Why do people buy replicas?

Why do people buy replicas?

There is a desire to fit in or belong to a group. In a study carried out by Deloitte it was found that 29% of consumers use social networks during the purchase process.

They feel dissatisfied with their economic capacity so they look to the replicas for salvation to apparently wear the same clothes as their friends.


Sellers of AAA replicas many times take advantage of the buyer’s ignorance and promote their products as real at a discount price.

  • In Europe it has been found that the garments are sold under the pretext that they are built with the same parts as the real one, but they did not pass the quality test or something like that.
  • This problem is the easiest to avoid and the answer to it is education.
  • If you decide to start a purchase on the internet through a page or account other than that of the store or designer, be very careful at all times of the process.
  • Find images of the garment and compare all the details you can without being afraid to ask for photos.
  • The biggest advice we can give you regarding this item is that if you decide to risk yourself in an unreliable place, be as suspicious as possible.

Replicas are cheaper

Think about it, would you really consider buying a replica to have the money?

There may be people with little interest in design who, even having the resources, prefer to go for the most accessible option. Despite this, the number of replica buyers due to the price factor would definitely be reduced if having the resources with which to buy the original brand.

The problems regarding the price of counterfeit products are easy to identify: they range from obtaining a lower quality product with possible defects, to supporting criminal organizations and drug cartels.

While there are academics who still argue that there is no proof that the counterfeiting business finances illegal drug trafficking operations, there are also proponents of this idea like this one. In the best replica jordan website  you can find the best deals.

What happens if we buy a replica?

In the first instance, you are belittling something as important in our society as copyright . And it is that, although it may seem like something innocent, counterfeit products cost the world economy about 250,000 million dollars a year.

  • As you can see, the figure is not negligible. Profits from this illegal sector are denied to designers and copyright owners who were the ones who developed and engineered the entire design and product.

You are filled with euphoria when you see how your product is appearing in all the media in the world and how your name is now recognized in the world of fashion.