How to Nail your Accessory Game with Any Outfit

How to Nail your Accessory Game with Any Outfit

Have you ever wondered about polishing your appearance with a good set of accessories? At one point or the other, we all have. However, what differentiates a fashion fanatic from others are those fine details. They add a lot of items in their outfit but still manage to look minimalistic. 

How do they attain that balance?

The trend today is minimalism and perfection. It translates into how a person can convey more with the least shoutouts. So, a person is judged not only based on money spent (that may be significant for some) but also on how well he/she carries those accessories. 

Tips to Wear Fashion Accessories


  • Match your body and face type


Even if you choose the most premium wooden sunglasses, it won’t blend in your outfit until they match your face shape. The same goes for bracelets, watches, necklaces, etc. You must consider your body type before investing in a premium accessory. It is a sign of minimalism. 


  • Consider the build quality


The build quality of your accessories might not be visible from a mile but it certainly is noticeable from a few meters. For example, while buying a watch, not many of us concentrate on its build quality. Instead, we tend to judge based on its design and brand name. 

Did you know that the market is flooded with options of wooden watches? Their build quality is up there with the best metal watches. 


  • Don’t always go for the best


The market has abundant accessories at every price point. Only the most premium accessory doesn’t necessarily impress others. It’s actually the one that blends in well with your personality and outfits. Sometimes a moderately built watch can last for years. Paying a higher premium doesn’t always lead to a better product. Remember that!


  • Keep outdoors for outdoor and vice versa


People don’t always know which accessory is built for outdoor duties. For example, according to common belief, people can wear sunglasses only in outdoor situations. While that is partially true, certain sunglasses are made for indoors as well. The color of a watch can determine its outdoorsy character as well. Some features of these accessories convey what they are meant for. 


  • Practicality is not the only purpose


Accessories might fulfill many purposes, but in the end, they are fashionable. The style statement is a complementary purpose for every accessory you wear. For example, watches tell time, but do you wear them just for the sake of knowing what part of the day it is? The same goes for sunglasses. Always purchase an accessory keeping fashion in mind, trendy wooden watches


  • Watch your wardrobe


A fashionable wardrobe’s most crucial determinant is the person’s accessories. It helps you figure out the pattern in your outfit preference, color preference, complementary accessories, etc. Match them with each other and you are good to go. 

With all these tips and tricks up your sleeve, you will be in a better position to update your accessory game. Following them is very simple but the results are wonderful. 

Happy styling!