Why Should You Not Skip Waxing in Winters?

Why Should You Not Skip Waxing in Winters?

Waxing is not a seasonal process. So, it’s not a good idea to avoid waxing in winters. However, you can ditch hot wax as it can produce a higher burning sensation in your skin during winter when it’s very dry. Instead, consider using ready-to-use cold wax strips or hair removal creams for women from a reputed brand. These solutions never burn the skin.

That being said, here are some reasons why you shouldn’t stop waxing just because it’s winter.

Reduce Hair Growth

Waxing isn’t a one-session solution. If you wax your body hair consistently, there’ll be less hair growth over sustained periods. Waxing prevents the hair from reaching the latter stages of growth when it’s stronger and thicker and needs more effort to be depilated. So, consider removing hair regularly at its initial stage of growth for smooth legs and full body using hair remover wax strips. Over time, the whole process of hair growth can slow down and weaken.

Lower Sensitivity

If you restart waxing after a long seasonal break, your pain tolerance may fall. However, when you wax the year round, you maintain a habit of waxing and become more comfortable with it. Also, as discussed, this can check hair growth at its initial stages when the hair is finer, softer and thinner. Then it becomes both easier and less painful to depilate.

Nourish Any Type of Skin

The best hair remover wax strips for smooth legs and full body contain nourishing formulations for the skin as per its type. They can soothe dry skin with Aloe Vera, pamper sensitive skin with Almond Oil and Vitamin E and moisturise normal skin with Shea Butter. So, if you were thinking that in winter your skin is dry and hence, not suitable for waxing, worry no more. Just choose the best wax strips and hydrate your skin while depilating simultaneously.

Support Regeneration of Skin Cells

During winter, the skin quickly dries up and becomes rough since the surrounding air is dry and cold. So, too many dead skin cells accumulate. Waxing pulls away not just body hair but also dead skin cells through exfoliation and helps promote blood circulation to boost the growth of new skin cells.

Reduce Discomfort from Static Charges

When certain objects rub against each other, opposite static charges can build upon them. So, when you try to pull an object away from another, the charges begin to attract each other. Drier conditions in winter enhance the creation of static charges. When such charges build up between your hair and woollen garments/blankets (and even watches), the hair stands up and gets pulled by the other object with the least of your movements. This can be very uncomfortable. But if you wax in winter, there’s less to no hair to get pulled. Plus your skin isn’t dry but hydrated with soothing formulations of hair remover wax strips for smooth legs and other body parts.

Winter also brings in the wedding season. So, if you want to sport a sleeveless or backless dress confidently, don’t skip waxing during winter.