Types and Varieties ofFull Coverage Foundation

Types and Varieties ofFull Coverage Foundation

With social media being on rage today and everyone looking almost flawless online whether on facebook, twitter, or Instagram pictures. We all dream of having perfect skin and wish to look gorgeous every time we take a selfie.  But unfortunately, we all are not gifted with flawless skin. Many of us have pimples, aces, uneven skin tone, and blemishes on our faces. Here is where the full coverage foundation could become your best friend. This magical beauty product is an answer to all your problems.  There are many beauty brands which offer full coverage foundation.

Here Is The List Of Types Of Full Coverage Foundation You Can Get From Market Both Online As Well As Offline.

·         Liquid Foundation

These foundations work for almost all skin type, especially for oily and sensitive skin. They are water based and are light on your skin. These foundations blend in your skin and help you achieve the matte look as well as hide your pores, which make your skin look flawless.

·         Mousse Foundation

If you do not want a cakey look after applying your foundation than mousse foundation is your go-to option. These foundations are similar toliquid foundation, except they are lighter and smoother as they are air whipped. These foundations work best for dry and aging skin.

·         Mineral Powder Foundation

These are seen as a new trend on a beauty product. They work best for sensitive skin type as inert mineral present in the foundation is not known to cause clog pores or reaction on your skin. These are best suited for normal and oily skin tone. And you if suffer from foundation break out then this is an ideal product for you.

·         Stick Foundation

These foundations work for all skin type ranging from the oily, combination, or dry skin tone. They are very easy to apply and work as a concealer to hide all your imperfection on your skin. But it is essential to blend the foundation in your skin to achieve the desired look.

Now that we know the types of full coverage foundation (รองพื้นปกปิด,which is the term in Thai) the question arises how to choose the best full coverage foundation best suited for your skin tone. For this, you require a patch test on your skin.  You could test two to three shades of foundations by applying it on your forehead and choosing one that almost vanishes on your skin tone. Testing the foundation on your hands could not be ideal as sometimes our skin tone in hand differ from that o the face.

So pick out the foundation that is best suited for your skin tone, which gives you that flawless skin that you have always dreamed of. You could choose foundation from many brands available in the market according to your individual need.