How to Look Perfect for Your Next Masquerade Ball

How to Look Perfect for Your Next Masquerade Ball

Back in the 15th century, a masquerade ball was the go-to place for a party. Fast forward to the 21st century and masquerade balls are still being enjoyed everywhere and at any time of year – not just during fancy dress season Halloween.

Getting all glammed up and putting on venetian masks can be a lot of fun, especially if the masquerade ball you are attending is for charity.

Masquerade Ball Outfits

Masquerade balls are usually formal or semi-formal meaning that there is an element of glam as opposed to piecing together a blood-stained outfit with the accompanying of a masquerade mask. Although formal, that doesn’t mean to say you have to splash the cash on buying a really expensive outfit, but whatever you do choose to wear, make sure that it’s classy.

If you are still unsure, think “nice restaurant”, you are going to a party after all not to church – make it fun. It’s also good to be aware of balancing your outfit – if your outfit is particularly extravagant, then a plain mask will suffice and vice versa.

Masquerade Masks

If you don’t want to wear a masquerade mask it’s not absolutely necessary – unless otherwise stated that is. Although, by wearing a mask it adds to the fun and entertainment of the event – no one wants to have the anxiety of the only one showing up without one either!

When choosing your mask, take into consideration what you would like to do with it. Some are handheld and some are one constantly. Remember if you decide to go for handheld then you will need to carry it with you ALL night.

The worst thing when showing up to a party is that someone has the same outfit as you, and this is no different with your masquerade mask. Search for something a little unique, something that stands out from the crowd and of course, goes with your outfit.Masquerade Masks can always be purchased from your local costume store if you have a tight budget but the likelihood someone else will have the exact same one will be high.


Your outfit doesn’t just stop at a well-planned outfit and Venetian mask – accessories are important too. By choosing the right accessories you can really enhance and finish off your desired look. Accessories can include: costume jewellery, walking sticks and umbrellas depending on the style you are going for. Another accessory to consider too is a fancy dress hat such as, fedora, top hat and even bowler hat which can give your outfit that finishing touch it needs.