Morocco Wedding Planner

Morocco Wedding Planner

Getting married in Marrakech is exciting but also very terrifying. Planning your wedding abroad is going to be hard logistically speaking. That’s it ! You have made your decision, you will be assisted throughout the organization process of your wedding. One more effort, you have to find THE Marrakech wedding-planner!

He or she will accompany you both from the first moments of your preparations until the day after your Marrakech wedding. Your choice is therefore very important, you will move forward together for a year. He or she may not have ten years of experience in the world of marriage, but their professionalism will quickly be felt. You must have full confidence in your wedding planner, which does not always happen on the first date. In this case, your impression and vibes are a good way to make a decision.

Here are some tips I can give you to make the right choice:

The profession of wedding planner is not regulated. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, check that he or she is declared in the commercial register.

Make sure the agency is active. What qualifications does she have? What training did he/she take? What is his/her experience?

The moment for the “discovery” meeting has arrived, your Morocco wedding planner must be attentive to you, attentive to the smallest detail and must show empathy. She will ask you a mountain of questions, don’t be afraid, she just wants to understand you well!

You must speak without restraint and say whatever you think is important or not, for that, you have to feel comfortable and there must be a good feeling between the three of you.

Question your Marrakech wedding planner and get answers! What will happen after the first date? What will happen after signing the contract? How often will you have an appointment with your Marrakech wedding planner, how often, how? How will she select the providers for your wedding?

Check that the service offered by your wedding planner meets your expectations and needs, without there being no more (unnecessary services), no less.

Ask yourself if the universe of the agency suits you or not. If she advocates vintage and that’s all you hate, go to someone else. If you only want her, then make sure she understands your request.

Your wedding planner must be responsive, available and mobile! Because when you have a question you want to know the answer quickly and your schedules do not always allow you to travel during office hours.

Your Marrakech wedding venues must respect your wishes and not impose his ideas. However, she will be able to advise and guide you if you are too scattered.

Yupiiiii! You have arrived at the last tip. Once you have made your decision, be sure to sign a duly completed contract. With a description of the service defined together, the price of the service, the cancellation conditions. The general conditions of sale must accompany the contract, as well as a withdrawal form.