Serenity Prayer Jewelry Collection at Nano-Jewelry

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Purchasing serenity prayer jewelry can be a staggering procedure however it doesn’t need to be. With a tad of research, it’s anything but difficult to figure out what might make an extraordinary jewelry present or would be a decent buy for individual wear. While picking serenity prayer jewelry, it is a smart thought to concentrate on the style, quality and look of the piece. It should coordinate the character of the wearer and be something that is easily inside your financial limit. 

Regular Gemstones 

Gemstones come in numerous assortments. They can be regular, lab-made or impersonation. Regular gemstones are mined from different areas around the globe. Periodically gemstones like rubies and emeralds can be upgraded by heat treatment to improve their shading and lucidity. These medicines are regularly perpetual. Different kinds of medications may not be changeless, so it is constantly essential to get some information about the nature of the characteristic gemstone. For hued gemstones, numerous gem specialists will review the gemstone dependent on qualities like shading, clearness, and shimmer. For precious stones, it is ideal to buy GIA affirmed jewels that are reviewed dependent on their cut, shading, clearness, carat and different characteristics. Understanding the nature of the regular gemstone that is being bought settles on a superior obtaining choice. With Clarity endeavors to utilize just AAA confirmed, top-notch gemstones that are on the whole regular. At most With Clarity gemstones have heat treatment that is lasting. 

Research Facility Created Gemstones 

Made or lab-made gemstones have the equivalent physical characteristics and can look equivalent to normal gemstones. Notwithstanding, with testing, a gemologist can perceive the contrasts between a characteristic gemstone and a lab-made gemstone. Lab-made gemstones don’t have a similar worth and irregularity as a characteristic gemstone. 

Impersonation Gemstones 

Different goldsmiths can likewise utilize different materials to make gemstone clones. These can be made with materials like glass, cubic zirconia or different materials to give the vibe of a gemstone. Be that as it may, these options don’t have the worth or visual intrigue of normal gemstones. 

Gemstone jewelry is ordinarily set in valuable metals like gold and platinum. By and large, 14kt gold and 18kt gold are the favored metals with regards to gold. This is on the grounds that they have the ideal mix of immaculateness and strength. Anything underneath 14kt might not have the toughness or the magnificence of 14kt and 18kt gold. Clarity creates jewelry with white, yellow and rose gold. White gold has a shiny white sparkle and is commonly plated in rhodium, another white metal, for an additional layer of sparkle and strength. Yellow gold is a work of art and a conventional decision that has a warm brilliant shine. Rose gold is an interesting decision that has a metallic pink shade. Platinum is an excellent metal that is both solid and thick. It is a heavier metal and is an extraordinary decision for wedding bands and wedding rings. All metals look lovely with most gemstones and jewels. Mainstream blends are ruby and emerald with yellow gold, sapphire with white gold and jewels with platinum. When thinking about evaluating, 14kt gold is the most moderate, while platinum is the most costly. Metal valuing is needy upon how uncommon the metal is. All metals utilized by With Clarity have an assurance of solidness and quality.

This is why Nano-jewelry is best in serenity prayer jewelry. Please have a look at our serenity prayer jewelry I guarantee you, you’ll definitely love the serenity prayer jewelry.

Serenity Jewelry Collection at Nano-Jewelry

  1. Serenity Prayer Necklace 925 Sterling Necklace Only In $129.00 USD
  2. Serenity Prayer Necklace 925 Sterling Necklace Only In $99.00 USD
  3. Serenity Prayer Necklace 925 Sterling Necklace Only In $129.00 USD
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Piercing Jewelry in Canada

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A fresh piercing can change your look, accessorizing your face, ears, or body with beautiful jewelry. Getting a body piercing jewelry from Canada is often a fun and positive experience when it involves expressing yourself. While picking out the right place on the body and elegance are essential, finding a piercing studio, you are feeling comfortable with should be your top priority. You ought to be confident that you get precisely the design you would like without having to stress about infections or scarring. Finding a tattoo shop, you’ll trust for safe and professional piercings jewelry from Canada and tattoos, like Chronic Ink, is essential

That’s why we’ve distilled the essential information about the Toronto tattoo and piercing scene into one article. Whether you’re looking to urge inked for the first time or increase your collection of body jewelry, we’ve you covered. Here we show you everything you would like to understand about tattoos and piercings in Canada.

