7 Celebrity Fashion Tips for 2019

7 Celebrity Fashion Tips for 2019

Celebrities have a way of always looking perfect; a lot of our favourite celebrities have managed to do no wrong when it comes to what they wear and how they wear it. Every now and then, we wish to be able to tap into their stylishness to improve on our current style and wardrobe but that is easier said than done.

There are a plethora of shows and entire TV networks dedicated to analyzing how our favourite celebrities dress, but these shows do not tell us how to improve the way we dress.

Today, we will look into a few fashion secrets from celebrities that you can implement in 2019 to revolutionize your wardrobe.

Unconventional Prints

Nyle Demarco recently solidified his position as one of the most stylish men in Hollywood. One of his recent looks that stood out was his unconventional use of prints. The trick is to first find a print that resonates with you then make use of it in an unconventional way. Use these prints on garments that they are not traditionally used on.

Show off your best Assets

This is the ultimate guide that everyone needs to live by, the trick to looking your best is to accentuate and put your best features out there. It can be anything from a forehead like Rihanna all the way down to beautiful long legs like Taylor Swift.

Designer Handbags

There are few things more effective when it comes to improving your personal style than accessorizing with a designer handbag. Luxury handbags like Louis Vuitton’s have long been a way for celebrities and elites to ensure that they stand out from the crowd with ease.

Louis Vuitton’s are by no means cheap and they’re out of the price range for the vast majority of us. A good way to own authentic designer handbags without breaking the bank would be to purchase a pre-owned Louis Vuitton bag from reputable retailers.

Unique Design Elements

Here is another tip from Nyle Demarco, pair up ordinary outfits with extraordinary design elements that are sure to gain attention. You can pair a pretty ordinary slim fit suit with an Asian style “karate belt” of the same colour and design. The most effective elements to use differ from person-to-person based on our ethnic or cultural roots, background and everything in between.

Bold Colors

Every now and then, you need to go against the tide and wear something bold, chic and elegant. Diane Kruger, the actress, and model has shown us just how possible it is to look elegant and daring in bright colours.

Diane rocks insane prints and she is undoubtedly a fan of bright colours, she has been able to successfully incorporate both into her wardrobe and wears them with little to no effort.

Effortlessly Cool

Denim, leather jackets, and ankle boots, what do these three items have in common? They have the ability to make you look laid back and fashion forward at the same time.

Gigi Hadid knows this and she frequently uses these items to captivate us all. When this supermodel is not walking down runways in Milan or Paris, she uses casual “Californian glamour” to stay fashionable all the time.


If there is one thing that celebrities have in abundance it would be confidence. How else are they able to pull off outfits that’ll look ridiculous on the average fellow?

Celebrities know that each time they step out; they are putting on a show for the audience. Building up your confidence makes it easier for you to put on outfits that might seem unnatural to you. It helps you stand out from the crowd and pull off that flawless celebrity look.

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