Finer Choices for the Best Mom and Dad Shirts

Finer Choices for the Best Mom and Dad Shirts

Too tight and you’ll look like a vulgar bodybuilder, too wide and you’ll swim in it. This is the matter about the t shirts. It must fit at the level of the shoulders (the measurements are generally quite reliable at this level) and it will fall naturally along the silhouette. For the Mom and Dad Shirts this is one important aspect in this.

A good cut is particularly noticeable from the back.

The cut and the sleeves are impeccable, on the other hand the sewing of the shoulder does not seem quite well positioned here

The Sleeves

If they are too tight and short, you will find the bodybuilder effect

If they are too long and wide: then it will be the bat effect, you will have the appearance of having very small arms.

The ideal is when they stop right at the beginning of the bicepts and triceps so as to emphasize these muscles as much as possible.

This t-shirt Frogs Thighs is particularly well cut at the sleeves, it is available at the Exception

The Collar

The shape and the depth:

Too short and narrow and you look like a little boy or an American tourist, too wide and deep and it will give you a completely effeminate silhouette

The width of the finish:

Avoid these heavily ribbed frames that are much too wide and prefer the finer ones that form a small pipe along the neck.

A Tunisian collar may be interesting, but it does not match well with shirts and cardigans as classic finishes and can unnecessarily load an outfit. Be careful, if you are particularly thin, avoid too deep passes or Tunisian passes that will only accentuate it. Prefer round necks very slightly indented, but still a little tight.

  • Favor a contrasting border as thin as possible (no more than one cm), preferably with a reminder to the sleeves or chest pocket).
  • Avoid contrasts of matter at this place where you will at least perspire a little.
  • It’s also to reflect on your neck: for a long neck, avoid a too deep neck that will accentuate the effect and prefer a neck deeper and wider.

You will be able to allow it for a shorter and thicker neck.


A light V-neck is easy to wear, but it is less versatile for overlays. The lack of taste is sooner if you wear a too deep or if you have a torso really too muscular. It is also to be avoided if you are a little overweight because the V draws the eye down.

The White T-Shirt As A Neutral Piece Of An Outfit

In the first outfit, the T-shirt plays a neutral role in terms of the construction of the outfit but also context. It reduces the cutting, color and contrast of the blazer material and tilt the holding of a register ultra-formal and ultra-dressed to a register more casual and casual. Keep in mind that this is an extreme example of an outfit worn by a musician, to be avoided at an engineering school gala.

The second example is already more accessible: the striped shirt is rather formal but here has a completely neglected door with rolled up sleeves, first buttons open and down slightly out of the pants. The apparent tee-shirt also participates in this neglected side