What are the foremost Popular Piercing Jewelry from Canada?

Roughly 80 per cent of individuals have piercings, with most people having a minimum of one in their ears. The quality lobe piercing is far, and away the foremost frequent ear-piercing Toronto residents get. This piercing sits at the rock bottom of your earlobe and is popular among men and ladies.

The competition for second place is just too on the brink of calling. Helix and cartilage piercings undergo the outside rim of your ear. This may rank low on the pain scale, as they will be through with small needles and don’t affect many nerve endings.

Tragus piercings are another sort of ear piercing that goes through the tragus, which partially covers the auditory meatus. This style is flexible, and other people can adapt it to many different types of jewelry. However, it is often painful, counting on the dimensions of your tragus.

For women, the universal body piercing jewelry from Canada is that the belly button. Studies estimate that 33 per cent of girls have a minimum of one belly button piercing. The design is especially prevalent within the Western world, edging out nose piercings, which account for 19 per cent of girls.

Men have a broader range of preferences for body piercings. Statistics show that 18 per cent of men have nipple piercings, while 17.5 per cent have their eyebrow pierced. Tongue, nose, and lip piercings round out the first popular variations at 16, 15, and 12 per cent, respectively.

Where to shop for Piercing Jewelry from Canada

Much of piercing jewelry from Canada is about personal preference. That said, it’s essential to seek out jewelry that works together with your body-specific piercings and elegance. Choose the metal that works for you alongside the styles and styles you wish. Confirm to ask your piercer what gauge your piercing is to form buying new jewelry easier.

Many tattoos and piercing shops will assist you in finding piercing jewelry from Canada that works for you. At Chronic Ink, we’ve a whole team of professional artists to help you in selecting your ideal body piercing and jewelry options. That way, you’ll love the way you look when it’s all said and done, and, you’ll always switch out jewelry to match your mood once your piercing heals.

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Must Read Info If You Want To Start A Jewellery Business


There are various ways in which you can establish yourselves and follow your passion. If your passion is jewellery designing and you are ready to provide trends in the market, then you are at the correct place. As of today, we are going to discuss how to start a jewellery business. Trends change daily but if you have got the enthusiasm and really want to try your hand by starting a jewellery business, stay tuned.

Pick Your Niche:

The very first step is to decide your style. You must know which niche you want to focus on. It is good to master one rather than knowing every niche. Once you have finalised your niche, then try to build a brand. Always check something which is missing from the market and think if you can do better in that niche. If it is the same niche that you work on, then heads up and build real materials which can be shown on your design portfolio. Don’t run behind multiple styles, master one and it will be enough.

Make Your Brand:

It might be the case that you have made your brand on a small scale and want to expand your business. Always focus on making the brand rather than just selling it and earning business profits. Once you have established a brand, it will be much easier for you to sell your products online or in retail. Always approach in a way so that it defines your design and makes them stand out in the market. Brand plays a vital role. Everyone wants to invest their money in genuine things and brand name will allow you to gain people’s trust. Once you have it, your business will fly.

Create a Website:

Once you start establishing a brand name, you will need a website so that people from all around the world can easily check your designs. A website is a must for boosting your sales and name. There is no need to worry if you are not a website designer or programmer. To develop a website where you can connect with a programmer or a company which creates and provides websites. An eCommerce website will help you in increasing sales. When you are designing your website, make sure that you display individual items and build different variety so that you can easily attract customers.

Marketing Of Your Jewellery:

Once you have created your brand, designed the website; you will need to do the marketing of the website to increase the customers. You can easily get some customers but for a large number of people checking your designs, advertising is a must. Once you have made the brand, you need to make sure that they know there are various types of jewellery products available. For this purpose, marketing is a must. Display your best design on advertisements and mention your best prices and deals that they will get. If you can afford, place someone popular as your brand ambassador. You don’t need superstars to market it, in beginning use models with popularity and increase your reach through their fans.

