Why Should You Get a Tattoo?


Getting a tattoo is always a nice feeling. People usually get tattoos because of personal reasons. They ink what they belive in or want to carry for the rest of their lives. When you get a tattoo it stays with you forever. You have to take proper care of it, or else it fades with time. A lot of people even get a tattoo because they want to prove themselves to be different.

Now, regardless how much some people may not want you to do a tattoo. But there are solid reasons why you should. Take a look at this blog and find out why it’s okay to get inked. Meanwhile, you can check out the best tattoo ointments that is available on the internet.

Keep Your Memories Close – memories are very important part of our lives. We are always thinking and rekindling our memories that life has given us. When you are young, you are surely going to cross path with different kinds of memories. That’s why when you get a tattoo, you can keep these memories close to your heart. If there is any particular memory that holds immense significance in your life, you can carve a tattoo related to it. This will help you carry the memory forever in your life.

The feeling of reviving old memories is truly something phenomenal. Tattoos can easily help you experience that joy and happiness again.

Feel Stronger & Confident – life is full of challenges and struggles that we have to face everyday. That’s what life is about, isn’t it? But, no matter how hard life gets, the best way to make the most out of it is to work hard and stay strong. You have to believe and have faith in yourself in order to achieve your dreams. At times, a tattoo can help you remind that things can be good and going your way if you are true to your principles. For example, a person might get a tattoo that says “Just Breathe” or “Stay Strong”. So, if that can help someone feel more confident and stronger when they are facing any challenges, it is actually very wonderful.

Growing up is difficult but it can be fun and full of excitement as well. You just need to be true to your path and work hard everyday.

Remember Your Passion – everyone of us in this world have passion. It is what allows us to work hard and progress through our lives. The moment we forget what our passion was, life becomes meaningless. Right? We need to have a vision and follow our passion so that we can achieve whatever we have in mind. Whether you want a job or want to start a business, you got to have lots of passion in order to be successful and accomplish your objectives. So, a tattoo can help you remind what your passion is when you get diverted from it. It helps you to bring back the best of you once again.

Here are the top reasons why you should get a tattoo. Also, don’t forget to buy a good quality tattoo aftercare cream to take good care of it.

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Have max protection with customized facemask


Over the last few years, customized face masks have become increasingly popular. These comfortable and custom masks are made of soft, extended and latex-free fabric. They are therefore comfortable and snug to wear and will not irritate your skin.

It comes in four different sizes and is made of high-quality breathable fabric. So they are anti-sweat and make you breathe quickly. The extensive elastic straps ensure that your mask remains in place covering your nose, chin, and mouth. Creates today your face mask.

Get your face masks customized. It is designed solely for your face in a trendy style.

Change the professional look and build a custom face mask. Fit with shades or ultimate fashion scarf. It is excellent for bike and climbers who do not want a complete solution for face and neck.

These individual face masks come in a pack of four. Our customized masks have a soft, breathable fabric that will make you feel good and will not irritate your skin. The classic elastic style is easy to wear and easy to look after.

The fabric extends over your face to make your fit smooth and comfortable. Wash the face mask at 30 ° C through 60 ° C to maintain a clean face mask. It is available in sizes small, medium, large, or XL.

All of our products are handmade. Wash your face cover before using and avoid touching the face while you wear your mask for maximum protection.

Please put your custom face mask properly and position it with clean hands over your nose and mouth. Then tug the elastic expanding bands over both feet. Change the cloth to cover the nose, mouth and chin full.

To remove your custom face mask safely, remove the straps from your ears and take your face out from the mask. Please do not contact the mask’s top. After usage, still wash your mask.

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The Right Cosplaying Options for You


Cosplaying is not just putting on a costume and voila; there are a lot of things to do before that and the first one is deciding which character you will cosplay as. Here are a couple of tips to help you decide:

Don’t leave it to the last minute: even if you have it done to a professional tailor, cosplaying is complex and time consuming, especially since last minute fixes are always needed to make it fit you perfectly. It is best to start it a couple of weeks before the convention where you want to cosplay. For the cosplay contacts this is important.

Choose a character with whom you identify: 

If you have not seen the anime of the character you are going to cosplay it is better that you do not.

Take the heat into account: Try to make your cosplay as cool as possible so you can wear it all day.

