Timex Group Salutes Desh Ke Gaurav as we Fight COVID-19

Timex Group Salutes Desh Ke Gaurav as we Fight COVID-19

Coronavirus has taken over the world and we are wrapped in an assembly of sanitizers, face masks, and gloves. With our own country being under lockdown for over 2 months now, this pandemic has changed all our lives. We have all developed a deeper understanding and appreciation of the necessities of life and the things we could easily do without. 

While life in lockdown has been challenging, we are fortunate enough to have the basic amenities available to us while we stay protected in our homes. All these basic amenities have been facilitated by selfless and relentless efforts of the frontline workers. From medical professionals and policemen to journalists and sanitary workers, these professionals have put their lives on the line in the fight against COVID-19. These past few months, we’ve all heard of heart-warming stories of healthcare and sanitary workers who have placed their duty over and above everything in their life, like the nurse who was called into duty when his wife was 9 months pregnant or the policemen who have been on the streets ensuring that people follow social distancing and the government guidelines related to the lockdown. Their contributions have been lauded by everyone in the country including the Prime Minister, celebrities, and the general public alike. 

As we come across such stories every day, it is only befitting to call out these warriors and salute their spirit. To show their support and appreciation for these heroes, Timex Group has launched a new campaign called #DeshKeGaurav. Through the Facebook page for TMX, Timex Group is urging people to nominate their heroes and share the sacrifices and contributions made by them during these tough times. This global brand has decided to gift TMX watches to those nominated over a period of 10 days as a symbol of gratitude for the hardships faced by these frontline workers. Based on the stories that are highlighted, 100 TMX watches will be gifted to the heroes by the leading watch brand. You too can contribute to the noble cause by sharing the stories of your heroes on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TMXWatches/  


To create awareness about the campaign and reach out to a larger audience, Timex Group has also associated with TV actor Karan Patel and TV actress Sanjeeda Sheikh to help spread the kind message across. They have urged people to participate in large numbers to shower these frontline workers with love and appreciation. As one of the best platforms for buying wrist watches online, the brand understands the power of social media and encourages everyone to share their personal experiences. 



As one of the best platforms to buy girls watches online, the Timex Group has come up with a wonderful initiative during COVID-19 as a reason to smile and spread happiness.