Protective Work Attire for Summer


When temperatures start to rise, it becomes a real challenge to choose appropriate work attire to look professional and keep safe while working in the heat, especially when working outdoors.

In hot weather, it’s essential that you don’t let the heat get the best of you. From lightweight pants and shirts to hi-vis clothing and work boots, you’ll need to stay cool and avoid heat stress while working.

Here are some workwear tips to beat our Australian heat.

Hi-Vis Work Polos and Shirts

Hi-Vis polos, shirts and singlets keep you visible and safe. This is essential if you work around moving machinery or heavy equipment, where visibility is of crucial concern.Look for good qualitysun safe, hi-vis, polos, shirts and Tees thatcomply with the Australian and New Zealand Hi Visibility Standards. Some inferior products on the market are not compliant, so ensure you have the right level of protective clothing for the intended use.

Work Pants and Shorts

A real challenge during summer is finding high-quality work pants and shorts that are affordable and keep you cool while also looking professional. Fabric must be breathable and designed with moisture wicking and anti-bacterial technology to prevent excessive sweat and odour.

BAD work shorts arealways summerfavourites. They provide style with comfort and are lightweight and durable – but if shorts are not allowed on site, BAD work pants bring the perfectbalance of lightweight, resilient fabric, superior stitching and functional pockets.

The quality of the fabric affects the fit – workwear has to feel good to move in and be tough and stylish at the same time.

Work Boots

Wearing heavy work boots in summer can be extremely uncomfortable,and poor quality footwearcan cause your feet to overheat and sweat. BAD leather workboots designed specifically for working in high temperatures, incorporate orthopaedic innersoles with arch support, and arelined with soft, non-abrasive, hydrophobic wicking material to keep your feet cool and dry. Tough, yet lightweight and stylish, with a flexible range of motion for ankle support, our men’s and women’s work boots protect your feet while keeping them cool and comfortable at the same time.

No matter what workwear you purchase, make sure it’s of a high standard. Goodquality workwear provides features that poor-quality clothing lacks. Don’t compromise when it comes to your safety, protection, and comfort this summer. As a leading Australian workwear brand, BAD Workwear supplies men and women with quality clothing and footwear to take on any challenge!

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How to Cut Scrap Leather the Easy Way (Without Ruining Your Tools)


Are you an impatient crafter? If so, you’re not alone. One of the most common things we hear from artisans is, learning how to work with and master crafting and cutting leather takes time. And unfortunately time is what most of us don’t have. To make your life easier, we’ve created a step-by-step guide on how to cut leather, and it is super easy, not to mention quite a bit of fun. 

If you are impatient, this easy tutorial will become your new best friend. Not only will you have a new appreciation for creating with leather, but cutting it will be a total breeze, making your craft time more rewarding because you’ve eliminated all the added stress.

Before you get started, you will want to invest in a Cricut or similar fabric-cutting machine. Cricut is one of our favorites because it can be used for all sorts of projects, including scrapbooking, die-cutting paper, felt, vinyl and leather, and it is reasonably priced. 

One of the benefits of having a tool like the Cricut is, you can use it for multiple projects, making it a very versatile product to own. Most people don’t think about using it for heavy material like leather, but you will be amazed at how easy your projects are when you use the Cricut for cutting leather. 

It takes the complication out of any project, which is perfect because instead of being wrapped up in frustration, you are soaking up the joy.  

The Cricut machine makes crafting more fun and enjoyable, but there is a problem that is often overlooked. After you work with the leather, what’s left on your mat will be a potential mess! This is because the residue from the back of the leather will stick to the mat. After taking extra time to clean the mat, we thought there had to be a better way. After doing tons of research and exploring a lot of different options, we found a way to cut leather in your Cricut machine without making a mess and it will certainly reduce your stress. 

The type of leather you use is important as well. When using full-grain leather, the type of leather Portland Leather Company uses, the leather has character and an authenticity that can’t be beat. Think about the final outcome and what you are working toward. If you are creating a durable product that will get lots of use like a classic leather tote bag, a leather wallet or a camera strap, you will want to consider using a thicker hide . But you will need the right leather tools to support the project. For smaller projects like earrings, headbands and rings, we suggest using the Cricut with 1- to 3-ounce leather. 