Wear comfortable shoes

It is very possible that you will be standing for a good part of the day, so it is best to include comfortable shoes in your cosplay or bring an extra pair of shoes to change when you are tired.

Accessories are important: many times they are the ones that end up giving life to the character or for it to be recognized.

Consider the following: bone structure, physical appearance, size and age.

What do we mean?

Check all this in yourself and compare it with your character, if what I just mentioned has nothing to do with your character that you plan to interpret, then why do you do it? How can I check that? it’s easy, you need a large mirror and the image of the character.

The bone structure has a lot to do with it, for example a cute, tender, pretty character would be a bit difficult to interpret if your bone structure is square, it would not be because of the fact that your face is very marked, you could only make said character if you wear a wig that covers this area, a bare chin is not an option.

A round structure to play male characters, they should use dark correctors to mark the face and look square. Just as others can also use them, the help of certain haircuts (in this case stylized wigs) and shots at the right angles, help to enhance your cosplay.

Physical Appearance

In the physical aspect you have to check that your physical complexion is the same or similar to that of the cosplay you want to interpret: if you have a robust complexion then you cannot dress as chii de chobits or belldandy, we do not repress anyone since the cosplay is to the liking of the person but you have to bear in mind that if you are going to dress in a cosplay that you love and despite not looking like you will receive criticism, if you are going to do it do it with style and surprise them.

Know your body, what are your good points? What parts of your body do you not like? Taking this into account, you will know which character to interpret by her wardrobe, you know, if you don’t like your stomach, one that covers that, etc.

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Choose From The Best Japanese Streetwear Brands


People spend hours trying to redefine and mastering the efficiency of each item which the average American originally appeared inane. A cleaner, chillier, completely new look was added by the Japanese which is what really made them stick out and others applaud them. Among 13 Japanese Streetwear brands, let’s discuss the top 5 which has made a remarkable entrance into the fashion industry.

Forty percent against rights [FPAR]

Tetsu Nishiyama, established by the creator of yet another revered Japanese Streetwear brands, WTAPS, has displayed a nihilistic and rambunctious vision with FPAR. While WTAPS is more composed, FPAR is shining in its chaos and similar crisis. Nishiyama produced this brand from an ancient idiom that specifies that a new model must alter at least 40% of an initial version. This is noteworthy in FPAR’s modernized, almost knockoff-like garments, a technique that is no mystery to Japanese streetwear.

Once, in late 2019, the brand joined forces with Nike to construct a pair of SB Dunk High, FPAR did manage to also enact itself as a product line to be known. The shoe spotlighted “I’m lost too,” “Don’t follow me “and” Trust No One” etchings that showcase the dark image of the brand. This shoe throughout the sneakerhead society was hugely appreciated and identified, giving FPAR well-deserved publicity.


TOKKOU is a Japanese-born but London-based fashion brand named after the Japanese term tokkō-fukku which means ‘special attack clothing.’ Masa, the owner of TOKKOU, says he is inspired by the subculture of Bousou-zoku, which in the 80s included biker gangs. Masa appears to believe the whole culture is fading away, that’s why his marketing campaign wants to recreate its heritage.

TOKKOU is recognized for its iconic Okayama jeans and punk-like embossed slogans – such as the loosely translated “Unify a country” and “Don’t give up.” While the label has been there for just a few years, Masa has seemed to clearly establish a distinctive and recognizable look, and the brand is increasingly becoming a standard in the streetwear landscape in Japan.


Aesthetic labels are influenced by a combination of Tokyo and New York streetwear while holding Japanese traditional workmanship at the centre. By 2014 Japanese Streetwear brands named Cycle were opening its first flagship store in Harajuku’s influential city. Their new range was made exclusively from cruel-free clothing, recycled plastics, and environmentally sustainable fabrics. The brand encourages the youth of today to become more environmentally conscious, particularly after some of their moral items have been used on the likes of FKA twigs, Kehlani, and M.I.A.


Undoubtedly one of the most influential streetwear labels, UNDERCOVER, a Japanese Streetwear brands, has established itself as a multinational company. Having partnered with Uniqlo, Nike, and Supreme, the company continues to expand while maintaining the characteristics of a conventional story deconstructed at its heart. Jun Takahashi, UNDERCOVER’s creator and director began the company while still in Tokyo’s Bunka Fashion College.


