8 Mind Blowing Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Your Best Friend Forever!

8 Mind Blowing Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Your Best Friend Forever!

People need a reason to party and organize a get-together. It can be for any event like a birthday party, anniversary party or simply a casual meet up. But when it comes to special occasions like anniversary parties, it is all about the couple and their love for each other. And it is the duty of the friends to make that day even more special for the duo by being with them, in case they are invited to a party organized by the couple.

Now the next and the most important question is, how to make the occasion special? Well, the answer is simple, through a gift. But you must be wondering what is so special about it, right? Does an expensive gift is more special? You will be surprised to know that the cost of a gift doesn’t make it more special, the thought and the warmth behind it matters the most. And to help you out, we have curated a list of 8 items which you can gift your friend on his/her wedding anniversary. Have a look at it below.

  1. Gift A Moment: You must be wondering how it is possible to gift a moment? Well, you are in for a very delightful surprise. There are some agencies in India which organize private day-tours for couples as gifts given by their dear ones. Depending upon the type of package opted for, it includes chauffeur driven car, little personalized gifts, and romantic meals. So you can gift a surprise day filled with lots of fun and personal time to your best friend and his/her spouse. Trust us, they won’t be able to thank you enough.
  2. Floral Bouquets: Yes, we know it is a very old and clichéd way of showing up to a party. But you must have also heard the famous saying ‘old is gold’. And so is this tradition. Who feels let-down on seeing flowers? They automatically bring a smile on the receivers face and gifting flower is considered to be a nice gesture which adds fragrance to a relationship. And friendship is the most special bond in the entire world, right?
  3. Gift Cards: No, we are not asking you to show up with paper cards as anniversary wishes for wife. Rather we are talking about digital cards/ gift vouchers of various brands. Like if your friend is a pizza-lover then a Domino’s pizza gift card will be a perfect choice. Or if he/she is a shopaholic then a voucher from brands like Shopper’s Stop, Zara, and Lifestyle is easily available. Gifting such cards/ vouchers are gaining a lot of momentum as a trend.
  4. Personalized Bedside Lamp: A set of white and glowing bedside lamps with the couple’s initial is the quintessential choice. And not even that, you can easily find numerous options which can be personalized for the couple perfectly like coffee mugs, pillow set etc. The main aim is to keep the gift unique and this target can be easily achieved by getting the gift engraved or customized with the couple’s initials or name.
  5. Watch: If money is not an aspect to be kept in mind, then you can gift the friend and his/her spouse a watch set. The market is filled with endless of options like Swarovski studded, diamond studded, real-leather strap based, silver and gold plated watches. Choose the type of watch which comes within your budget.
  6. Cake: If you are feeling very unsure about taking a particular gift for your friend and his/her spouse, then the safest option is a cake. Trust us, this sweet delight can never go wrong as a wedding anniversary gift. And if flavor selection is not an issue, then we recommend purchasing a red velvet cake as this flavor is associated with romance.
  7. Chocolates: Who doesn’t love the sweet and bitter flavor of cocoa? A gift box of premium chocolate will surely bring a zillion dollar smile on the special couple’s face. The market is filled with a variety of chocolaty delights like fruit flavors (orange and grapes), nuts flavor (cashew, walnut, and almond) and even alcohol filled ones (vodka, rum, and whiskey).
  8. Coffee Maker: If you know that your friend doesn’t own a coffee maker machine, then a wedding anniversary is the perfect occasion to make such a gift. The first sip of freshly brewed morning coffee will always remind them of you. What more you can ask for, right?

We hope by now you have decided the perfect gift for the friends’ wedding anniversary. But wouldn’t you want to capture all the happy moments of the party? The answer will be an obvious YES! And for that, you simply need to search and book an experienced photographer who will freeze all the moments in his frame.

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