Difficult-to-find bra sizes: look at these characteristics

Difficult-to-find bra sizes: look at these characteristics

Hello dears, if there is a drama in a woman’s life, that drama is finding the right Full Figure support bra – even worse when it has large size bra, or difficult-to-find sizes. It is hard finding an oversize bra that supports the fat on the back, makes the chest comfortable inside the cup, and the strap does not crush our shoulders with the weight. Well, you have a solution. Fit Au Max Lingerie is the brand where you can buy plus size and difficult-to-find large cups Lace bras

Wide sides that do not mark the side fats

The wider the side, the better it distributes the pressure on the skin and the harder it is to mark the fat. What you will like about large cups underwire bras is that it does not have an elastic pressure point, which holds and marks the fat. On the contrary, the fabric is double and fully elastic, so that it makes the bra firm in the back, but does not mark the fat as other bras.

Zips that follow the side and that close in the first fret

The clasp does not seem to be important, but it MUST be comfortable or it is going to poke your back. It has to be wide, just like the side to give more security. It is worth saying. When you buy the lace Support bras, you have to close it in the FIRST box, not thinking that it has to close in the third. That is because every bra laces up with use and you have to have some holes to be able to tighten more.

Deep cups to accommodate the chest

If you have large or medium boobs and HATE them split in half because of the cup, know that what you need to look for are large cups Lace bras or deep cup. The deeper it is, the better it accommodates your chest, leaving nothing sticking out. 

Versatile handles

See, you are not going to buy 50 bras so the more functions you have in one, the better. Look for ones that have removable or “crossover” straps on the back. They are wonderful to wear with swimsuits.

Back reinforcement

Yes, this works VERY well for anyone who has big breasts or anyone who does not want to get hurt playing sports. The swim strap already gives some security, but with the zipper underneath, then the thing is perfect. You can run, swing, shake, and nothing, absolutely nothing, will move.

Amazing prints and sexy shapes

Yes, because we also want sexy bras for hard to fit cup sizes. Moreover, it is not just sexy in color, but is in shape too. It is an art to be able to combine all the previous items in one piece and still make it beautiful. In other words, it has to have color, it has to have a pattern, it has to be comfortable and it has to look beautiful on the body. We swear to you, it is not impossible.

We think these tips will help you when buying difficult-to-find Full Coverage lace bras, right? Another thing that really helps is having cool brand thinking about us and our needs.