The Secrets of Successful Hair Removal

The Secrets of Successful Hair Removal

Is it possible to remove body hair from every part of the body?  Today more and more people are looking for new ways to remove hair from parts of our bodies that we never considered before.  Nowadays we remove hair from our faces, necks, chests and backs and all the way south to our toes. Is this safe to do? Absolutely!  Most of the time it’s also very successful as well. Depending on where you are removing hair from it might be a good idea to get professional help, but full body hair removal is a reality for many people.  

An expensive but effective option:

One of the most long lasting and successful ways of removing facial and body hair is through Laser Hair Removal.  You can get it done at a salon if you can afford it but if your budget is a little more limited you can buy a DIY device to use at home.  It removes hair faster than other permanent hair removal systems like electrolysis because it targets more than one hair at a time. Laser Hair Removal will permanently lighten, reduce and remove your body hair ensuring your skin is soft, smooth and hair free for good.

These are wonderful benefits but they come at a cost.  Salon Laser Hair Removal at a salon will cost a few thousand US$ while a home laser device is a few hundred.  

Whether you chose to go to a professional or do it yourself it will take several treatments to complete each area.  The reason for this is because you need to target each hair when it’s in its growth phase, which will happen at different times.      

More cost effective, but not as long lasting:

The most effective of the temporary removal options is waxing.  It appears to be cheaper than laser but you have to do it every few weeks.  Some people also say that it hurts quite a bit too. Waxing works by applying a layer of hot wax to the skin where you want to remove the hair.  

The wax is left to harden for a few seconds and then quickly pulled off.  This pulls the hair out by the root leaving your hair smooth and hair free for a few weeks.  You can either visit a salon for your wax treatments, or you can easily do it yourself at home by yourself with a home waxing kit.  

So, which is the best option?  It really is up to the individual.  If you are able to undergo laser treatment it will be the most cost effective and efficient method in the long run.  However, if budget is a factor and you don’t mind a little bit of pain then waxing is a great option.

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