Summer 2022 Hairstyle Trends to Inspire Your Next Chop

Summer 2022 Hairstyle Trends to Inspire Your Next Chop

If you’re thinking that summer will be the perfect time for a fresh look you’ll find the biggest summer hairstyle trends for 2022 will be perfect for those long hot days. 

Here are just a small selection of the styles that are hot this summer:

‘90s Blowouts

If you’ve already got round brushes and hot rollers, this could be the style for you this summer. It also requires a lengthy cut with layers. After styling, don’t forget to use hairspray to set the ringlets. 

Funky Braids

Braids can be fun and funky and are a great example of a heatless hairstyle you could be rocking this summer. Remember to keep your braids and scalp properly hydrated to avoid breakage.

The “Bixie”

This style is a mixup of a bob and a pixie. It’s the kind of short style made popular in the 90s by stars such as Meg Ryan and Halle Berry. 

Bottleneck Bob

This is a 70s-inspired heavy bob that makes an easy summertime style. The style falls around mid-neck and features fairly blunt ends. 

Baby-Soft Layers

Lots of soft layers will add movement to your hair without compromising on the length. They also add direction and purpose to long hair, making it sweep and swirl exactly the way you want it.