The pre-requisite while buying a plus size corset is – you should be aware of your size. For this purpose, you should take precise measurements. But, the ladies with a heavy body find it hard to keep the record. let me tell you, there’s nothing to feel disappointed about. The motive of this article is to take you through some important points regarding plus size corset so that you can enhance the curves in you.


If you are thinking of having an underbust corset, just don’t make any effort to measure your bust. But if you have the sole purpose of buying an overbust corset, do take a precise measurement of the bust.  Shapewear corset is one of the best ways of styling your body shape. If you got your measurements well, this can easily put more options for you to buy. Just wrap the tape around the widest part of your breast, going all over your nipples. Make sure the tape is steady from the back and not slipping down. Do this whole process in front of the mirror to avoid any false measurement. Don’t hold the tape too tight, just snug it well.


The portion between the underbust and upper hip is called torso. Measure it well. The guideline is to measure it straight even if your belly got some fat. Don’t curve the tape over your fatty belly. Just go straight, Take the help of anyone around you to be more precise. Again mirror would give you some extra help. Hold the tape tight for being straight between the underbust and upper hip. Follow this instruction and you will get the proper measurement for plus size corset.


There are many women who have waistline as the smallest part of the torso. But the situation for fatty women is somewhat complex. Shapewear corset refines your body waist in shape. You should know how to take measurements of your waist. Pivot yourself at one side of the waistline and then repeat the same on another side. Measuring right in front of the mirror is recommended. Once you get the figures for your waist, the only thing left is to wait for your plus size corset to arrive.


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