What are magnetic snaps?

What are magnetic snaps?

You can choose from a variety of colors, including gold, silver and brass, as well as metallic. The most common shape is the round, but we have seen square and rectangular ones. There are many sizes of magnetic snaps, from 10-millimeter up to 18-millimeter, not inches. You can order magnetic snaps in bulk from best magnetic snaps supplier online at affordable prices. Mail your query at info@richarms.com and ask for a budget friendly-quote. You can use these snaps to attach accessories like bags, purses, and clutches. Magnetic snaps are easy to use. You can find them online and in your local craft shops. 

How do you use magnetic snaps?

First, separate your magnetic snap. Now you will have a male and a female snap, as well as two circular washer disks that have holes. The male portion will be found on the bag’s flap, while the female part will be located on the bag’s body. Before you begin, make sure that you have cut out your bag and added the interfacing as per the pattern. If the piece feels too thin, you can add more fusible-interfacing in the same position as the magnet. You do not want the magnet’s legs to poke through your fabric.

Place your circular disk on the one side and mark the rectangle lines on the other side. Use a seam ripper or knife to cut along the marked lines. Do not overcut. Push the legs of one magnet through the holes on the right side. You can add more scrap fabric to thicken the fabric if it feels too thin. Place the disk in the back and pass it through the legs. Then, push the legs outwards. To do this, you will need to have strong fingers. You may need to use pliers. Double-check to make sure you do not feel the ends of the legs. Apply the magnet to the second half using the same technique. Your bag project will look amazing when you are done.

Magnets are nature’s perfect technology.

Velcro can be noisy and attract lint, as well as other debris. Over time, the strips may become detached from the main fabric. You can combine magnets and a mechanical clasp to make it easy to use one-handed. It is also silent, which is a great feature for anyone who has ever been late to class or missed a meeting. This magnetic clasp is super simple and combines strength with ease of operation. There are two ways to puncture fabric with magnetic clasps. However, it is much easier to cut the fabric by snipping along the lines using sharp scissors.

What is the ideal size?

We should also mention that the right size magnetic snap is essential for any project. Many patterns/tutorials require a specific size. For pockets, we prefer to use a smaller size 14-millimeter snap. A few have a stronger magnetic force. The magnets are sewn between layers of exterior and lining to keep things in place, but they are also very easy to remove. It is actually easier to attach a magnetic snap to a bag than sewing buttons.