Find A Dropship Partner:

As we are going to sell jewellery online, we need to make sure that the item reaches its owner on time and in the right condition. There are many big who will accept your partnership request as they need to increase their work too. When you are working with dropshipping you don’t need to find rooms for storage as the shipment company will store it.

These were the steps which will help you set your jewellery business from scratch.

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Looking for Wholesale Earrings? Bear In Mind These Tips Before Buying!


From time immemorial, earrings have been known as one of the most common jewelry pieces worn by both males and females. Irrespective of what they are made of, earrings are fashion pieces that can improve your overall looks. If you would like to buy wholesale earrings, there are some important things you need to bear in mind so that your effort will be successful.

Check out the following important tips for buying wholesale earrings:

Know your earrings

There are several types of earrings available today and each is targeted at accentuating your overall look. However, different earrings suit various types of events and come at varying prices. Therefore, it is a must for you to know about the different types of earrings available before buying them. A few of the types of earrings available are studs, drops, ear cuffs, hoops, barbells, chandeliers, and dangles. Familiarize yourself with each type by knowing how they look, the occasion they are suitable for, and the people who often wear them. In the meantime, your clothing will also be a very important factor to consider when matching the earrings. Wrong matching usually will render unsatisfied outcomes. With the knowledge, buying wholesale earrings will look like a child’s play to you.

Find a legitimate supplier

Without mincing words, there are innumerable suppliers of wholesale jewelry in local stores around you. Hence, you should take your time to search for one that will be able to supply the wholesale earrings that you need. As an alternative to local jewelry suppliers, you can go online to search for wholesale earring suppliers and buy from them. Whether you are buying at the physical store or online, you should be wary of fake suppliers. A legitimate supplier should have a structured way to identify them whether through a tax identification number or permit number. Any supplier that is reluctant to prove their legitimacy to you probably has a skeleton in their cupboard. Avoid such a supplier. For further confirmation of legitimacy, check the online rating and reviews of any supplier before doing business with them.

Also, be certain that the supplier can supply the wholesale earrings that you need. This inquiry will save you lots of time and stress.

Confirm the authenticity of the earrings

Confirming the legitimacy of your supplier is great; however, you also need to confirm the authenticity of the earrings you want to buy from them. Do not be deceived by packaging, cost, or any bogus deals. Take some moments to confirm whether the products you are about to buy are legitimate and authentic or not. If you are buying online, then call the seller to confirm the real operations of the online store, a physical address will be preferred and confirm with the seller about the delivery terms. For offline purchases, do personally check and wear before making the payment, ask the store owner to clarify return terms, it is also advisable to go shopping the earrings with your friends or family members because more people will offer more advices and help during the purchase.

Get the best deals

Most sellers offer special discounts and deals to people that are buying wholesale earrings. Therefore, you should endeavor to look for bargains when buying wholesale earrings. One of the best ways to do this is by looking for different suppliers who are legitimate and offer high-quality wholesale earrings. If you can search carefully, you are going to get a legitimate supplier that offers the best deals.

With the important tips listed above, it should be easy for you to buy wholesale earrings and save.

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How to choose the diamond jewelry necklace Designs for an Upcoming Wedding?

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Diamonds speak class and are one of the most precious stones ever in the universe. Women can go weak in the knee for it as they are simply perfect and have a sparkle in them. Thus, anyone would simply love to buy them whenever they have the resources.

Diamonds need to be chosen perfectly that suit your age, personality, and style. They make the perfect gifts for anyone and the best accessories you can wear for an event.

Now, what if you have to choose some best diamond necklace designs for an upcoming event or a marriage? There is a lot of options right there and there is no need to worry about selecting a diamond. You can go for a lot of options like a large diamond, simple studs, diamonds with other gems in the necklace, a pendant and what not. Thus, you have a lot of options at your service here. 

  • Classics never disappoint

You can call it the vintage or the traditional diamond necklace, it doesn’t disappoint ever. This necklace design is better than any other style of the diamond as it has a metal chain with a big diamond pendant. The size of this diamond necklace design also matters as the chain shouldn’t be longer than the length of the collar bone. Keep in check of the grade of the diamond as that is essential too. You can choose a diamond that is less than 1 in color and SI2 in clarity. There are different grades of diamonds with different powers. All you have to do is to select your pick and know about the grades of the diamonds properly. 

