Backing For Quilting Projects-The Most Essential Supply

Backing For Quilting Projects-The Most Essential Supply

If you are planning to make quilts in your free time, you should gather the materials needed to make it and using the big and wide 108 inch quilt backing is the best option. The backing or lining of the quilt is the bottommost or the lowest layer and making it slightly bigger in size helps in making adjustments for shrinking and distortions. There is always some shrinkage and distortions while making a quilt so making the backing bigger allows room or space for it.

The backing should be made about three to four more than the upper layer from all four sides. Its width should be six to eight inches more in comparison to quilt topmost layer. While making a big sized quilt, you should join multiple fabric pieces or panels to make the backing. The other option is to buy a backing that has extra width. This is the best way to make a seamless backing. Making a reversible quilt is a great idea as you can use the quilt from both sides and reverse it easily. For this, you need to make two tops or uppermost layers.

It is important to use the right size of backing for a quilting craft. Some of you may like to send the quilt to be made by some other person instead of making it yourself. You should discuss the requirement of the wide and big backing if you are asking someone else to make the quilt for you. Let them know the size of backing you need.

Women who need to buy backing should check out the backing collection in the online store You get the benefit of home delivery of the backing at your address from the store. Browse the shopping website and look for some attractive backing in a pleasing color and pattern. The delivery is fast and the backing reaches you at the right time. Buy an extra-wide backing suitable for making the quilt you are planning to make.

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