Web development grad student Yoon Ahn never intended to establish a ready-to-wear brand, but has become one of Japan’s biggest brands beside her musician husband Verbal, leader of AMBUSH. But AMBUSH made its debut not through clothes but through jewelry. The parts were spotted on popular rappers like Kanye West and Pharrell before 2008.

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The various types of leather handbags that women love to flaunt


Women love handbags and adore them. The reason for this is that it keeps safe the items a woman need in her day to day life. It can store a mobile phone, a wallet, makeup accessories, keys and other items. Indeed, handbags are indispensable part of a woman’s attire. It is also the aspect of one’s style statement and the choice of handbag speaks about the personality of the person. Look for better quality leather handbags and sunglasses to create a great impression on others and to translate to a confident personality. A leather handbag and branded sunglasses are expensive but they last forever if maintained properly. When you choose a handbag, make sure you go for the right texture, design and color of handbag.

Eye-catching handbags at affordable rates

Buy leather handbags online and save money. There are various kinds of appealing and eye-catching handbags available with the online stores. Some of the best kinds of handbags are given below:

1. Look stylish with a tote bag which is also known as a shoulder bag. A tote bag can store all your essentials and the items you need daily. This sort of handbag may be availed in a variety of colors, styles and textures to suit your personality. There are also exquisite designs of tote bags rendering classy and subtle look to the user. If you want a bag for office purpose, a tote leather handbag may be an elegant addition.

2. Do you want a lightweight bag carrying a chic look? Sling handbags carry uber-chic look and can store lip colour, eye liner, phone, wallet, keys, foundation, etc. A sling bag is versatile and can be used in the office and even when you hang out with friends. If you are planning a family vacation and are looking for a bag, go for the sling bag.

3. Leather wallets and clutches are meant for situations when you wish to travel light. This sort of attractive handbag offers unique and attractive look to the user. They are a go-to-choice and are again available in a variety of designs, colors and finishes.

If you wish to buy any of the popular handbags, then check online to discover a range of incredible handbags. You will find a stock of innumerable designs crafted for modern women. The selection of choices are sure to spoil you. They feature outstanding designs, flawless stitch and beautiful patterns. There are options like top grain, full grain, corrected or genuine grade and the choice is yours.

Tips to care for leather handbags

Among so many material options for handbags, the most popular one is leather. Protect your bag from dust, grime and moisture. Regular wiping with dry and soft muslin cloth is important. Well, to care for the leather handbags better, you can also buy a cleaner specifically meant for leather. Make sure you store it in the upright position only.

Never hang a leather bag upon the door nob or a hook. Doing so will weaken the material and also make the bag lose its shape. So, if you have money to spend more, go for a leather handbag.

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Let’s glance at significant facts of Shirt printing technique


Fashionable things are always in demand, and the clothing industry is becoming expanding. People are crazy about new things and customize T-shirts and shirts are one of them. Everyone loves to wear some cool things to show off.  The printing process is playing a big role in all things, and we know the importance of it. Most of us not have any kind of knowledge about printing techniques. Different kinds of prints, designs, logos, patterns, and many things are only possible with massive printers. They are installed in big companies with skilled workers we will get our product. You can print anything by visiting Shirt printing Santa Clara, and it is a nice service with great offers.

Smart techniques, ideas are completed in printing machines, and the professionals know all things about it. If you are radical to know about it, then you must be serious about printing. The internet has lots of resources and platforms to collect the best information. With the help of some articles and blogs, you will easily learn about a whole process of Shirt printing. The individual can check out our guide that includes all important facts for radical readers.  

Basic about printing

Generally, printing is a process that imprints graphics, images, textures, and more things on the plane surface. Enormous kinds of things are easily printed with amazing techniques. One machine is used for printing, and some skilled workers are also working on it. Now many latest printers are available, and they are operated with a computing device. There are no limits for things, and we can go with any kinds of materials for printing. Fabric printing has been working since old times, but anyone can customize a shirt with special services on Shirt printing Santa Clara.

DTG for fabric printing

DTG is processing your design files to printers and give amazing results in a short time. The process is required your commands and designs to customize your cloth. The printing machines are suitable for your T-shirt, and all things are loaded with high-quality colors. Expand your creativity with hyper-realistic images. The high-resolution pictures are perfectly printed on shirt or fabric without any kind of restriction.

Is it okay for any fabric?

