Contemporary Patch Design Ideas for Fire Department

Contemporary Patch Design Ideas for Fire Department

Patches are of great value for the goodwill and trust building of an institution among the people. But the said purpose could be achieved only when the patch is designed well and fits well in the mental frame of the contemporary world.

Just like any other field, the patch design also tends to vary as the new generation takes charge. The patch for your fire departments should also be in sync with the mood and taste of a contemporary generation. So while designing a Fire Department Patch Design for your department you have to understand the dynamics of contemporary designing and global trends. Our analysis of recent trends suggests these five major shifts in patch design;

  • Era of sleek

The era of fat and heavy letters is gone and sleek and streamlined fonts took the space. This might be due to a change in user behavior in digital space. Sleek fonts are simple, elegant and easy to recognize. Depending on the fire department’s need to have a strong bond with masses it is advisable to design patch using sleek lines and symbol.

  • Detail Matters

If we follow the recent trend, the focus in more on details as this helps in spreading the message more effectively. Keeping the identity of the department in mind, one has to focus on details. With the advancement of designing technology, it is now possible to make shadow, sharpness and flow, etc. a reality. So, enjoy the tech flexibility in visualizing the idea and make it a reality.

  • Redefine & Reposition

The patch is all about finding that connection with the people. You have to keep on redefining your identity and message to find better acceptance among the new generation. Taking a step forward, you can adopt a repositioning strategy by adding more value to your identity elements. Like in the fire department, you can add the element of “care” along with safe and protect elements.

  • Symbolic Superiority

When it comes to acceptance, recognition and recall factor, the symbol has higher acceptance as compared to words. In contemporary design space, we see more focus on symbolic identity. The whole idea is to give a personality or virtual identity to your fire department and justify the character through smart use of words.

If you keep these contemporary developments in mind, it would be of great advantage for you in designing modern patch design for your department.