Towels are the must thing for any guest:

Towels are the must thing for any guest:

If a guest comes to the hotel then the first thing that they do is to get freshen up. So, that they can relax a bit. And, wipe their face with the towel. Suppose there is no towel or have a dirty towel. Then the guest will feel cheated that even after paying money they can’t even get a good towel. Everyone knows the hotel industry runs on the image. If their image is bad then they can’t even survive in the game. And, right now we live in a world where a tweet or a review can destroy the whole image.

A guest doesn’t need to do a lot of things. They just need to post their review and ratings of the hotel. And, most people see the review before booking any hotel. So, don’t let these small mistakes come in the way. Just buy some new towels and start placing them in every room. So, the guest feels refreshed.

Buy the towels in a bulk quantity

Hotel industry always needs Towel [ผ้าขนหนู, which is the term in Thai] for their guest. So, they always have a requirement. But getting 10 to 20 pieces of the towel will be costly. Instead of that one can place the bulk order. Because the towel is not going to expire and despite that people will come to the hotel. So, it is better to place the order in bulk and save a lot of money. Because generally, the dealer gives much more discount on the bulk order than on 10-20 pieces.

Compare the price with different companies

It is better than if someone is giving orders in bulk then compare prices of different companies. In that way, it becomes easy to find out whose product is best and affordable. Try to get at least 3 to 4 companies. Check their price and specification of their product. Then choose the best one amongst them.