 You will get no kind of issues with fabric, but you may not get the perfect quality of some clothes. Mostly we are using cotton shirts and T-shirts because cotton is fine for that. You will get a wonderful design with any kind of error. But there is no any kind of rule on fabric and lots of designs are differently printing on cloths. Styles and textures are important rather than material. Fabric printers are not for paper or wood sheets, so for that, you need to go with another one.

Before getting services, we must see multiple samples also, and various websites are giving us purchasing options also. According to your choice, we suggest The Shirt printing Santa Clara at an affordable cost.

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Guidance about encasing followers on Instagram free of cost


It is a matter of pride for any Instagram user to have more followers on his profile because it shows the popular eating. As you all know, Instagram is used for various reasons, and polo plays an essential role in every work. Imagine that you are using Instagram to show talent like dance, singing, and others, so it is crucial to have more followers on your profile here because it can increase the number of viewers. Similarly, if a person does business through Instagram, he needs more followings to increase sales and make some products accessible.  

That is why every person is engaged in finding how to buy Instagram follower’s answers. Through this, you can quickly increase the following of your account overnight. Many platforms have come online, which are linked with direct Instagram, with the help, you can easily buy followers. Many packages are available above this website; each package’s rate is different, which you can buy by paying money. Whenever you start buying a package, always take the demo option because it will let you know whether you are being provided with the service original or not.

Various ways to gain followers- 

Many users are not able to buy followers on Instagram, because many packages are costly, and then they should know some natural ways that can help in enchasing more followers in less time. Along with this, with the help of them, all you will be able to make your Instagram profile attractive. So if you are an Instagram user and want to increase your followers, you should know about some magical steps that every celebrity uses. 

  • The first option here is to make your account private, then make it public first and then convert it to a business profile. As soon as you convert your profile to a business, at the same time, you will get to see many advanced options in the account on your screen.  With this, you can check your account weekly, viewing, following, likes, and comments. From this, you can estimate your performance, whether your account visiting is increasing or not. Along with this, promote option is also provided here to advertise any of your products or videos and make it famous in the whole world. 
  • If you are a businessman or do your talent show, always mention your website’s link or new video in your bio. This will benefit you, whenever any person visits your profile, they will first check the link. With its help, you can increase the reach of your videos and website and also give other benefits.
  • You may have heard many people saying how to buy Instagram followers because they have knowledge that Instagram followers can be bought but do not know from where. Such an application or website can be possible because nowadays many sites are coming in the market, which provides the facility of Instagram followers from you can easily buy any package from them.

Final verdict- 

By reading the information given above, you must have known how you can increase the number of followers on Instagram without investing. All the types mentioned are safe so that only positive effects will be seen on your account.

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12 month Love Tarot Reading by Sabina Acosta

isla_180x180.16162149_82hkhlee (1)

Welcome my name is Sabina Acosta and I provide honest romantic psychic readings. I can provide you with love & relationship reading over the 12 months.I can tell you about your soulmate, when you will get married,and so much more.When submitting your request, please provide whatever additional information you feel might be helpful. Bless be, Sabina Acosta.

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To Pawn Jewelry Look for Old Familiar Brands


No matter whether it was received as a gift, purchased to commemorate a special event, or given to us as a family heirloom, we all own jewelry.  When financial times get tough, looking to pawn jewelry can help keep your head above water until you can repay the loan to reclaim your cherished jewelry.  Sometimes the problem is the need for money right to pay an unexpected bill or a vacation that you can’t afford quite yet but really don’t want to continue to put off.  Using a collateral loan to finance the situation can work out perfectly.

When you pawn jewelry with Arizona Jewelry and Loan you do not sell your jewelry.  Instead you use the jewelry as security against a loan.  The pawn shop will hold your valuable jewelry as collateral and return it to you once your debt is paid.  This method of getting cash quickly when needed can bring peace of mind to you since you do not have to decide which items to part with.  Our friendly associates pride themselves in giving you the service you deserve.

Always carefully assess your jewelry, and then pick out those pieces you want to use.  Be sure they are spotless and sparkling.  Clean any trace of makeup, ear wax, or dirt off.  Check all moving parts and clasps.  Replace any that are damaged.  Non-working clasps can quickly turn your jewelry into scrap metal in the eyes of a pawn broker.  Any paperwork related to the jewelry or the original box will help establish the piece’s validity.  You may choose to have your pieces appraised at a jewelers shop prior to going to a pawn shop.  This may make you feel better, having a second opinion as to the piece’s value.