By knowing your tools and the restrictions they have, you will feel more confident in the outcome of your project. When it comes to cutting your scrap leather, there’s no easier way than using a fabric-cutting machine like a Cricut. The best part is, this easy way to cut scrap leather is foolproof. 

Here’s how to cut leather using your Cricut. 

What you need:

Sharp crafting scissors

Cricut transfer tape 


Scrap leather (Portland Leather Goods is giving artisans scrap leather) 

Cricut Strong Grip mat

Step 1: Get Your Supplies Together 

Take your leather scraps (you can purchase scraps on Etsy, at Portland Leather Goods or at your local thrift shop or Hobby Lobby as they usually have a good leather scrap section), your Cricut transfer tape and your Cricut StrongGrip mat. 

This tape is essential for cutting the leather, as it will create a barrier between your leather and your mat. The reason we love it and it’s so necessary is because it keeps your mat from getting leather pieces all over it! The transfer tape is also important to use because it ensures your leather won’t shift or bunch up during the cutting process. 

You will also need to pull out your sharp crafting scissors. 

Step 2: Match the Leather to the Cricut Transfer Tape 

After you gather all your supplies, you will be ready to cut the leather. Next, take the transfer tape and make it a little larger than the size of the leather you will be cutting. You want to make sure the leather scrap fits within the tape’s dimensions. This is why you make the transfer tape slightly larger. 

The best news is that the transfer tape is foolproof because there are grid lines to assist and guide your cuts. In this step, don’t worry so much about making it perfect. You will be able to trim the leather scraps later. For this step, just make the transfer tape slightly larger than your leather. 

After that, you want to take your leather and place it on the Cricut StrongGrip mat. Next you will cut the leather. 

Step 3: Cut the Leather Scraps 

Next you will want to lay your transfer tape on the table with the grid side facing up. You will notice the grid side of the paper is sticky. This is to help guide your crafts. Make sure your hands are washed and you have plenty of room on your craft table. You don’t want dirt or debris getting into your work area. 

Next you will want to peel the entire portion of your grid paper off the transfer tape. Place the back side of your leather, the flesh side called suede, on top of the sticky grid transfer tape. 

Basically make sure that the back side (or grainy side of your leather) sticks to the transfer tape!

Reference this picture to see what we mean. 

Next you will want to trim your transfer tape so that it is aligned with the leather piece. Making the two pieces match is key for cutting the leather. You don’t want any extra sticky transfer tape to hang outside your leather. This will cause a mess and could ruin the leather.

Do this by flipping over the transfer tape and placing it directly on the mat. You know you are doing this step right when the top of the leather is facing up. 

Now you will transfer the tape to your Cricut mat. Don’t worry about shifting leather, the transfer tape will keep your leather in place. Your leather should not shift while you cut it in the Cricut. 

Once you place your leather in the machine, there you have it! Easy cut leather to use for all your leather scrap craft needs. 

Your turn! Now tell us in the comments what you are going to do with your scrap leather after it’s cut.

Are you looking for more scrap leather for your next epic DIY leather project? 

Portland Leather Goods is giving away boxes of scrap leather—don’t miss out on this opportunity. Check it out here.

This article is brought to you by Portland Leather Goods. We make award-winning handmade leather products in Portland, Oregon, from the finest full-grain hides, creating personalized products to showcase your personal style. 



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T Shirt Details You Need to be So Sure of


The quality dude is looking for durable, high-quality products amidst all the crap that breaks down into his hands in just a moment. Price and brand when they no longer guarantee quality! Now it’s time for the t shirts for couples

Here are the tips for t-shirt shopping: 

  • The thin hair on the top of the jersey indicates that the t-shirt is easy to pounce on. 
  • Check against the light that the knitwear surface looks flat and must not look “cloudy”. If it looks cloudy, then the yarn is uneven, sometimes thinner, sometimes thicker. In use, such a knit easily forms a hole for a thin thread. 
  • The material must be neat. It is flexible, but when it is stretched it must also recover quickly. 
  • A very slim, downhill sweatshirt can be beautiful but not very durable. Thicker sweatshirt is better for washing. 

Many knitwear contain spandex, which becomes gray in laundry

The material should feel good in the hand. Try to see if the sweatshirt fists. If it wrinkles a lot, it means that the jersey is of poor quality cotton, made from shorter fiber. This also makes the garment more palpable because it has more fiber ends. 

