Venetian Masks of Right and Postulated Quality

Venetian Masks of Right and Postulated Quality

Venice carnival is the best and popular event with lots of bliss and extravaganza.  The celebration takes place at La Serenissima with the participation of locals and tourists alike. Have a look at the costumes and makeup and mask presentation of high style and significance.  An event happens for ten consecutive days till Fat Tuesday, and this makes the carnival one of the most significant and most important Italian events of the year. Here, it is great to appreciate quintessential features of the mask, and this adds to the fame and plenty of the game so significant and promising. A tradition of wearing masks at carnivals began from the period of the 13th century when it was high time for Venetians to enjoy parties from 26th December till the starting time of Lent.

Design of the Mask

Wearing elaborate masks on the occasion help conceal the real identity. The parties involve both aristocrats and peasants, and the use of masks was mainly to mingle well and nullify the social difference. Venetian Masks are beautiful with the best of designing and specialties. Costumes are ready with things elite and straightforward. These have become a part of a perfect and elaborate affair. Gesso is the component ideal in making the mask. It is a paint mixture and the use of gold leaf and handmade feather make the mask look interesting.

Special Look of Bauta

Masks look gorgeous due to the use of previous and dazzling gems. Decoration happens in the way to make the masks stand out from the rest. There is the mask with the name of Bauta. The word refers to a unique concept of protection. Bauta is mostly white, and it is crafted right to hide facial features. You wear Bauta with a black hat and three tips. The look of the mask is unique and correct to help conceal real personality and differences.

Particular Style of the Mask

Volto is one of the famous Venetian masks to talk about in specific. You wear the mask to put on with a ghost-like appearance. It is utter comfortable wearing the mask, and it creates ease in a method of eating and drinking. Mask is for males, and they put on with the black coat and black tricorno hat of a specific style. Moretta is the mask of France, and it is an excellent style for Venetian women. The mask was first put on by females visiting covent, and there is a level of comfort to feel with directly tying on the stuff.