Welcome to the tulip season

Welcome to the tulip season

From mid March to mid May, fields become a vast sea of one of the most beautiful flower in the entire world: tulip. This is particularly true in Holland, where the tulip has become a national symbol, however this journey starts well ahead.


Since the time of Suleiman the Magnificent,those flowers were very popular in Turkey. They were imported in Europe starting from 1554, many years later, thanks to a dutch ambassador. Also the name is Turkish and derives from ‘tullband’, literally turban, because of its shape, but tulip comes straight from farytales. In One thousand and One nights the sultan drops a red tulip in front of the girl he picks from his harem to tell her she is the chosen one for that night.

So if you want to send flowers to your girlfriend in Italy for your anniversary or if you want to make your mommy smile with a stunning bouquet of pink tulips, just sit down and listen to this wonderful story; Italian Flora will take care of everything else about your order, from start to finish, thanks to its reliable delivery system.


A legend from the past

Once upon a time (I’ve told you tulips are legendary) in Persia there was a boy called Shirin who fell in love with Ferhad, a beautiful girl who loved him back. Unfortunately, their love was not meant to be. According to the legend, Shirin left his home in search of fortune, leaving his beloved behind. Ferhad waited for him for a long time but one day, while she was searching for Shirin, she fell over some sharp stones and she immediately started to bleed. At the thought that they would not meet again, she started crying. Her tears, mixed with her blood, fell to the ground andturn into beautiful, red tulips. From that day on, every Spring, these flowers bloom again, in memory of this unhappy love.

Wherever it comes from, a tulip is always a wonderful flower, so this kind of bouquet is a perfect choice for any occasion.


A hundred species of tulips

There are more than one hundred species of tulips in nature and everyone of them has a different meaning.First of all these flowers are the symbol of Spring ad new beginnings, but every different colour can express what words cannot.

Giving someone a red tulip means “I love you and I will love you forever”,white tulipsinstead, are perfect for apologizing.Streaked tulips are used to pay a compliment to the recipient, often hinting at beauty of their eyes.If you are trying to conquer a girl, this might be the best way to impress her. Yellow and orange stand for enthusiasm and energy, so opting for this kind of tulip is perfect to celebrate friendship.

Anytime you decide to send a bouquet, a tulips’ one is the right one. Just pick your favourite colour and you have the perfect gift. Now, all you have to do is to send it to your loved ones!