The Right Cosplaying Options for You

The Right Cosplaying Options for You

Cosplaying is not just putting on a costume and voila; there are a lot of things to do before that and the first one is deciding which character you will cosplay as. Here are a couple of tips to help you decide:

Don’t leave it to the last minute: even if you have it done to a professional tailor, cosplaying is complex and time consuming, especially since last minute fixes are always needed to make it fit you perfectly. It is best to start it a couple of weeks before the convention where you want to cosplay. For the cosplay contacts this is important.

Choose a character with whom you identify: 

If you have not seen the anime of the character you are going to cosplay it is better that you do not.

Take the heat into account: Try to make your cosplay as cool as possible so you can wear it all day.

Wear comfortable shoes

It is very possible that you will be standing for a good part of the day, so it is best to include comfortable shoes in your cosplay or bring an extra pair of shoes to change when you are tired.

Accessories are important: many times they are the ones that end up giving life to the character or for it to be recognized.

Consider the following: bone structure, physical appearance, size and age.

What do we mean?

Check all this in yourself and compare it with your character, if what I just mentioned has nothing to do with your character that you plan to interpret, then why do you do it? How can I check that? it’s easy, you need a large mirror and the image of the character.

The bone structure has a lot to do with it, for example a cute, tender, pretty character would be a bit difficult to interpret if your bone structure is square, it would not be because of the fact that your face is very marked, you could only make said character if you wear a wig that covers this area, a bare chin is not an option.

A round structure to play male characters, they should use dark correctors to mark the face and look square. Just as others can also use them, the help of certain haircuts (in this case stylized wigs) and shots at the right angles, help to enhance your cosplay.

Physical Appearance

In the physical aspect you have to check that your physical complexion is the same or similar to that of the cosplay you want to interpret: if you have a robust complexion then you cannot dress as chii de chobits or belldandy, we do not repress anyone since the cosplay is to the liking of the person but you have to bear in mind that if you are going to dress in a cosplay that you love and despite not looking like you will receive criticism, if you are going to do it do it with style and surprise them.

Know your body, what are your good points? What parts of your body do you not like? Taking this into account, you will know which character to interpret by her wardrobe, you know, if you don’t like your stomach, one that covers that, etc.