Hematite Jewellery – Why Wear It?

Hematite Jewellery – Why Wear It?

Jewelry is made from almost any element or mineral that can be easily worked and for which people will pay for. Hematite jewelry is no different in that when polished, hematite has a shiny look and is easy to work by the craftsman who make it.

Hematite is a mineral consisting of iron (III) oxide. It is mined in great quantities for the production of iron and many countries. The color of hematite varies from the reddish browns to greys and almost blacks, depending on where they are first mined. When shined it looks almost like metal.

It derives its name from “hema” which means blood in Greek, because the first discoveries were reddish in color. There are different types of hematite, for example, the varieties with the hard metallic lustre hematite known as looking glass ore are used in jewelry, whilst the softer redder colored ores are used as ochre, whilst other are used for industrial purposes.

Magnetic hematite is also available and has been turned into jewelry used for therapeutic purposes. There are many questions about the effectiveness of magnetic therapy, and the scientific world does not generally support the benefits, however over one hundred million worldwide believe in the benefits. It is interesting to note that the power of the magnets are said not to ever diminish by most of the suppliers of magnetic hematite jewelry.

The benefits are said to be two fold:

1. Wearing fashionable magnetic jewelry allows non-invasive treatments to occurred without anyone knowing, and

2. The treatments can be easily transferred to other parts of the body.

Magnetic Therapy is considered safe for all except for:

1. Children under the age of seven

2. Pregnant Women

3. Individuals with pacemakers

4. Individuals with certain patches

5. When undergoing certain electronic tests

Hematite does allow the makers of jewelry to produce pieces that are either “bulky looking” or more delicate. The color range is a little limited, however the wearing of both ordinary and magnetic hematite jewelry is both fashionable and practical.