FOGGS Classic review– The Most Comfy Slippers Ever

FOGGS Classic review– The Most Comfy Slippers Ever

PERFECT. One simple word that can explain the comfortable and satisfying feeling when wearing the FOGGS Classic slippers. These slippers are amazing and I will tell you why.

I waited for a while to give my thoughts to test them out on water, mud, sand, with or without socks and they exceeded my expectations. I can’t really explain the satisfying feeling that you get when you wear these slippers but I can sum it up and say that it feels like walking on clouds and I really recommend you try them out. 

Even though they get dirty from constantly wearing them like any other slippers or shoes, they are even easier to clean, sand and any liquid comes right off them and they look just as when you bought them.

FOGGS JAPAN really stepped up when they made these slippers. They are very comfortable and your feet fit just perfectly when you wear them and they really support your feet when you walk with them anywhere. You can basically wear them from the shower to the beach, with or without socks and they will fit your style perfectly. 

I really like the colors that they offer you. They are all so simple and perfectly chosen. I researched the company FOGGS JAPAN and was really amazed by the quality of their FOGGS Classic slippers and the variety of their colors and sizes. You should check them out on the following link: Considering my feet are a bit wider, I recommend you choose one size up than usual because that way the FOGGS Classic slippers suited me the best.

I have recently tried out and wore different kinds of slippers from different sports giants like Nike, Adidas, Puma etc. None of these brands really matched my feet because I started getting bruises and my feet started to hurt when you wore them for a long time but after some time I stumbled upon the perfectly comfortable FOGGS Classic and I have been happy and satisfied ever since and I highly recommend them for everyone, male or female, from babies to elders, they are literally for EVERYONE.

I thanked my wife countless times because she introduced me to these slippers. She had some problems with her feet constantly hurting and she was looking through the whole internet, and trust me she looked for a very long time until she found the FOGGS Classics, and she gave FOGGS JAPAN a shot and she has not taken them off since buying them. I did not believe her at first but after I tried them out, I have not felt more comfortable and at peace when walking around. As I said earlier, I recommend them to everyone because I got the FOGGS Classic slippers for my children, boy and girl, and for my parents. Everyone loves them very much. Even some of my friends tried them one time when they were at my house and were amazed by the high quality and for the low price. I have recently learned that they all got a few pairs. I feel very special considering everyone is thanking me for introducing them to the FOGGS JAPAN slippers. They all said that they were super comfortable, and they have worn them a lot more than they expected too, just the same as me. I would like to note that I have also surprisingly received a ton of compliments on them and even my most stylish friends have asked where I got them and what other colors they’re available in.

Walking around every day I honestly can say that this was the feeling that I was missing my whole life. The FOGGS JAPAN Classic slippers are really improving life quality and how you feel every day. The slippers are comfortable to a level that you feel like you are getting a massage everywhere you go.

To sum up my review I can honestly say the FOGGS Classic slippers are the most comfortable slippers I have ever worn. They are perfect for indoors and outdoors, even to wear them when showering or when you go for a long walk and expect your feet to hurt, but surprisingly they do not. The FOGGS JAPAN Classic slippers really changed my perspective about how I look at slippers and from now on and have found a perfect companion for my feet. I will not give up this feeling for anything. Go get yours now and you will not regret it!