Pawn Jewelry Loan Special for Month of June — Jewelry Buyer ...

Brands of jewelry to consider pawning

Tiffany & Co. has an unparalleled history.  They have been a reliable name in jewelry since 1837, focusing on rare diamonds and unique sculpted pieces of jewelry.  The Tiffany brand is synonymous with impeccable taste and top of the line pieces from glassware to diamond engagement rings.

Members of the New York City upper class pondered who Mr. Charles Lewis Tiffany really was when he opened his luxury store.  They couldn’t help but go to his shop to see what he had to offer.  Soon he became associated with names such as the Astors, Vanderbilts, Morgans, and Huttons as Tiffany became the premier jeweler for socialites of the twentieth century.

Very few people know that Tiffany & Co. designed Civil War swords.  The luxury brand also designed the Congressional Medal of Honor and the seal on the dollar bill.  For Presidents from Lincoln to Kennedy Tiffany & Co. provided fine china, gifts for dignitaries, and jewels for the First Lady.  The Tiffany name has been used in songs such as “Santa Baby” and “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend.”  The first American Bond girl was overtly named Tiffany Glass after the brand.  The Tiffany brand has attained iconic status in America.

When you hear the brand Bulgari you may think of watches, but they are an overall international powerhouse in the jewelry business.  The founder of the business, Sotirios Voulgaris, comes from a long line of ancient Greek silversmiths.  His original shop in his home village in Greece still remains to this day.  In Rome in 1881 he opened his second store with his sons Constantino and Giorgio.  Giorgio’s son, Gianni, was the force behind taking the company worldwide.  Through his efforts the Bulgari company has stretched into fragrances, gifts, and hotels.

Cartier signifies timeless elegance in many people’s minds.  They are well known for gorgeous jewelry and wrist watches.  Louis-Francois Cartier founded the business in Paris in 1847.  In 1874 his sons took over the business and expanded worldwide.  Until 1972 the company remained a family owned business.

Cartier has a long history of sales to royalty and celebrities.  King Edward VII of England referred to Cartier as “the jeweler of kings and the king of jeweler.”  For his coronation, Edward VII ordered 27 tiaras.  Today it is not unusual to hear of celebrities wearing Cartier jewelry on the red carpet.

David Yurman may be best known for his men’s jewelry collection.  David Yurman’s background is in sculpture, having studied with multiple well known sculptors.  In his early adult life he paired up with Sybil Kleinrock and established the Putnam Art Works.  Through this venture he learned about jewelry and art, laying the groundwork for his iconic jewelry.  In 1982, Yurman released the cable bracelet, the item that would become his signature piece.  It is a twisted helix of sterling silver with gemstones at the ends.

Over time Yurman has created jewelry for both men and women.  He has also expanded into production of fragrances and eyewear.

You may know Harry Winston as the person who purchased the Hope Diamond in 1949 but he has a much richer history than just that.  Mr. Winston started in the trade as a boy, working with his father in the family jewelry business.  By the age of 19 he started his own company, The Premier Diamond Company.  A little later in life he ventured into the world of estate sales.   Realizing that he could purchase unwanted old jewelry inexpensively, remove the stones, then recut them and place them into more modern settings for resale he was able to earn quite a bit of money.

Harry Winston has continued to acquire large uncut stones as well as cut stones.  Today the Harry Winston Diamond Corporation operates throughout the world.

Chopard is known for watchmaking, but has also branched out into making some of the finest jewelry available.  It wasn’t until 1963, when forced to seek a buyer because his sons did not want to become owners of the business, that Paul Andre Chopard (grandson of the founding Chopard) met Karl Scheufele.  Scheufele was a descendant of a family of German jewelers and watchmakers.  He quickly purchased the company and built it to what it is today.

The Chopard brand is known for its creativity, use of state-of-the-art technology, and excellent craftsmanship.  So while the Chopard family is no longer involved in the company, their ideals of precision and reliability live on.

More than 100 years ago Kokichi Mikimoto succeeded in creating the world’s first cultured pearls.  “My dream is to adorn the necks of all women around the world with pearls,” stated Kokichi Mikimoto.  His drive for perfection and love for these lustrous pure gems has fueled the formation of the house of Mikimoto.

