade and light are used to create a multi-tonal, natural finish. A great technique for those who desire to refresh their hair color without any bold color overhaul!

How balayage get applied?

Amaci Salon is the most popular one for balayage Boston MA hair color treatment. The professionals at the salon help customers determine how subtle or strong the highlights need to be based on design cut or season updates. 

Balayage is painted on hair strand surface and not saturated across towards the tips. It ensures blended and smooth color stroke. Highlights are strands with light colors, while low lights are the dark-colored strands. To create these highlights no meche or foil is used, so you can call it a freehand technique.

How long does balayage hair color treatment take?

Balayage hair treatment differ because it depends on several factors like –

  • Hair thickness and length
  • Partial or full balayage process
  • The intensity of the desired effects

Few small baby-light touches will take 45 minutes, whereas a full triple process takes 3+ hours. A layered or multi-tonal takes a long time when compared to the regular color. Longer the duration even means the gap between the next color appointments also increases. 

How is balayage different than traditional hair coloring?

Unlike traditional hair coloring, freehand painting is done without any foil in the balayage technique. The final result is less similar than the archetypal highlights. It is a great way to avoid a harsh contrast between the colors. The hairdresser creates a color that compliments your face and even averts attention from certain facial features. 

How is balayage different from ombre?

The former offers a total blended hair-look without strong lines of color blocks and different shades gradations are more subtle. Some hair lengths are dark to get a continuous color finish. 

Ombre offers defined contrast between hair tips and roots with color starting in the middle and moving towards the strands. It offers a smooth gradation from dark to light. Both techniques can be blended for a more awesome look. 

Does balayage need maintenance?

Unlike traditional hair dye, balayage needs less maintenance as the hair grows beautifully without revealing regrowth lines. It means you can wait longer between appointments. It is an ideal method for contemporary busy women. 

Is balayage suitable for every hair length and type?

Balayage works well on dark, light, textured, wavy, curly, and straight hair. It works on every hair length except very short hair. Unfortunately, balayage is unable to cover grey hair. Blending is possible with grey but to fully cover the grey balayage is not the correct choice.

How long does balayage coloring last?

The biggest advantage of this style is much upkeep is not necessary. Blended finish allows you to stay away from the salon visit for a longer period. The style you choose can last for 4 months between top-ups.