  • Diamond and the gemstone combination

Women love gemstones and when they are combined with some diamonds, you can understand how much they would love it. Gems like ruby, emeralds, sapphires, amethyst go well with diamonds. You can also have some pearls embedded into the diamond necklaces if you are a fan of them. So you can completely decide how you want to wear these combinations of stones. You can have a cluster of diamonds and a few gemstones lining the border or you can have an equal ratio of the stones distributed across the necklace. Either way, it is a great choice for someone who likes to add some gems to their style rather than just plain, sparkly diamonds. 

What else should you keep in mind while purchasing some diamond jewelry necklace designs?

Apart from incorporating your ideas, you should be aware of the diamond cut in the necklace. Now there are a lot of factors that determine the cut but some of the most important ones are the proportion, the polish, symmetry, and the shine. Some of the most common diamond cut styles are the heart, oval, emerald, princess, cushion, pear and round.  


You can also check out another important aspect like when you are choosing a necklace, you do it with full consideration of the materials, the quality and the length of the necklace. You should also determine how many times you will be wearing that necklace and what styles work best for you

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The Year’s Most Inspirational Engagement Ring Trends

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If it’s one thing we love, its #engagementinspo. Whether it’s Pinterest, Instagram or Buzzfeed, the latest trends are constantly kept updated for the public. In this article, we’ve put together some of the most popular styles; if you’re looking to step up your relationship to engagement, this could be the piece for you!

One of the most exciting engagement trends emerging in 2019 is the introduction of coloured accent stones. Traditionally, an engagement ring is a clear diamond, but these gorgeous rings with glints of ruby and sapphire are really stepping up the engagement ring game. Pop star Katy Perry is the perfect example, sporting a stunning ruby engagement ring in a unique flower-shaped setting.

Another increasingly-popular trend for engagement rings this year is pear-shaped diamonds. A pear-shape is a one-of-a-kind, incredibly eye-catching and sparkly stone that is becoming ever more fashionable. With celebs such as Cardi B and Katie Maloney wearing these fabulous pear cut stones, this trend is one to stay.

Pear-cut diamonds are not the only shape taking over the engagement ring community. A cut that is attractive and highly sought after is a half-moon diamond. A stone in a different shape gives engagement rings a new level of beauty, making it stand out from the rest. A design originally inspired by the sun, the straight edge of the half-moon cut makes this ring ideal for stacking; and an engagement ring always looks best stacked with a wedding band.

Something that is a little more out of the ordinary becoming increasingly popular is the use of mixed metals. Whilst a classic choice in a stack of rings, this trend is now emerging in the engagement ring industry. A white metal, such as platinum, set against a yellow gold band makes a centre diamond look even more impressive, and gives a ring a fresh, individual look. With the option to make it a subtle choice so that the white metal isn’t particularly noticeable, or choosing a more intense statement choice if you prefer a bolder look, this trend is one that can be personalised to give you the perfect ring.

Micro-pavé is another trend spreading across the engagement ring community. It gives a ring a little extra oomph, exactly what any engagement ring deserves. The method of micro-paving is a very intricate design, but when done properly it gives a delicate, slim appearance from the top of the ring with an incredible sparkle from the sides. It’s the best way to put the most rings onto a setting without becoming overbearing or overdramatic, making the ring utterly stunning.

The most important thing to remember in engagement ring trends is that no matter what is popular with celebrities or with jewellers, the best trend is your favourite. A ring that will sit on your finger for the rest of your life needs to be perfect for you, not for a celebrity.

For more inspiration to find your perfect ring, visit

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Hologram jewels for improving the look of a person 

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A wide range of choices are available in the markets today for customers when it comes to jewellery items. As a result, many shops focus more on selling jewellery items with unique styles and designs for grabbing the attention of fashion lovers. Hologram jewels involve different types which aim at fulfilling the expectations of users. They are an ideal one for those who want to improve their health conditions and other things. Hologram bracelet is a type of wristband meant for those who want to recover from health problems and other issues effectively.

