Elegant Egyptian style of interior home decor ideas that make your home looks Egyptian

Elegant Egyptian style of interior home decor ideas that make your home looks Egyptian

When decorating your home, a bold, intriguing choice would be to go with Egyptian art deco.

Art deco (short for Arts Décoratifs) has existed before the time of World War I. It has influenced the design of a myriad of things, from buildings to cars, from high-end jewelry to radios.

Art deco has been confused with the mucholder style of Art Nouveau, but the two styles are entirely unlike each other. Art nouveau does use geometric shapes, but art nouveau is much more mythical, organic, fluid, and asymmetrical than art deco. Colors and patterns are softer with art nouveau.

Art deco is evocative of many styles, including exotic motifs found in Egyptian art. Egyptian influence expanded considerably in the Post-Napoleonic era. Archaeological findings in Egypt were singlehandedly responsible for the newflood of creative stimulation that brought distinctive style and ideas to the Art Deco movements.

The tomb of King Tutankhamun’s discovery, also known as King Tut, generated massive interest in the imagery of Ancient Egypt. Scarabs, hieroglyphs, and pyramids were soon everywhere and in everything, from clothing to movie recreations.

Ancient Egyptian art wasn’t just a simple depiction of characters and environments. The hieroglyphics and images came together to tell a story.Each of the icons used had its own symbolic meaning.

An Egyptian art deco arrangement is tremendously adaptable and can be used fordifferent rooms in the home, like the bedroom, the living room, the dining room, or even the home office. Some basic elements are required if you want to create an Egyptian interior design for your home. The traditional and strict rules of Egyptian interior design need not be applied or fully adhered to.

Below are ideas on how to modify and make your house look like a wonder from the time of pharaohs and pyramids.

  • Colors

The first place to start is with color and the best way to decoratein the Egyptian art decostyle by picking the right color scheme. Gold is mainly used in Egyptian interior design,in combination with other colors to avoid looking flamboyant. It works bestwhen combined and merged with other goldentones.

The use of color in Ancient Egypt was incredibly symbolic. Red symbolized power, life, victory, anger, and fire. Green symbolized new life, growth, and fertility. Blue was the symbol of rebirth and creation. White indicated purity. Black indicated death, the underworld, and the night. Yellow stood for the eternal like sun, gold, and Ra, the Sun God.

The wall of the room can be painted in a neutral color like the earthy tone of brown and sand.

  • Wall art

Egyptian paintings were created in two dimensions:the subjects in the paintings were given a combined profile and frontal view.

Egyptian wall paintings were usuallyabout theireveryday lives and that of their deceased as they made their way to the afterlife. They also displayed the underworlddeities and thespirits that would escort and protect the deceased in their eternal journey.

Duplicating Egyptian art will require some time and effort, if not professional help. Luckily, stencils that can create great Egyptian wall art are available for sale. The stencils are made ofMylar,a robust polyester substance and can be used on manyoccasions. They have various styles of hieroglyphics and character models for use. This will enable you to complement whatever designs you like on your wall. You could use hieroglyphics to craft a personal message, or you could craft a wall mural with scenes featuring hieroglyphics, gods and goddesses, pharaohs, queens, etc.

It might be advisable to hire an expert who can create the right mural you envision instead of starving yourself and getting in over your head.

If you prefer, you could just buy a painting and hang it on your wall. Egyptian art prints can be purchased online at stores like https://www.allposters.com/-sp/Egyptian-Art-Nefertari-Posters_i373330_.htm

  • Textures

Amyriad of textures reminiscent of ancient Egypt should be placed in the room. An Egyptian motifshould contain wood, stone, marble, and reeds in the mix. Textures work best when a large number of them can be seamlessly blended throughout the room.For best results, such as placing a black marble-topped table featuring gold trim in the room and displaying a stone statue along with a vase full of reeds on top of it.

  • Furniture

For Egyptian art deco, oversized furniture works best.It evokes an ambiance reminiscent of the time.

Items like a large four-poster bed with an ornate headboard in the bedroom or a dark leather couch and several chaises in a living room are excellent pieces for an Egyptian art deco style.

A dark wood tone would blend nicely with the golden hues around the room. Light colored and modern furniture will immediately dispel the illusion.

  • Accent pieces

To fully capture and convey the Egyptian interior design’s true nature, you’ll need accessories in the Egyptian style. Statues in the form of a queen, pharaoh, or even Egyptian Gods are fantastic pieces to set the mood properly. All of them can carry exceptional feeling to the room.

Maroon or gold silk throws can be draped across a couch or bed. The curtain rod can be installed near the ceiling, to create the illusion of a larger window.Heavy drapes should be hung on the windows and besecured to the side with ties featuring decorative tassels.Desert plants like palm,displayed it in a pot or vase, are also excellent. They convey a feeling of the natural environment and climate.Large statues around the room, such as a sphinx, a sarcophagus or a bust of an Egyptian pharaoh are great too.


The Egyptian style of interior home décor is an elegant but tricky style to capture. The mystique and intrigue it will add to your home with timeless cultural art is phenomenal. The eclectic style that captured many different motifs from around the world makes for an excellent statement when one entertains guests or just needs to relax in solitude.