Welcome to the world of watches:

Welcome to the world of watches:

Watches are known as symbol of punctuality. Now a days in these rushing hours one have to maintain and keep follow the time during whole day and night in order to co-operate with decided task to perform. In past year wrist watches but not so common this is why it was very difficult for an individual to keep track of time. Rightly said “watches with glittering eyes whole world around you” now wrist watches are in trend and also considered as a symbol of status, professionalism and punctuality. Watch manufacturing industries are considered as one of the top growing industry of this world, as watches has become an essential part of our daily physical presentation.

Why watches consider as status symbol:

Many businessmen, or professionals find their look incomplete without displaying wrist watch. It is consider as a status symbol in many countries, infect the one who can’t afford such expensive branded watch[นาฬิกาแบรนด์ , which is the term in Thai] usually go for counterfeit watches to complete their look. As most of the branded watches are too expensive to afford for a person belongs to middle class family. Luxurious watches are mostly known for their durability and reliability. One question always strikes that why only luxurious watches are consider as status symbol. So the answer is hidden right into the question word “luxury” one can say every luxury item can be expensive. Yes that’s why it is consider as status symbol because many of the population just can’t afford them.

Watches work as tool of convenience:

Get linked with your time without wasting a second can only be done by wrist watches. Thus it also works as a tool of convenience, despite of wasting time on phone for checking time all can be done effortlessly with just one blink.