The seams should be straight. In particular, the side seams must not curl forward or backward. When you put the garment on the table as a blanket, it should be straight. If the seams are slightly twisted, they will rotate even more in the wash. 

  • Make sure the edges and cuffs are firm. 
  • Loose loosening even more in the wash. 

The casual hem or cuff does not last in everyday use

If the t-shirt has a print, embossing or glitter, then the fabric should have at least some flexibility. Try stretching your clothing at the store. Also, try gently scrubbing to see if the pattern comes off easily. Special printing is never as permanent as regular printing. 

The color stability of a garment is difficult to test in a shop, but you can try color by rubbing the garment against white fabric. If the fabric starts to dye right away, it will certainly fade in the laundry. 

When buying, make sure that the t-shirt looks neat, smooth, clean and unused. Sometimes cheap chain clothes look like they have been worn for a week. 

Finnishness in clothes does not necessarily mean the best possible quality: in Finland, small designers often sew the clothes themselves, which does not always guarantee the best possible work. However, it favors small brands that make their products in Europe. Usually, the clothes made in Europe are of higher quality than those made in the Far East, where the controls are not as good. 

The garment must also sit well. Always fit a t-shirt before buying. 

If the product becomes peeled, discolored or discolored, or rusted immediately after first use and properly washed, then it is not good and can be returned to the store.


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Bespoke Pieces: Why People Prefer Custom-made Items


Ideally, shopping won’t take too much of your time. You go inside a store, you choose items and fit those, then pay for it. You can do it in a breeze and that’s alright. But, having some few custom-made pieces are also great for your wardrobe. You not only have quality pieces but also items you can use for years. Below are some reasons to order bespoke items instead of mass-produced ones.

The Difference

 You can spot the difference between a custom-made item from an off-the-rack one. This isn’t to say that an off-the-rack item is no good. But, bespoke pieces simply stand out. If you’re after that unique appeal, then you should have one made for you. Some of the custom-made items you can order are shoes, clothing, and jewelry. You can order custom jewelry from your Utah location for “standout” pieces.  

Fits Right on You

 Customized items will always have a good fit. The store of your choice will do lots of fitting before they give you your final product. They might ask you to go back to their store a few times to test for this. If you like how it fits then they will use that to create the final product.

You Can Choose the Quality

 Custom-made items are often made with quality materials. But, there are different kinds to choose from. The highest quality will be the most expensive. You can choose something similar which may be less inexpensive. Consider choosing the best one since you’re already ordering them custom-made.

You Can Pick a Specific Style

 Do you get frustrated sometimes when you’re looking for a specific style and can’t find one? This is one of the reasons why there are people who like custom-made pieces. They like to be unique so they choose designs that are one-of-a-kind. Order bespoke items if you have a particular style in mind.

Choose Custom-made if Shopping Is Not For You

 Unless you’re an easy shopper, then special styles are for you. Ordering customized items can lessen your mall trips. You can even ask from the store to deliver the items.

One-of-a-Kind Pieces

 Not all your clothes and jewelry need to be super expensive. But, you should invest in some good pieces, especially for jewelry. Order custom-made items for designs you know you’ll use for a long time. You can use it and even hand it down if it’s made of durable quality. These special items will look good on basic clothing. It’s a great way to mix-and-match.

Your Take

 It’s nice to buy a design made especially for you. You can share your ideas during the design process. The point is to influence the creation of your pieces, so you can truly say that the item is special. You can tell the artisan which colors and prints you like and what kind of texture you prefer.

All About Sentiments

 Some people will request their old jewelry to blend with a new design. They choose this to remember a loved one. The custom made item becomes more valuable to them for this reason.  

Custom Pieces for Life

 Choose custom pieces even when you also buy off-the-rack. These are quality pieces that can withstand time. Choose the ones of greater value not only to stand out but also as investments.

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Guide To Take Care Of Beach Towels


Trips to the beach are one of the biggest points in favor of summer, but not stained cloths. Read this guide to take care of beach towels, learn how to wash them, and how to remove stains.

First Tips For Washing Beach Towels

Although you should always remember to read and follow the washing instructions that are on the product.

