Marrakech wedding

Marrakech wedding

The red city is certainly renowned as one of the tourist destinations of choice in Morocco. But more and more foreigners are taking it as a wedding destination.

Why get married in Marrakech?

The popularity of Marrakech as a wedding destination was particularly forged after the broadcast of Lalla Laaroussa which, following a competition between the newlyweds, the winning couple is offered a grand wedding in the red city . What made every Moroccan bride in the kingdom dream of a Marrakech wedding.

But not only! Because even foreigners have followed the trend especially that Morocco, for European countries, is easily accessible. A flight from Spain or France takes only 2 hours while from Italy, Belgium and other European countries takes only 3 hours. In other words, proximity to Morocco plays a decisive role in organizing a Marrakech wedding, but it is not the only advantage!

Romance and exotic vibes are undeniable characteristics of the city which makes it very popular among visitors. It is also one of the reasons that push many foreign couples to choose it as a destination to celebrate Moroccan wedding. Indeed, they can offer a royal ceremony as a reminder of the tousand and one night while allowing their guests to enjoy the beauty and charm that Marrakech wedding venues offer. It’s sort of a dream come true.

We must not forget an important point, namely the cost. Indeed, a wedding in Europe for example is very expensive while for the same budget, a couple can organize an idyllic and original wedding in Marrakech while offering holidays to their friends and loved ones in a city with a thousand facets. Especially since Marrakech has sunshine almost throughout the year. And therefore people wishing to dmc Marrakech in autumn or spring have the opportunity to negotiate better prices at the hotel, the reception hall, the caterer and the various providers involved in this wedding. The couple can also hire a Marrakech wedding planner that recommend some amazing weddings designs. 

Without forgetting that they can choose a Moroccan wedding in the pure tradition of the kingdom with neggafa, dkaykiya etc. or European one. And why not a mix of the two? In any case, all fantasies are allowed in Marrakech! Your experienced Marrakech wedding planner will make it happen.

If the marriage is celebrated in Moroccan style, in this case it can last a whole week in accordance with the ancestral traditions of the country, otherwise 2 to 3 days are enough. On the other hand, to make the most of their stay, the bride and groom and guests can ski in the snowy peaks of the Atlas before planning a tanning session near a swimming pool or organizing an excursion for surfing in Essaouira. We must not forget either that the city of Marrakech is a city to discover and rediscover with its famous Jamae lefna square, its highly colorful souks and its special scents, its museums and its historic monuments which are dressed in a pretty tone of red color, camel rides, and other tings are all attractions likely to seduce the groom, his brides, their families and friends.

For couples interested in this option, they must still bear in mind that it is necessary to inquire a little in advance about certain events where it is not very advisable to organize a wedding in Marrakech especially during religious holidays and ramadan. Likewise, given that in Morocco a marriage of foreigners cannot be legally registered, it is better to plan a civil marriage in their country of origin before organizing the ceremony in Marrakech. Your best course of action is to pick the best Marrakech destination management company