Taking Care of Your New Tattoo in Winters

Taking Care of Your New Tattoo in Winters
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Taking care of your tattoo is a year-round process because it needs to be treated separately in different seasons of the year. As the winter months are approaching, you must be well aware of how to take care of your tattoo during these chilly months. Take a look at these few tips we have got for you. They will help you to take good care of the tattoo.

Wear Loose Clothing – during winters you will obviously want to layer yourself with a lot of clothes and winter wear. But, you must try to avoid scratching the surface of the tattoo with any of your clothes for a long period of time. Tight layers of clothing can seriously irritate the skin and the tattoo big time. This can be very much problematic later on. Also, your tattoo will leak for the first few days and that will stain your clothes when you wear them. That is why we would recommend you to stay indoors for at least the first 7 – 10 days in order to avoid wearing thick layers of clothing.

Let The Tattoo Breathe – it is essential that your tattoo gets ample fresh air to breathe. Regardless of wherever the tattoo is situated in your body, you must expose it to fresh air. However, you can cover it with a loose cloth when you are going out or doing household work to avoid any damage. Don’t use a sticky bandage or thick cloth to cover the tattoo. Spend some time revealing the tattoo to the natural air to help it heal more quickly. Use a tattoo sunscreen when you go outside.

Don’t Over Soak Your Tattoo – it is a very bad idea to soak your tattoo in water during the winters. As it is the weather is chilly and the water is very cold, it will take a lot of time for the tattoo to dry up and heal. So, you cannot soak the tattoo in the water for a long time. Use lukewarm water to clean the water but don’t submerge it in a bathtub or expose the tattoo to very hot water. This is not good for the ink. Use a clean cloth and pat it dry, don’t scratch it.

Keep It Moisturized – usually during the winter our skin becomes dry. Getting a tattoo makes it even more rough and that is why it is important to keep the tattoo moisturized. Use a premium tattoo ointment to bring balance to the moisture levels of the skin. It will allow the skin to be more comfortable and relaxed. Dry skin can itch a lot and you will be often irritated by it. A tattoo cream will help you to get some relief.

Final Words – taking care of your new tattoo during the winter can be a tedious task. Make sure to follow our tips to properly care for it.