The cotton towels generally must be washed with hot water. So when you take your clothes to the washing machine, set this feature in the cycle to get better cleaning. Usually, hot water will not damage the material of the towels, of course, if they are of quality cotton.

Once again we tell you, read the washing label on your towel (ผ้าขนหนู, which is the term in Thai), because some may not allow the use of hot water, because they are not 100% cotton.

Remove The Most Common Stains                                                 

Ice Cream And Chocolate: Remove as much ice cream and chocolate as possible from the towel. Make a pre-treatment for the stain with a stain remover that you can find in the store or if you don’t have liquid detergent. Scrub with water repeatedly until the stain is removed. But, if the stain dried or is harder to remove, soak the towel in soapy water for 15-30 minutes.

Mud: Wait till the clay is dry, then scrape to remove as much dirt as you can. Pour liquid detergent throughout the stain and scrub the affected area. You can use an old toothbrush to rub until the stain has been removed.

Makeup base: Make a pre-treatment with liquid soap and then wash it with hot water.

Lawn: Soak in a mixture of your regular detergent with water. And then follow the normal wash.

Juice, Coffee Or Tea: Clean the affected area with distilled vinegar. Then wash as usual.

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Free Access Of Transsexuals To Sex Change     

gender-surgery-cover (1)

In the change of sex, not only that there are obstacles, taboo subjects, culture, religion and others, but also in this procedure, the transsexual encounters factors that make him consider this process or opt for other options. For example, sex change operation Thailand cost.

The factor that influences when resorting to a sex change operation (from woman to man or from man to woman) which is one of the longest existing in current medicine is the cost for this, as it is one of the most expensive in the world of surgeries. The average cost for the intervention can exceed 19,000 USD, to which we must add the previous and subsequent treatment, among other expenses. This implies a price that many transsexuals cannot bear and have to resort to public health.

Requirements To Access A Sex Change Operation Through Public Health

The process that transsexuals face is not characterized by being easy and short, as it is long and requires extensive prior treatment. However, there is no common requirement for sex reassignment operations, but it depends on each public center and each autonomous community. However, in general, some of them are:

  • The transsexual must be over 18 years of age, as it is the age where you can choose whether to perform the procedure or not. Like, it is where the person is already totally sure of wanting a sex change. That is, where he is clear about what he wants.
  • It must pass a hormonal treatment process (between one and two years), it is necessary to be able to start the procedure because, also, it influences the results.
  • You must pass a psychological treatment because the changes that your body will have are significant, and it is better that you receive psychological attention or accompaniment. In this aspect, the patient finds acceptance, improving their self-esteem, among other disorders.
  • You must receive the approval from a psychologist and pass a thorough follow-up in the center where the operation will be performed, which helps to avoid emotional problems in the future.
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Plastic Surgery In Thailand Vs. America


In the United States, the clinics have a ready excuse for charging exorbitantly to carry out elective surgery procedures. Having most celebrities make significant patronage who are of the wealthy clan’s fuels this excess price tags. The average American who wishes to have surgery becomes unable to afford it. In Thailand, however, Western nation citizens can re-do nose surgery in “Khorat” (แก้จมูก โคราช, which is the term in Thai) at affordable prices.

Medical Tourism

Plastic surgery patronage in the United States had a massive decline, with about 1.5 million from the level it was in 2007. The fall is primarily due to the increase in medical tourism in Thailand. Most citizens of the Western states and on a general note visit to Thailand and other countries to get their surgical procedures carried out yearly. In the United States, abdominal liposuction values at $7,500 while it can be obtained in Thailand between $1,200 and $4,000.

Cost Differences

There is a gaping distinction between plastic surgery in Europe, Thailand, and America. You would pay between $8,000 and $10,000 for a breast implant in America, while such a procedure is valued at $2,800 in Thailand. A surgery in Korat (ศัลยกรรม โคราช, which is the term in Thai) surgery values lesser with a difference of about $3,000 in comparison to the United States. The types of equipment for such procedures nearly outweighs the one found in the United States of America and most Western countries, making competition impossible, and attracting more medical tourists to Thailand.

