6 Eye Catchy and Must Have Maharashtrian Traditional Jewellery

6 Eye Catchy and Must Have Maharashtrian Traditional Jewellery

In India, pieces of jewellery differ based on the cultures present across the country. Maharashtra is well known for its rich heritage and culture, which gives rise to the beautiful must have traditional jewellery for the Maharashtrian women. Maharashtrian traditional jewellery is mostly derived from two historical dynasties, which are Marathas and Peshwas. These traditional jewellery are famous worldwide.

The six eye catchy and famous traditional jewellery present in every Maharashtrian women’s wardrobe are explained below:


Nath is an ornament that is worn in the nose by almost every Maharashtrian women during weddings, family functions and different religious ceremonies. This attractive piece of jewellery is made with pearls and consists of pink or white stones in the middle. Brahmani Nath is a popular type of Nth that is crafted with Basra pearl and emerald. It also consists of an uncut diamond surrounded by Basra pearls and to make this nath more attractive rubies and green emeralds are used as colour pops. Naths are also referred to as a vital ornament among the bridal pieces of jewellery of Maharashtra.  


Thusi is a choker style necklace crafted with 22-carat gold, which famous traditional jewellery of Maharashtra. This beautiful gold ornament is made with gold beads and consists of an adjustable thread for tying the neckpiece around the neck. Moreover, the neckpiece has jowar gold seeds, which conveys that a bride’s new home will always be blessed with food.  


Mundavalya is unique traditional jewellery of Maharashtra. It is a string of pearls, which is tied across the foreheads of the grooms and brides of Maharashtra. This ornament indicates that the bride is ready for marriage and will willingly walk towards the mandap (the place where the wedding rituals take home).  


Vaaki is valuable jewellery among the traditional jewels. This ornament is worn in one arm; it is crafted with solid gold and beautiful stones embossed in the centre. For making it look more auspicious, a Ruby is put in the centre.


Chooda is glass bangles that are worn mainly by the brides of Maharashtra. The Maharashtrian Chooda is green in colour. There is an exciting reason behind keeping the colour of the Chooda green that is it is considered as a symbol of prosperity and fertility. Another interesting fact about the Chooda bangal is that the women wear it in odd numbers in both the hands.  


Kudya is a gorgeous pearl studded earring, which is ornamented by the brides of Maharashtra. The earrings are crafted with precious coloured stone to make it look more attractive.

Each above described Maharashtrian traditional jewellery is exceptionally gorgeous and must-haves for almost all women in Maharashtra. These traditional pieces of jewellery are crafted beautifully with gold and coloured stones to make them more attractive. The unique designs of these jewellery do attract not only the Maharashtrian women but also many other women from different cultures. Hence, if you are looking for exclusive traditional jewels of Maharashtra, it is suggested to go through these ornaments in a jewellery store.