An ultimate guide to buy moissanite wedding rings

An ultimate guide to buy moissanite wedding rings

Choosing an engagement ring is a daunting task because it requires a lot of color and style matching. It is something that both the love birds will cherish throughout their lives and will wear it on a regular basis. Moissanite vs. Diamonds; which one you should buy? This is one of the universal questions coming up from almost all the customers. To choose the metal, it is essential to know their basic differences. Appearance-wise, moissanite looks similar to diamond but chemical compositions are different. There are a lot of differences in their cost, value and durability. A Wedding is a special day for everyone and hence, it is always good to buy engagement rings made up of moissanite. Though the price is lower than a diamond, you will never regret your decision.

Here are few steps that will guide you on buying the best moissanite engagement rings. Before discussing the steps, let us take a look at the 4C’s of Moissanite –

  • Cut– It is similar to shapes, patterns, proportions or symmetry. This is an important part because the shape will determine the light reflection from the stone.
  • Color– As far as the color options are concerned, it is available in 2 colors only- colorless and near-colorless. This precious stone will never fade its shade.
  • Character– Every moissanite piece has a personal unique character which makes it exceptional from the other metals.
  • Conscience– When you are opting Moissanite for an engagement ring, you are indulging yourself in making a sound decision.

To buy the best Moissanite engagement rings, one should consider the following factors:

  • Determine the budget– It is ok if a person is unable to spend a huge lump sum amount all together on engagement rings. Feel free to spend whatever is possible for you. There is no need for breaking the wallet. Wedding dates are fixed at least one year in advance. As mentioned earlier, moissanite is less expensive than diamonds. The appearance is more or less similar to that of diamond. So a person can easily afford to buy moissanite rings.
  • Consider the shape of the gemstones– These gemstones are available in different shapes and sizes like round, oval, pear, radiant, cushion, emerald etc. Choosing the right shape is a very crucial thing when buying engagement rings. It has been found that men prefer emerald or oval shapes and in case of women, they like cushion or round shapes. However, the taste and choice may vary. Your fiancé may like some other cuts. Engagement ring is a precious thing for the beloved so it is important to keep his/her preferences in mind before choosing the shape.
  • Choose the metal type– This decision will depend on whether you like the classic old-style or modern ones. The choices of metal consist of rose gold, yellow gold, and mixed gold. Rose gold is the most versatile and modern choices of metal. Whereas yellow gold is the most common one.

Once you have finally decided on the metals, the last and final step is to choose the band style. Just by keeping a note on the above factors, one can easily buy a moissanite ring for engagement.