Common Moisturising Cream Mistakes

Common Moisturising Cream Mistakes

Moisturising cream (ครีมเติมน้ำให้ผิว, which is the term in Thai) is an absolute necessity, regardless of what sort of skin you have.

People with dry or itchy skin will presumably need thick ointment to keep moisturised. Creams are more slender, hydrate better, and are useful for normal skin. Lotions have water as their main ingredient and thus are there lightest, the best suit for oily skin.

Here we will bring to light the common moisturising mistakes people make so you get educated on better ways to use your moisturising cream.

Rubbing it to Dry Skin

Moisturisers are best applied to the body immediately you clean your face. This enables you to lock in moisture before evaporation.

The Belief that Costlier Products Translate to a Higher Quality

Just because a product is slapped in an expensive price tag doesn’t mean it make it the perfect product for your skin. Some low-cost cream moisturisers are of excellent quality.

Skipping Moisturiser When Your Skin Feels Oily

Most people are deluded that oily skin can do without moisture after been cleansed. When you don’t moisturise after using a hard cleanser, your skin starts to produce excess oil to renew the away moisture. Oil-free moisturisers are best to prevent it from getting excessively oily.

 Rough Application

Treat your skin with utmost carefulness when rubbing moisturisers. Avoid just slapping it on, rub it in instead. A rough application can result in wrinkles. Gently use clean fingertips to apply in circular motions then using your ring finger, rub moisturiser and eye cream to your sensitive eye region.

Skipping the Neck

 Wrinkly décolletage and neck are common signs of aging, always use your day to day cream moisturiser to your throat and breast region. You don’t want to have a silk face and roughneck and chest skin.