10 Things to Consider When Choosing an Old Fashioned Baby Names


Giving a name to your baby is one of the most important decisions you will make for him or her. It’s a decision you don’t want to take quickly and lightly, and is certainly worth putting in the time to investigate all your possibilities. From the meaning of the name to the way it sounds, and the way it goes with the other names the baby will have, there is a lot to earnestly consider. Old fashioned baby names and vintage baby names are no longer out of style, but are the most sought after and fashion forward names today.

Parents are interested in old fashioned baby names from the turn of the century and names popular with colonists and pioneers. Naming your baby girls after great-grandma Abigail and Katherine would now be one of the most popular names. Old fashioned baby names for a boy are just as popular. Arthur, Edward, Vincent and Victor are just some of the boy names which were popular a hundred years ago and are very fashionable today.

Here are ten things to consider while you are searching for old fashioned baby names for girls or boys:

1) Spelling – Spelling of the name should be considered, as you don’t want your child to be correcting his or her name for the rest of their life. Be sure whichever name you pick has a clear and obvious spelling. Some old fashioned baby names may not look how they sound. If you and your spouse have found a name you like, and it has questionable spelling, double check it, and see if there is an alternate way to spell it.

2) Pronunciation – Pronunciation is also important. Because you know how to pronounce it, it doesn’t mean everyone else will. You might consider the possible mispronunciations too. If you have to correct the spelling or pronunciation of your name all your life, it can be frustrating. Many people end up changing it, or going with a pet name that has nothing to do with their original name. That defeats the whole purpose of you choosing a name.

3) Sound- Think about how the name sounds. It’s nice to have an unusual name, but if others don’t understand how to say it can be awkward.

4) Last name connection – Every time you look for old fashioned names keep in mind the last name the baby will have. Picture the name you are considering with the middle and last name and be sure you like the sound of the flow.

5) Gender ID – A gender neutral name is also a unique option. There are lots of names that work well for a boy or girl, but you may find yourself having to clarify the gender of your baby, and it may cause embarrassing moments for your child.

6) Nicknames -When you are looking through names, do a nickname check. Go through all possible nicknames of the name you are considering. Boys can easily get stuck with a nickname they hate and find it difficult to change.

7) Popularity – Because of the internet, you have easy access to names which are popular and how often they are selected. This may not matter to you at all if you like a name, but sometimes it is nice to know how much the name has been chosen. It may give you inspiration to search further and find a really unique name.

8) Unique – You may want to find something that is meaningful and attractive, at the same time unusual and classic. Old fashioned baby names are very unique, and truly a good source of originality and distinctiveness combined.

9) Initials – Take notice of the initials the names will make. Avoid initials that will make a funny word, as this will lead to a lot of stressful, teasing and embarrassing moments in your child’s life. Girls and boys take things like pronunciation and initials personally, and it affects their self-image.

10) Meaning – For some the meaning of the name is most important. You may want the name to express a particular feeling or emotion. The significance of the name you and your partner choose can have a lot of meaning for you, and will in time have meaning for your child.

You may decide that some or all of these things don’t matter. However, when you are looking for old fashioned names, keeping these tips in mind will help you ensure that your child will be happy and secure with their name their whole life. A name is part of your identity, and if you are happy with it, chances are you will have greater self-esteem and confidence.

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Five Best 2011 Fashion Items to Keep for 2012

fashion acc

Every year, fashion trends changes drastically. Some of the hottest pieces that you have from the current year may not be for keeps for the coming one. However, fashion experts say that 2012 will be a different year for fashion. Yes, the changes will be dramatic as people can expect it to be, but there will still be a few finds inside your closet that you must not put into the recycle bin because you can still use them to rock a 2012 outfit. Here are the top five fashion picks that can still work its way to fashion dominance for 2012:


Wide-legged pants are fashion chameleons that can be worn from summer to spring. Despite its length and volume, wide-legged pants are items which are supposed to be made in light-weight fabric so that it can be worn even when the weather is humid. Also, it is flexible because it can be made into any color or pattern depending on the mood or the personality of the person who will wear the item. 2012 will still embrace these wide-legged pants so better keep them inside your closet.


The high-slit dress first sky-rocketed to success during the nineties. While it is a fact that fashion trends come back every now and then, the high-slit dress can still be worn on 2012 and it will still be a fab find even after its first renaissance last 2011. It will still be the eye-catcher on every evening party, runway show and even corporate events when matched with a sheer top. Slip on a dress with a high slit that flaunts long legs and you will never be in the corner again.


Whoever said that tuxedos are just for men must have not seen the arrival of this classic piece in the twentieth century. Tuxedo jackets are one of those pieces for women that never fail to sport an impression of androgyny. For women who want to channel a more intense, high-fashion and edgy look, the tuxedo jacket is the way to go.

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When Did the Popularity of Fashion Leggings Begin?


Nearly all women in the 21st century will own some type or pair of fashion leggings as they are a big part of the fashion industry. We see them in shop windows and televisions but how have they come to what they are today.

