What is Rolex Explorer?

What is Rolex Explorer?

The Rolex Explorer 14270 holds a fascinating area in horological history. Caught somewhere in wristwatch purgatory, not old enough to be vintage, as well as not new adequate to be trendy, it is a significantly under-appreciated wristwatch in gathering circles, but one with a serious cult adhering to among lovers. It has the unusual distinction of being, fairly likely, the really initial contemporary Rolex sports see, ushering in a new period of watchmaking, as well as watch layout for the brand. The Rolex Explorer 14270 is a watch that is so straightforward in its implementation that individuals simply don’t talk about it. Well, with the 30th wedding anniversary of its release had simply passed, it is time to put the limelight on this resting giant.

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The Rolex Explorer, as an entire line, needs no introduction; however, let’s give it one anyway. Historically talking, it personifies the brand name’s present for myth-making, as well as advertising and marketing. It was the 1953 Mt. Everest exploration that caused its creation. Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay took with them a white Rolex Oyster as they rose Everest’s top, an infamously onerous and life-risking undertaking. Certainly, the incorporation of a Rolex watch on that particular journey was not an incident, but rather a purposeful branding workout by Rolex to reveal just what the Oyster situation can. The white Rolex Oyster Perpetual Superlative Chronometer not just partook in the journey, however, returned residence to tell the tale, which it has done for nearly 70 years since. This masterclass in brand structure by Rolex caused the production of a 36mm watch, similar essentially to the watch which summited Everest, however, birthing the now-iconic name, “Explorer.”

It was additionally in 1953 that the Explorer reference 6350 was launched. While not technically the initial Explorer, it is the initial to include the Traveler name on the dial. Featuring Arabic characters at 3, 6, as well as 9, a 36mm size, and a black dial, this watch was the structure for the Explorer layout language going forward.

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