Knowing more about hologram products

Most hologram bracelets are made from metal or other materials that contribute more to get an elegant look. However, modern bracelets come with mystic aura quartz beads that allow users to gain more advantages. Those who want to get more details about them should consider finding a reputed shop for overcoming complications during the ordering process. Another thing is that it makes feasible ways to choose holo mystic aura quartz bracelet that comes with the latest fashion trends and styles. Moreover, customers can find products which suit their personal style and requirements.

Buying the best hologram products

Those who buy hologram bracelets for the first time should keep certain things in mind for accomplishing goals in life to a large extent. Some of them include quality, durability, prices, and longevity. Even though there are many jewel shops which offer hologram products, it is advisable to find the best one among them with special attention to make a purchase without any difficulties. Holo mystic aura quartz bracelet is a suitable one for both men and women enabling them to experience peace of mind from various problems. Furthermore, it gives ways to create great impressions on others in events with innovative ideas.

Purchasing handmade hologram bracelets

Handmade hologram bracelets are becoming a huge hit over recent years because they show ways to reduce overheads and other issues effectively. Anyone who wants to order mystic mermaid quartz bracelets online should make a compete study about them in detail that can help to select products according to needs. In addition, it makes feasible ways to get more ideas about aura quartz bracelet in detail allowing them to make a better decision. A reputed jewellery store offers a variety of collections online thereby showing ways to find them in one place for saving more time. It even enables customers to order products with flexible payment options.

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How to choose an awesome watch for your lady love? 

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Ladies are highly choosy and they do a lot of research for finding the stuff for them. A lady spends a lot of time choosing the stuff for them. Just like every other stuff, a woman loves to wear the best watch on her hand. Nowadays, watch manufacturers are producing a different variety in the market. So, if you are finding the one beautiful piece of the watch then you must follow the tips mentioned below. 

Look for the common types: 

It is not always necessary to find something different. Whether you are choosing a luxurious watch or whether you are looking for counterfeit watch AAA class [นาฬิกาเกรด aaa, which are the term in Thai], you should look for the ones which are common. First of all, you must look for the mechanics of the watch. Secondly, you must look for the piece that is cost-effective, viable and more solid. 

Go for the trending types: 

Choosing the watches that are trendy in nature should be selected. Obviously, you know what your lady loves. You should select the watches that are either rectangular or square in shape. You can also find the jewellery or fashion watches as these are trending today. If you are searching for the jewellery watches then you must look for the dress watches. Apart from it, you can also look for the gem watches. If yes then you must go for the trendy and precious gems such as pearls, gold etc. Moreover, you can also choose the watch as per the shades. You can go for the yellow gold, rose gold, pink gold and platinum as well. 

Consider the right material: 

It is another accountable thing that you must look for. If you want to pick a watch having a classy look then you must go for the stainless steel. If you are looking for easily wearable and scratch resistant then you must look for the ceramic watches. In addition, you must also look for whether your lady loves to wear the straps or bracelets. Depending on it, the watches usually vary and you must choose it accordingly.

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Niece’s birthday, soon?

You are wondering what to gift your best friend on her big day? 

We say, jewelry!

Who doesn’t like adorning themselves in beautiful rubies, sapphires, and gold?

Answer: nobody!

So why not gift someone a thoughtful and gorgeous jewelry set? 

Not convinced?

Allow us to divulge on the details as to why jewelry makes for a beautiful and memorable gift, be it for the children at home, for friends or your spouse:


Despite being a part of different cultures for centuries, pieces of jewelry still come with the surprise a quotient. Every time someone opens a jewelry box, they are taken aback by the enthralling beauty and intricacies of it, be it a small delicate platinum ring or an elaborate necklace. That look on the person’s face is precious and imprinted in the giver’s memory forever. Jewelry leaves a long-lasting impression. 


You know how we are sometimes stuck with selecting gifts because we don’t feel like they are occasion appropriate? Well, such is not the case with jewelry, because they are an all occasion gift. No matter the event, gender, age; jewelry are appreciated by everybody. 