Habiting in Thailand costs lesser than living in other Western countries, resulting in the reason for a cheaper rate of plastic surgery procedures. However, the quality of a process is similar, and in some cases, top-notch, judging by the influx of medical tourists yearly. The Western country inhabitant having discovered this is re-mapping their routes when it comes to seeking a plastic surgery procedure.

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What You Should Know About Muay Thai Shirts

images (73)

Every individual has a particular inclination to shirts and various designs as soothing to them. In the world of Martial arts, a lot of models are designed. Some people will settle for the traditional fighter design shirts and simple print fighter shirts. However, specific shirt patterns look very crowded and should have a particular purpose for wearing.

Wearing Muay Thai Shirts For Training Or As A Regular Wear

If you are an athlete ready for a training session, you would be most comfortable in a Muay Thai shirt (เสื้อ มวยไทย which is the term in Thai) which stretches and can allow you functional breathing space. A shirt entirely made up of cotton has high tendencies to be drenched during and after training times. You can have some of them ripped while taking them off.

It would be very uncomfortable to use your regular t-shirts for a training session, which is meant for casual wearing. In using a Muay Thai T-shirt for training, I would advise you to settle for nylon, microfiber, polyester, and dry fit materials. They are light and easy to dry. Working out in the best shirt materials reduces your worry about being drenched or the weight of the cloth.

Nonetheless, if you are looking to purchase a boxer t-shirt [เสื้อ นัก มวย which is the term in Thai] or for a uniform get together, you would not need to worry much about the material used in the shirt making. A shirt made of cotton or polyester or even mixed with another material like fiber or nylon would not amount to much discomfort.  Cotton, for instance, has a soft material and it can be very comfortable to wear. There are also some tight fitted Muay Thai shirts you can choose to settle for to attend an event with no sports engagement but requires a sporty look.

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How to earn money at this time of global economic slowdown?

A man who identified himself as Mr. Cour

Money is considered to be the most important driving force in life. But actually, it is the way through which you earn money is the real motivator. Though there are many comfortable jobs out there that can earn you a good amount of money all the jobs out there require some from an effort from your part be it in the form of physical effort or mental effort for that matter. But people always look for chances where they can make money without having to put much effort and the forex market is the best option for them out there. Forex trade stands for foreign exchange markets where different currencies are traded and if you can predict the future value of the currency you can invest in it and if the prediction actually proves to be right you can earn money as well.

What is the Bull market and how it works?

Now when it comes to an understanding the forex market certain trend lines can help you to understand it in the first place. Like for example, Bull Market is (Bull Market คือ , which is the term in Thai) one of the upward trend lines that you the idea about what currencies are predicted to do well in the coming days. The bull market trend line is named so because when a bull roars he always keeps his head upwards and as it is the upward trend line thus it is named so. Thus by analyzing this bull market, you can easily understand the market trends and then earn money through foreign exchange.

Get in touch with the best forex trading guide

So if you are in Thailand and want to earn money through forex trading make sure you hire an online platform that can provide you with the details of the market like a bull market trend line. In Thailand, forexgo is the only reliable and efficient platform in this regard. So make sure you pay a visit to their official website.

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Polo t-shirt is always a style statement:


A polo t-shirt is always a style statement. And, from many years people are using these polo t-shirts. Yes, over the years the designed has changed a lot. But it never goes out of style. And, in the coming years, the design will change of polo t-shirt. But it will never be going to disappear from the market. And people love to wear those polo t-shirts. Then how come this thing will go out of the market. It will remain in the market for many years. And, even after many years people will prefer to wear them without any problem.

Because these are the style statement for many years. And, there are many times it is being proved. Not only normal people but also stars and movie actors and actresses also wear polo t-shirts. So, don’t think about anything and buy the polo t-shirt for being in style.

Design own polo t-shirt

There is many Polo shirt shop [ร้าน เสื้อ โปโล, which is the term in Thai] in which people can design their own polo shirt. According to themselves and for that just go to their website. And, then design your own polo shirt and then send it to themselves by just saving it. Then order it and within a few days, one can get their product in just few days. and, that is very good. Now with this thing one can wear the polo shirt designed by them. So, just design it and buy it.

Buy from a good company

It is very important to buy all these polo shirts from a good company. only then a person will get the actual product that they design on their website. Otherwise, a different thing will come to the doorstep. So, choose the best company for doing this thing.

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