Today, Mikimoto is a world leader in jewelry design and the foremost producer of fine quality cultured pearls.  The company chooses only the finest materials, has expert craftsmen, and is committed to exceptional customer service.  Mikimoto combines timeless elegance with sophisticated modern design.

Van Cleef & Arpels is the creation of a man, Solomon Arpels, and his son-in-law Alfred Van Cleef.  Their business started in 1906 with the opening of their first Paris boutique.  Over the following 30 years the business grew as they opened stores in various locations in France.  Due to World War II most of the Arpels and Van Cleef family moved to America.  In 1940 they opened a boutique in Palm Beach then later opened their more famous store on 5th Avenue in New York City.

Van Cleef & Arpels is credited with many milestones in the jewelry industry.  They brought out the first leather strap wrist watch and created the “mystery setting” in which no prongs are visible.  Many royalty have chosen to wear their jewels.

The House of Faberge started as a jewelry business founded in 1842 by Gustav Faberge in St. Petersburg, Russia.  Adding the accent to the last ‘e’ in the name may have been an attempt to give the name a more French sound which would have appealed to the Russian aristocracy.  Today when you hear “Faberge” many people think of the Imperial Faberge eggs.  The ornately jeweled eggs were produced for the Russian Tsars in a limited number by Peter Carl Faberge, son of Gustav Faberge, between 1885 and 1917.

The war and politics of Russia slowly forced most of the Faberge family to leave Russia for other European and Scandinavian countries.  Following the death of its founder, Faberge heirs lost the rights to the Faberge name.  Through the years the Faberge name has gone through many combinations and uses outside the original jewelry business.  Since 2009 there has been a major effort to bring the Faberge brand back around to jewelry, watches, and high end collectibles.  In July 2011 the company launched 2 collections of egg pendants, including a dozen highly jeweled egg pendants.

Many more fine jewelry collections and makers exist worldwide.  These include Autore, Beccellati, Graff, John Hardy, and Piaget.  No matter who the maker of your jewelry is consider bringing it in to use as collateral for a loan at Arizona Jewelry and Loan.  The need to pawn jewelry in order to get cash now is all you must have in order to set up a collateral loan.


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Pandemic impact: Custom press-on nails are on trend

Post New

A global pandemic has pushed the entire world to think “social-distancing” as a new normal. This has impacted the functions of many industries across the world. The global beauty industry is one among them to face a great impact by this crisis. This could even fundamentally change the industry in the long term.  The nail salon is not an exceptional case to face the impact. 

The manicure was the best option for the glam girls to put their best hand forward. But this requires human contact which should be avoided due to the current crisis. As a result, many of the nail salons in the world are temporarily closed and professional manicures are no longer a possibility like they were before. But the craze for beautiful fingernails has never been faded. 

Custom press-on and ornament nails:

The beauty industry viewed this pandemic crisis not as a problem to solve, but as an opportunity to seize. With this, the custom sets of press-on nails and ornament nails have started getting trendy. These custom nails were already in the market for people who like having extravagant nail art but can’t commit to gel manicures and extensions. You can look for custom nails online.

The custom nails are the custom-made set of natural-looking nails created to assure a perfect, comfortable, and long-lasting fit.  The nails are fabricated using an indestructible, high impact thermo-plastic guaranteed to never chip, break, crack, or change shape. 

Why go for custom nails?

  • With a global pandemic, there is no panic of human contact in the process of a manicure when these custom nails get opted.  
  • These nails are created to fit the natural nail anatomy with precision and accuracy.
  • The nails can be removed and reused for a number of times.
  • These can last for long period of time.  
  • The fixing of nails requires less time than for manicure. 
  • The fingers nails are not exposed to harmful chemicals in the process of harsh grinding and fillings. 
  • The nails can be left plain, painted with a clear topcoat, any color or branded nail polish, apply nail art or nail wraps.
  • One can wear custom nails for short periods and special occasions.
  • These can be purchased online at a reasonable cost. 


  • The custom nails come in various designs and colors from which one can select based on their likings.
  • The nail lengths ranging from XS to XL can be customized.
  • The shape of the nails comes in coffin, stiletto, pointed, square, almond, and oval. 


The custom nails can last up to three weeks. Then the nails can be removed quickly and easily by the soak-off process once the natural nails are grown. The residual glue can also be removed from the natural nails and custom nails when the nails are soaked. 

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