Complete your best friend’s outfit by giving her an intricate Roberto Coin necklace. Wouldn’t that be a big surprise for her? Not only will it complete her look, but it will be her wedding look, which she will always cherish and remember. You can also ask all the bridesmaids/ groomsmen to wear one meaningful jewelry piece that best defines their bond with the bride/bridegroom


There are no budget constraints when it comes to purchasing jewelry. You can save by buying a pendant for a few thousand bucks or splurge on a diamond studded earrings. Jewelry is available for every style, budget, and taste. 


Jewelry is more than just a piece of adornment; it is an investment for a lifetime. Unlike stocks and bonds, purchase of which is risky, you can wear your jewelry, and it’s worth will still be the same for years to come. 


Think of any gift that will last as long as jewelry does, when maintained well? Car? No! Designer dress? No! Luxe Electronics? No! Only jewelry, when cared for and cleaned regularly, will last for generations to come. New designs become classics and vintage, wearing, which is a sign of pride. You can change the setting as and when required, but your jewelry will never be irrelevant.


Being a friend or an aunt, you would know what your niece/nephew or best friend would prefer in designs and engraving. Unlike most of the wedding gifts, jewelry can be easily customized and engraved per the preference. Imagine you giving your friend a design that she showed you in a catalog a few weeks ago? 


Most of the gift gets sexist or racist because of the thoughtlessness that it reeks of, from the manufacturer’s hands but such is not the case with jewelry. They do not discriminate between race, sex, and age and will suit any and every personality. All that matters is the person’s reference and how considerately has that jewelry piece been chosen. 

Now you know where to head to the next time you get an invite to a grand celebration. 

To an online jewelry store, where you can select from a wide range of elegant and gorgeous Roberto Coin necklaces, Marco Bicego earring, John Hardy bracelets and more at the most competitive market price. 

Order now and get free shipping on all orders above $99

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Why Do You Need a Professional Jewelry Repair?


It’s natural for metal to wear down over time as it becomes part of your life. So, it needs routine repair services to make it long lasting. If the jewelry stores in Albuquerque provide custom design jewelry, then they are most likely to have a professional who offers top-notch jewelry repair services.  Some of the common jewelry repairs people opt for are listed below:

  • Resizing a ring
  • Chain repair
  • Watch repair
  • Prong repair and more

Here are a few reasons to hire a professional jewelry repair in Albuquerque.

Your Jewelry Needs Some TLC

Durable materials such as metals and gemstones are used to make fine jewelry. But, have you ever thought why jewelry made from these materials requires regular maintenance? The answer is metals and gemstones are not always impervious, and the daily wear and tear on the jewelry causes more damage than we imagine. So, they are susceptible to scratches and cuts which make them look worn over time.  Moreover, if your jewelry is hit at the wrong place, the hit can knock a small gem out of its setting. Even the hand lotion can cause small crevasses in rings and makes it lose the sparkle. Get jewelry repair in Albuquerque to avoid these problems and get them fixed quickly.

Metal Fatigue

Metal fatigue occurs when gold or platinum is stressed by constant knocking or bending. The impact of hitting or the constant depression of your bracelets spring clasp or latch causes fatigue. The most common jewelry repairs are related to broken clasps.

So, choose the right jewelers who have technical skills, experience, and equipment necessary to provide competent solutions for jewelry and watch repair in Albuquerque.

Top Jewelry Maintenance Tips

Here is a whittled list of jewelry maintenance tips to prolong the life of your jewelry.

  • Remove your jewelry before any physical activity to limit the impact of bumping, scratching, hitting, and more.
  • Don’t wear jewelry while showering or putting makeup as the chemicals in the cosmetics, lotion, perfume, and more can damage your jewelry.
  • Avoid wearing jewelry before washing the dishes or playing in a pool because your jewelry goes through color fading and structural damage when exposed to certain chemicals in the pool.
  • Any kind of pulling on bracelets or chains causes stress that stretches and weakens the metal so avoid pulling on chains and bracelets.
  • Choose the right jewelry cleaners and storage options to keep your jewelry looking at its best.

Follow the above maintenance tips to keep your jewelry look anew. Also, choose the right jewelry shop that makes seamless jewelry repair without diminishing the value of your jewelry.

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