Know All About Laser Hair Removal Before Setting Out For It

Know All About Laser Hair Removal Before Setting Out For It

It’s easy to fall prey to fancy magazine commercials with international models flaunting their feather smooth skin sans any stubble but it always pays to read, learn and understand a couple of things before you set out to get it done. 

There are quite a few options when it comes to hair removal, starting from tweezing to threading, waxing to shaving but Laser Hair Removal in Manhattan is the best and most suitable one for all skin types. Laser hair removal procedure offers a permanent solution to remove your hair and get you a skin that you always dreamt of.

The Entire Process of Laser Hair Removal Explained

According to a popular and respectable Medical Director, laser hair removal works by allowing the laser light to get through the hair pigment that in turn gets transformed into heat that damages the follicles of the hair followed by the hair bulb.

How Long Does it Take for The Laser Hair Removal to Show Results?

It takes about three weeks approx. post your first treatment to see the difference you wish to see upon your skin. You would be required to use at least 10-12 treatments to get the final results. Most reports of enjoying the real results post 8 weeks. Plus, you have to be on your toes for regular salon appointments as your hair follicles are at myriad growth stages which need to be zapped.

What Needs to Be Done Just Before the Laser Hair Removal?

The laser tends to react with the hair present on the skin’s surface which might end up causing the annoying amount of irritation, followed by a burnt smell of the hair at an extreme level. So the point of using a trimmer and a shaver before getting a laser hair removal done is to remove the dark and thick hair.  If you are searching for the Best Brazilian waxing near me, you can contact the reputable salons of your town to receive satisfiable results.

What Cant I Do Post A Laser Hair Removal?

The laser heat is bound to stay in the skin for at least 24 hours, so you wouldn’t be allowed to hit the gym right afterward. Running into a gym just after getting a laser hair removal process might get you into a higher risk of the bacteria to multiply and give you spots. 

In addition to this, you might also be advised by your dermatologist to not go under the skin and avoid sun exposure or sunbathing just before and after the treatment. You can also lookup for salons offering the Best Facial in Manhattan to keep up with your good and healthy skin.