Throughout the centuries leggings were used by men and woman for warmth and protection. You could get two garments which were separated and had one leg in each. Dancers wear them today still as it keeps ankles warm.

The leggings didn’t establish themselves as a top branded product until the early 1980s when they were used for aerobics and fitness. Everyone wanted a piece of the action when pop stars like Madonna started wearing sweatbands, body suits and leggings.

In shows and events they are paraded by many cat walk models. There is a great range of shapes and sizes that they come in. You are spoilt for choice with the vast amount of designs you can buy. Fashion leggings have been promoted by brands like Primark and New Look as so many women wear them. Famous people like Cheryl Cole have upturned the demand for fashion leggings as so many women purchase them.

As it’s an unusual piece of clothing many men wonder why they wear them. Here are some reasons why leggings are so popular amongst many women. They are very comfortable and versatile as they can be dressed up or down. Shielding your legs from the sun with a good dress on is another reason why. As well as being very attractive they are also inexpensive.

The fashion leggings have seen the world, they have been used for nearly every purpose but what about at work. Recently in the working world they have been accepted as office wear. This can include wearing various designs, colours and styles and as they are very stretchy it makes them suitable for any type of person.

Fashion leggings have definitely changed dramatically over time with different designs and different ways of using them.

Since the 80’s they have become more and more prevalent in the fashion world, changing very little over the last 30 years. It is quite likely that fashion leggings will not change much more over the next 30 years. They have become a timeless fashion piece that can accompany almost any outfit whether its a glam night out with the girls or a family day out at the park.

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Hoe de juiste galajurk kiezen voor jouw lichaamsvorm


Zoeken naar je galajurk kan best moeilijk zijn door de enorme keuze. Welke stijl past nu het beste bij jou? De juiste jurk eruit halen, betekent weten welke jurk jouw lichaam het best in de verf zet en datgene verstopt wat je liever niet wil tonen. Je troeven uitspelen en de mindere kantjes verhullen, daar draait het allemaal om. Dat kan alleen als je zelf goed weet welk soort figuur je hebt. Er zijn veel verschillende soorten figuren, daarom zijn er ook veel verschillende modellen om uit te kiezen. We onderscheiden de appel, de peer, de zandloper en de pilaar. Enkele modellen passen bij elk figuur. Wij zetten ze even op een rijtje.

Breed bovenaan, geen taille en een buikje

Heb je brede schouders, grote borsten, weinig taille en een buikje, dan ben je gezegend met een appelfiguur. Appels hebben vaak slanke benen en vrij smalle heupen. Galajurken die het zwaartepunt net onder de borsten leggen, zullen bij jou het mooiste zijn. Kies een A-jurk omdat de stof mooi om je buikje heen valt. Soepele materialen, een V-hals, een plooiing in de taille en sleehakken die je smalle benen accentueren, staan bij jou het mooist. Ingetogen kleuren kunnen je slanker doen lijken. Draag kleine prints want grote prints zullen je voller maken. Heb je je oog toch laten vallen op een jurk met grote prints, let er dan op dat deze niet net op je buik staan.

Brede onderkant, smalle taille en een platte buik

Is de onderkant net breder dan de bovenkant met brede heupen, een platte buik, een slanke taille, kleine borsten en smalle schouders, dan spreken we van een peerfiguur. Peren hebben vaak zwaardere billen, bovenbenen en dijen. Enkellaarsjes en volumineuze stoffen flatteren peren helemaal niet. Ook zij kiezen beter een A-jurk die mooi over hun billen en dijen valt maar wel met een brede V-hals of een ronde wijde hals. Dat zal de schouders verbreden en  een slankere look geven.

Boven- en onderkant zijn gelijk, geen taille

Kan je moeilijk bepalen of de bovenkant nu breder is dan de onderkant of omgekeerd, heb je geen taille en weinig ronde vormen, dan ben je een pilaar. Het klinkt niet als een figuur om trots op te zijn maar dat is het wel. Je bent atletisch gebouwd al heb je wel wat hulpmiddeltjes nodig om je vrouwelijkheid uit te spelen. Jurken met een zandlopersilhouet staan jou beeldig en als je grotere prints draagt zal je bovenlichaam voller lijken. Draag er geen bolero bij, dat maakt je silhouet nog rechter. Je kan een taille creëren met een kleine plooiing of een riempje.

Heupen in verhouding met de schouders en een duidelijke taille

Zijn je heupen ongeveer even breed als je schouders en heb je een duidelijke taille, dan heb je de hoofdvogel afgeschoten en kan je pronken met een benijdenswaardig zandloperfiguur. Dit houdt in dat je elke jurk kan dragen. Het enige wat jij moet vermijden, is alles wat afleidt van jouw figuur: hooggesloten jurken, opzichtige sieraden, zware stoffen en vleermuismouwen. Jurken zijn sowieso top voor jouw figuur en zeker in luchtige stoffen zoals bij JJ’s House.

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