Finer Choices for the Proper Sunscream

Finer Choices for the Proper Sunscream

In this article, learn how to improve and prolong your tan without damaging your skin. The use of the kem chống nắng hàn quốc tốt nhất hiện nay is to be done properly here.

Bronzing safely

There are many reasons why we enjoy the sun. However, few people respect good practices and habits for a safe tan.

Thus, to avoid premature skin aging and the risk of skin cancer, you must take care of your skin for a pleasant tan with confidence.

Apply sunscreen for your skin

Opt for a SPF level of between 30 and 50. The SPF 30 filters about 95% of the UV rays. Indices range from 6 to over 50. The higher the level, the more effective protection you will have.

If you have very dark skin, the SPF15 is enough.

Respect your tanning time

It is important to respect a fixed period of time allocated to tanning time. Depending on your genetics, your skin will more or less rapidly break down when it can no longer produce melanin, the tanning pigment. It is therefore useless to stay tanning near a swimming pool or at the beach all day. Everyone has their own threshold of melanin, usually two to three hours or much less if you have fair skin enough to avoid the risk of sunstroke.

We advise you to expose yourself to the sun from 16h, see 17h if you have fragile skin. Moreover, even if Mother Nature has given you a beautiful ebony skin, do not underestimate the power of UV when the sun is at Zenith. Clearly, do not lie on your deckchair in full sun between noon and 2 pm.

Take breaks in the shade

Taking a break in the shade regularly reduces the intensity of UV rays and the risk of sunburn and allows for a healthier and more sustainable tan.

The self-tanner, no sun, no risk

Remember that fake tanning has no sunscreen, but it can help you start calmly on the first day of vacation without feeling “pale”. Treat yourself to a tan spray before taking out your sexiest bikini or just want to tan all year round. To go further, read our comparison of the best self-tanners .

Whether you have a very light complexion or a little darker, that you use the best product on the market, the most important part of the self-tanner is the application and of course the time you give it. Your complexion 30 minutes ago will never be the same as your complexion in 2 hours, so leave to spend time, as well doing things. Even if you are fond of self-tanning , no problem, your tan will be successful if you follow our advice.